Spirit of God

Matt 10:41
He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward;
and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a
righteous man’s reward
Eph 3:5
Which in other ages was not make known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto His
holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit
Rev 22:6
And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true : and the Lord God of the holy
prophets sent His Angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done
Matt 11:25
At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because
thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes

Starting date of compilation :  September 2001


Subjects on this web page will be added continually according to GOD’s timing and will

This page is for those who are taking the Prophecies seriously and want to do more than just reading it

Note : I have added my own views to the Prophecies and are thus not necessarily correct – I do not have a TV  and are working from newspapers (which are not always reliable as the anti-christ uses the media to  manipulate), articles collected – This page is just to help people looking for certain subjects – I am not a  Prophet and the job I am doing with the Lord is small compared to what others do, but I still feel honoured  to do this, because it gives me joy and because I love the Lord so much- Pray about everything!

Ray’s website on the Prophecies given by God is VERY IMPORTANT!! 

I also want to thank my brother Vic who taught me a lot about website designing – without his knowledge  God has given him and his help I wouldn’t be able to do this

Most important Link : Prophecies, Possible Confirmations & lots more : Raymond Aguilera
Interpretations on the animals, possible confirmations & articles/questions/subjects given by a Reverend – I am not a prophet neither a Reverend – I only put down my own views, so please go to : Jack Barr
Possible Confirmations/Dreams/Visions/Street Work : Ron Viessman
Our own family Christian website in Afrikaans and English : El-Olam

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Psalm 23
A Psalm of David

The LORD is my SHEPHERD, I shall not want
HE maketh me lie down in green pastures
HE leadeth me beside the still waters
HE restoreth my soul, HE leadeth me in the paths

of righteousness for HIS Name’s sake
Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
For THOU art with me
THY rod and THY staff comfort me
THOU preparest a table before me
in the presence of mine enemies
THOU anointest my head with oil
My cup runneth over
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever 

This Psalm written by David (inspired by GOD) and the Power, Love and Grace of GOD saved me

Short Testimony

The LORD found me and I became a re-born Christian on 30 April 1996 – the most wonderful day of my life.  On 01 May 1996 I had a ruptured appendix and nearly died.  I was on my knees crawling with pain and I was led to read Psalm 23 over and over again – there is ultimate POWER in the WORD of GOD – I only realized that afterwards.  During this I was not frightened or thinking that I could die – I just know now – if it was meant that I should die, it would be in Christ. Sometimes I wonder why God did not take me home?  After that I was attacked in the spirit in many ways.  Funny things happened around my house and I was really scared, but remembered Ephesians 6 and I at times even yelled at the devil and was really telling him how I feel about his evildoings and attacks on me and my children.  I cannot tell you everything, it will take up quite a few pages, but the LORD knows everything.  The devil still attack me  in one or another way, but we always have victory in JESUS who overcame the devil when HE died on the cross and was resurrected on the third day by the SPIRIT OF GOD.  As if JESUS did not do enough on the cross : HE is still fighting for us!!  Praise You JESUS, our King and LORD!  Thank You FATHER JEHOVAH for ripping the power from the devil and thank You for protecting us.  We are still in this world, but we are not from this world.  GOD will always be with us and if GOD is for us, who can be against us?

This subject web page is compiled from my written notes, the Prophecy Books and Updated Prophecies


In 1997 I was looking on the internet for an explanation for one of my dreams (I cannot even remember what the dream was) and Ray Augilera’s website was on the list.  I opened it and started printing the pages starting with the 1990 prophecies and forgot all about my dream.  I read it at home after work and got more and more interested in the Prophecies.  At some stage I started collecting articles from newspapers and magazines and surfed the internet on questions I had and to see if I could find confirmations, because what a true Prophet tells you must be confirmed, otherwise he is not a true Prophet.  It was quite a job putting it all together and many times I asked the Lord whether I am doing the right thing – is it His will or mine.  If it is for a good purpose and to warn His children, it must be from the Lord.  At times I felt that I did not want to carry on and started doing other things.  Every time I caught myself going back to carry on with what I am doing.

Actually it is difficult to explain.  Well I am doing this and will carry on until I have finished typing all my written notes as from 1997 and will not ask GOD further questions about this.  If there is something I do not see, there will always be somebody else who will, not necessarily now, but also in very near future – but ALL will come true.  Since 1990 a lot of Prophecies have been fulfilled, some are being fulfilled, others will be fulfilled before the rapture, some after the rapture during the trials, tribulation and great tribulation and also after the 1 000 year reign of Christ.  I wanted to find all the confirmations by myself and that is not the way it works – GOD is using many people and that is the working of the HOLY SPIRIT.  One morning I was awaken by an audible voice saying “Monomer”.  I now know what this means.  Without our FATHER JEHOVAH,  JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH and the HOLY SPIRIT, we are nothing. GOD is my inspiration!  At another time I woke up from a voice coming from the street saying : Wake up, come alive!  I knew it was meant for me.  All the other things I will put on a separate page – my dreams, experiences and signs given to me by GOD.

I also believe that the LORD taught (and still teaches) me how to look at things.  At first I looked at things with man’s eyes, and later on I began to see with spiritual eyes.  Sometimes you have to look at things in both ways, because some things happen and are revealed in the spirit and others are physical things.  Well, I started remembering the Prophecies : when I talk to someone or see something, I remember a certain Prophecy.  I also started sharing the Prophecy copies with other people.  I was also attacked by some people about the Prophecies and Ray was and is seen as a false prophet.  Frankly my dear, I do not care anymore what people say or think.  There are people who will not believe what I see and experience.  Sometimes I cannot even explain in words what I see.  GOD’s Word is the Alpha and Omega of all and NO ONE will be able to change that!

Since I typed the above, a lot of spiritual and wondrous things happened in my life – I will put this on a separate page after finishing the written notes on various subjects.


ALL OF US WILL LIVE AN ETERNAL LIFE – EITHER IN HEAVEN OR IN HELL – there is no middle way – no “cosy” place for those who do not have much sins or even have “no sins” – IF WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD, THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR, KING AND LORD  AND THAT HE DIED FOR US ON THE CROSS FOR FORGIVENESS OF SINS AND HAVE COMMUNION WITH THE LORD, FORGET IT!  Some people think as long as they do good to others and are living a good life, they will end up in Heaven – it is another lie from the devil.  He even deceives the elect!

I never wanted to tell everybody about some of my past sins – It was hard to do this, but I have to tell everybody and I told God that I would put it down on this website.

There is NO sin that cannot be forgiven, EXCEPT : to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and to take  the Mark of the Beast.  Only through the precious blood, the One and Only sin offering of Jesus Christ, we can receive forgiveness – talk to Jesus and Jesus will give you peace – peace of mind and peace in your life.  Look up to the Light, Jesus, who is the Sun and Son of Righteousness.  All we have to do is REPENT with our hearts and not just with our lips.  Two things  in the Old Testament show to the near future – It will be like in the days of Noah – thus saying : get onto the Ark and wait (the Bride of Christ – Jesus meeting Bride in air on cloud – called the rapture) OR wake up too late and flee like Lot from Sodom & Gomorrah (from the anti-christ and his mark).  We have to make a choice – be Jesus’ Bride or go through the great tribulation until Jesus comes with all His saints and angels – that day will be a day of WRATH or called in the Bible : THE DAY OF THE LORD.

The devil wants to make you feel “good” about yourself – he catches you in his spider web, then waits to eat you and to kill you physically and spiritually – Jesus is the only Way of getting out of this spider web – THERE IS NO OTHER WAY – you CANNOT do it by yourself – only by REPENTING and asking for FORGIVENESS – we are saved by GOD’s grace and we do not deserve or cannot buy grace.  There is a trap of the devil around every corner.  We have to very careful.  Do not believe all prophecies, all messages from “Jesus” (there are many “Jesus” messages) – God says that we should test the spirits all the time and to wear our armour!

Listed below are SOME of my sins which God took away from me – I cannot remember all (I am not suppose to – we do not have to look back anymore) – as far as the east is from the west – the Precious Blood of Jesus cleanses us and we are healed by His Body that was broken for us on the cross – also reason we have to take Communion EVERYDAY.

Hatred & unforgiveness – I hated (with a passion)  the boy who raped me when I was 17 (after all these years My mother still doesn’t know about this) / my ex-husband / other people who did me wrong – hatred was borne out of this.

Murder is borne from hatred – I wished my ex-husband dead because of what he did to me and also put a curse on him (without knowing it – before we got married)  – I wished that he would have an accident with his father’s car – and it really happened – this is not of God!

Pre-marital sex & near-abortion – this happened before I got married – I got pregnant and my ex-husband did not want to marry me at first and the thought to have an abortion came to my mind – the thought is as good as the deed – praise God that I did not do this evil deed.

Adultery – because of what my ex-husband did to me, I had a “what you can do, I can do better” and also “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” attitude / after I got divorced I also had an affair with a married man – but Praise God, we both were plucked out of the hand of the devil!  The grass is NOT greener on the other side, it only brings sorrow,  pain and it separates you from the Grace of God and brings you nearer to hell.

Pride – This is one of the 7 things God hates most – pride is same as bragging – you want the praise when you do something good in your work or to other people.  Yes, I was very good at my job and only gave God the Honour, Praise and Glory AFTER I became a reborn Christian Excessive drinking – I was trying to drink my problems away – I had this strong  “self-confident” and “brave” attitude when I drank too much – you will do anything and all you do is making a fool of yourself – the only people “appreciating” you are those who are on the same drunken “level” as you.

Empty laughing – this is to laugh when people are telling dirty jokes or to laugh when people are making fools of themselves by doing downgrading / immoral things – the last time I laughed about something like this was when God gave me a verse from the Bible through His Holy Spirit – I also did a study on laughing – there is a difference between laughing “with the devil” / insulting God (one example is Sarah from the Bible) and rejoicing in the Lord.  I hope the day that I laughed at the devil was good laughing – I was sitting on the couch telling the devil what I think about him and just started laughing and I couldn’t stop – because I thought of the day when Jesus opened the graves when He had risen from the grave – He was the firstfruit of the dead who was risen that day – Hallelujah!!!

Gossiping and judging other people – most people do – but, if we cannot say good things about others, we have to keep our mouths shut – be slow to judge – Jesus is the Judge and will judge our words and doings, the Honour of judgment  belongs to Him – the Lamb without blemish sacrificed for us, but He is coming back as a Lion (the Lion of the tribe of Judah) – do not throw stones, people who live in glass houses throw stones – search your own heart, because that is just what Jesus is doing and is correcting us with His Word – that is sharper than a Two-edged Sword – and by the Working of the Holy Spirit.  We are to correct people, not judge them and you only can do that if you know what you are talking about and if you yourself is not doing same.

Suicide – I had this thought many times in my life (before and after my marriage) – every time things went bad in my life I wanted to commit suicide,- instead of crying out to God.  I once (before I got married) drank a whole box of pills and nothing happened to me, I only got very sick of it and had problems for years with my stomach.  I always had dreams of falling  from a building, but woke up before I hit the ground.  Now I know who my Refuge, Fortress, Strength and Rock is.  Again, I was saved by Grace.  Many people think that it is too late to change, but it is NOT – 5 minute-Christians or 20 year-Christians, we all get to Heaven to partake in the Celebration in Heaven.  Look at the murderer on the cross – what more evidence do we need?

I still have bad habits – Please pray that God will remove these from me – prayers go up to Heaven like the smell of incense – He smells the aroma of prayers – He hears everyone (in the Prophecies the Father says that the prayers of the Saints are rattling his ears), even if we don’t always think so – but His thoughts, ways and timing are not the same as those of man.

I leave everything in my life in the Hands of God Almighty – Amen!

GOD bless everybody reading the Prophecies and I pray that He will open their hearts for receiving and believing without seeing first!

Jesus is coming for His Bride!

Susan van Heerden

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