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16 July 1992
11:54 PM

I am tired of all that’s evil in Northern and Southern California. My Hand is going to HIT IT HARD, AND DIRECTLY at all that is evil. For there are the wives sleeping with men that are not their husbands. There are husbands sleeping with women that are not their wives; sleeping with children and killing children before they are born; as if they were god that they could kill someone just because they don’t want them. I am going to show them how to kill. For I am going to kill whatever is evil with My Hand, with the earthquake, and it’s going to hit with a Force that’s going to frighten the World. For if they want to kill, I’ll show them how I kill what is evil, dirty, and what isn’t Mine. I’m going to close this World and I am going to lock up the devil in the pit.

Here comes the day that I told you in the Bible, but I know that the people of California don’t know what I am saying, for they do not read the Bible. I know the date it’s going to happen. I am telling you Christians that believe in My Son, and that Read the Bible with their eyes and with their heart. I want them to drink and eat the Mass of My Son, if they want to save themselves, everyday.  For I have already placed the date that it’s going to happen. I am going to give My son a chance to send this Prophecy to the churches and to the newspapers. For I want My Saints to hear the Word before it happens, but I have already placed the date it’s going to happen. So don’t say that you weren’t told. For I am going to clean the State of California with MY STRAIGHT HAND, WITH MY HARD HAND. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. You people, who close your eyes and bury your head under the ground so you won’t hear the Word of God. For I am going to bury your head and body under the ground because you closed your eyes and your ears. Since you like to bury your head, I am going to help you.

I am tired of everyone that thinks they know it all. They kill all the little Ones before they are born and when they are born they mistreat them. They don’t feed them. They hit them and they don’t take care of the Children that I gave them with My Heart. With tears in My Eyes, with the tears of My Son, with the tears of the Holy Spirit, I have told you the Word of your God, the Father, who made the World, the Stars and Heaven. I am tired of everything that is filthy in California.

The tears of My Children are filling My Ears full of Tears, of crying for help. I am going to take off My Gloves and I am going to show you who is God. Women believe that their Bodies belong to them. I am going to show them who owns their Bodies. I give them Children and they kill them and kill them. They think they’re god. For they say it’s not the right time to raise Children; they think they are god. I am going to bury them in the same hole that they buried all My Sheep that didn’t have a chance to grow up to Pray to their God. For the Mind of California is: “It’s filthy and I have told you the truth.” My son Reymundo is going to begin to send the Prophecies to where I tell him, and if you think Reymundo is crazy, I am going to show you how crazy he is when I hit California with My Heavy Hand. For when I say something it gets done.

Did you hear Me, People of California?”
I am telling you the truth. I am going to say it once more: “I want you to repent of all your Sins, TODAY; THIS MINUTE.” “I want you to eat the Mass everyday.” “I want you to stop  killing My Children.” “I want you to stop doing everything that is evil, that’s contrary to the Bible that My Son Jesus said to you.” The day of the pit is here and if you don’t hear Me, that’s the thing you have to live with; if you live. I know these Words I am saying are harsh but they are Straight and to the Point. For I won’t say pretty words for your ears. For what you’re doing isn’t very pretty for My Eyes and Ears. I don’t care if you believe Me or Not! For there is nothing that you can do. For I am God, and I can do what I want with what is Mine.

20 July 1992
9:23 AM

My little one you’re doing your job very well. I am protecting you, remember that. I am telling you the truth with My Lips. Now get ready and send the Prophecies to where I told you. The girl that you talked to yesterday, about where they kill My Babies, My Sheep give her fifteen Prophecies. I will tell her what she has to do. Just give them to her and pray. Then go home for We have work to do. This is your God, the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son Jesus.  


05 September 1992
7:19 AM

To understand this # – please read Ray’s dream – own view

The Lord said, Feed My Sheep, the little ones, the ones that have
They’re babies, the little ones, the babies, somebody has to take
care of them

02 September 1994
10:50 AM

For the man that thinks he is god is going to look for you, and if they believe that you are a Christian, they are going to want to kill you. Like they kill dogs. Hear Me CLEARLY and to the point! YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR A PLACE TO HIDE!, with food and water. For there is going to be a day that there won’t be food or water, only the bullets of the soldiers, of the man who thinks he is god. And he is not going to care who he is going to kill, and there are going to be millions that are going to die. For they didn’t hear the Word of God for they were doing the things of the world. They didn’t have the time to read the Bible. They didn’t have the time to do the things of God. Remember the days past, when the king wanted to kill My Son? He killed all the babies and he didn’t care how many died. For he wanted to kill My Son, when he was young. He sent soldiers and the soldiers killed many, many, little ones, and with tears their families cried. That’s the way it’s going to happen. The soldiers are going to come and are going to kill the little ones, the sons, the saints, the sheep. Yes, Reymundo! It is very hard what I am telling you. I know that you don’t like to hear the things like this, but it is the truth. I am telling you clearly and to the point, and your God doesn’t Lie. It has arrived the day of the dead body. Yes, here comes the flies to seek what it dead. That’s why! I am telling you with Force to tell your male and female friends if they are Christians, they have to look for a place hide themselves. For here comes the soldiers. Here comes the machetes. Here comes the devil with the man that thinks he is god. But things are going to happen rapidly and you have to be ready. 
25 March 1996
12:44 AM

I am going to show you things, Reymundo, but I want you to have a clear head. I know that you have worries – for the things that I am going to tell you, are very big. They are the things people of the world have always wanted to know, for many, many years. But I chose you before you were born, to do what you are going to do. Did you hear Me Clearly, and to the Point? I am NOT telling you these things so you can elevate your face or head. I don’t want you to think you are great because great things fall! I want you to seek the things of God in the manner of God, like a little child, with the eyes of a baby because babies seek Me, with clear eyes, and with a clear heart. But the so – called great – seek with the eyes of the devil, pointed at the devil, pointed at the money. They like the power. But you know who you are speaking to. They don’t know. They don’t know the Word when they hear it, because they believe they are so great.  
03 July 1996
1:30 AM

But the things that you do not see are the TEARS OF GOD of the things I see – that I CRY ABOUT. When I see the little ones that they kill – like they kill dogs. What a shame! How can they treat their children like they were animals? That’s why, I am going to hit the world HARD, FAST, AND TO THE POINT! And there are men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women. And the men who sleep with women kill the babies that I give them. All that I say to you is FROM MY TEARS – from My Heart of My Spirit.  Here comes the day that they are going to kill the old people too. Mark it on your calendar, for here it comes: the day that the old people won’t have a chance either and the sick ones and the ones who study the Bible. All of them, they are going to gather and they are going to kill them, like they do animals. Remember that I told you – for the devil is going to become strong with the man. The man is going to believe that the world is his because he doesn’t believe in God. He doesn’t believe in the manner of God; but that’s another story I will tell you on another day, on another date.
10 February 1999
9:30 AM

The Lord showed me the vile and the evilness of Abortion, and of killing; of how these sinful acts have changed through time. The Lord started by giving the scriptures of Matt 2:16-18.

From KJV Bible:
Mat 2:16
Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.
Mat 2:17 Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, saying,
Mat 2:18 In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.

Then the Lord said, “The children had no choice, the parents had no choice, the soldiers had no choice! Herod had a choice to murder!”

Then the Lord showed me the German Nazi government during the war years. Then the Lord said, “The people led into the gas chambers had no choice! The soldiers had no choice! The Nazi government had a choice to murder!”

Then the Lord spoke to me about today’s sinful abortions. The Lord said, “The woman has a choice to murder! The doctor has a choice to murder! The government has a choice to murder! But the child does not have a choice to live! All of them have a choice except the unborn child. What do they do; they kill what is innocent; what is clean; what is righteous; what is pure! Just like when they killed My Son, who was Innocent, Clean, Righteous and Pure. Now you can see why My Hand is going to hit all that is sinful and of Satan.” 

12 February 1999
10:00 PM

Then the Lord said to me, “Do you want to hear some more! Neighbor will betray neighbor. Mother will betray child. Parents will eat their children for food. Some of you will wish that you were dead, but I will not let you die. The Ark of the Covenant is ready! The hammer and the sickle are ready! The fall of Babylon is ready! But that’s enough for tonight!”
25 March 1999
11:45 PM

They are going to kill the old men and women. And all the ones, who are sick, they are going to kill. The ones, who are sick in the mind. The ones, who are sick in the body. The ones, who are blind, they are going to kill them for they are sick. Yes, here comes the day of the devil with his hand over the hammer.
The world does not believe in God, but they cannot win, because I am God.
The churches do not know a thing, the governments do not know a thing, but My son (Raymond) – that is the problem of God. That is not your problem, and I do not have problems. I correct all to the point, and in the Manner of God. Here comes the hammer. Yes, here comes the hammer, but all will happen like the Map, like I wrote it, all that is in My Word. Some of the things have already started and other things are going to begin in a little while. 
07 February 2001
12:45 PM

Oh, sleeping church, just as My Reymundo was asleep and all of this evil was being done to him – “That’s the way it will be in the end times.” The hour and the day will not be known until it happens – just as Reymundo didn’t know. You better wake-up. For the hour and the time will be here – without warning, without a sign! It  hurts Me so to see a dead church on this planet. A church that My Son started, and (which) began with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The church that is so busy playing games. Trying to make money. Trying to build up their – own personal pride. The evil in this planet has reached the point, almost as when I flooded it, adultery, killing, murder, lies by religious leaders, idolaters.
24 March 2001
11:30 AM

The Lord gave me a vision in the spirit of a fetus with a pin being driven into the right side of the back of its head and coming out on the other side.
Then the Lord said,
“That is one of the ways that the devil creates sicknesses on children that are born.” (over)
16 September 2001
2 PM

I know that many people are going to be frightened with these Words. But for many years, you (Reymundo) have been telling people of the world to repent, to clean their minds, their hearts. But they do not hear Me. All that they know is to kill My Children before they are born. And they know how to sleep – men with men, women with women. And they tell so many lies, that no one believes the Truth. And the same thing goes for the pastors of the church of man. So many lies and they seek the money with the heart of the devil. Tears come from My Eyes when I see these things, but they have to do what they believe, and I have to clean up what I have to clean up, to the point, to the point. But all that I have to do, I am going to do with My Heart, with Love. For I know that man is not going to clean himself, and I have to clean him. It has started, THE END – The end of ends! People are not going to believe you, Reymundo, but it is the Truth.

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