Aliens / UFOs

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8 June 1992
7:34 PM

Ray: “I asked you about aliens from other worlds. Are there any living things in other planets in other worlds besides the earth?”

Jesus: “Like I told you earlier, the evil things you see in the sky that move so fast are from Satan. Satan and his evil ones are the creators of the space aliens. For the Lord, the Great I am, created only man in his image, but man was spoiled by Satan. Satan has dominion over the earth, but after the war he will be in shackles, in hell, until he is released for the final battle. He created the space creatures so people would chase them and treat them as gods. He wants people to treat the aliens as gods because they are satanic beings. It is – another one of his tricks to fool the stupid and the blind. WOE – to man who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Great I am, and the Holy Spirit.”

27 February 1996
8:15 PM

I was shown this flying saucer flying in the air. Then I saw this kitchen faucet, but the pouring spout was facing up instead of down. The next thing I saw was this faucet spout as large as the saucer, but underneath the saucer, and when faucet was turned on; the flying saucer was pulverized. I found myself in the spirit an in the air and following another flying saucer flying over this green valley. Then somehow there appeared two of them flying side-by-side. As I watched them; they flew together (into each other) and became ONE saucer of the same size. Then out of nowhere the Lord’s Fist came down from heaven with a POWERFUL FORCE and hit this flying disk dead center and knocked it straight down out of the sky. (over)
04 December 1990
The Lord said, “All that you see is True and Trustworthy.” (over)

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