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Bible verses re APPLE (ISRAEL specific) –
Deut 32:7-14 / Ps 17:8 / Son 2:3 / Lam 2:18 / Zec 2:8 –

14 January 1991
Yes, yes. The wind, the wind of the storm is going to come, and you won’t know when. It’s just going to start, it’s just going to start, My Sons and Daughters. Everything that’s in the world, the storm is going to destroy houses, it‘s going to destroy everything, and no one will be able to stop the storm. The storms are going to scare you. The earthquakes are going to scare you, for now everything has started that I said. Get scared, get scared, here comes the mouth that will eat everything. Here comes the mouth with bared teeth to rip, to munch apart the world, like an apple, like an apple. To rip apart the world like an apple, and when everything is eaten, I am going to start with a New World. But only the Saints that have the Holy Spirit clean. Oh, they are going to suffer also, but it has to be, has to happen, but they are going to come with Me to Heaven with My Son. Oh, My Heart hurts, My Heart hurts, but the Law, the Law has to be. Hear Me! Hear Me! This is your Father. This is your Father, your God, your God, your God. (Non-understandable tongues)  
18 May 1992
This # has nothing to do with apples – decided to put it here because of vinegar and #1639 regarding sour apples – also think it is referring to Israel in both cases – also refers to Peace Treaty, War and 2nd coming of Christ Jesus – own view
The vessel with the flower will fall first, the vessel with the vinegar will triumph over the vessel that will come in the middle of the War. For what is up is down, and what is down is up. And the Wolf and the Fox ran for their lives. For the hour of Penance came swiftly to the Owl. The Scissors that will cut the Ribbon, will cut the Hand who strung the Ribbon. And the Ribbon is Red, but the blood of the Hand with the Scissors will be unaffected by the cut. For the strength of the Hand is mightier than the blood of the People. For the Peace of the procession of the War will arrive at the Gate of Sheol on the morning that was stated, in the Prophecy of Jeremiah. For the weeping Prophet could see the outcome of the decision of the enemy and the slaughter of innocent blood without the remorse of the Sword. For what was seen, will be done at the hour when the moon is up and fully seen by both Parties; In the valley with the tree that was used to hang the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the Lamb will conquer the Goats, for the hour of day and night will be completely covered with blood. For the blood of Abel will be spilled to the end of the time, of the sword in the Valley. For why, for why, for why is the coming of the hog upsetting the Multitude of Christians. For the star will land at the valley, where the Deer and the Goats partake in the Peace Treaty. (Non-understandable tongues?)
Why? The love. (Non-understandable tongues?)
The love. Oh what more! What more!
Look at the sky for the Red Turtle is flying as fast as it can to defeat the Jaguar. For the Sphinxes of Egypt are in Red Blood for their Idols are an abomination to the living God.
05 September 1994
7:45 AM

I saw the Lord spin a red apple. As the apple turned it began to peel or lose its skin from the top to the bottom. Then the vision stopped. (over)

28 September 1994
11:33 PM

Russia & the world or Israel / Bride (Israel is the apple of God’s eye – so are His Lambs, Sheep, Saints, Children) – See  Bible verses above re Israel specific

I saw a tree with a lamb sleeping on top of it. This was a full size tree, but the lamb was just as large as the tree. Then the lamb changed into a pig chewing on an apple.  

05 July 1995
8:52 AM

A vision of someone holding an apple and a Finger pushed a nail through the apple.

29 July 1995
7:10 PM

See also #782 below for prophecy given regarding this #

During prayer, praise and worship the Lord showed me an image of the Bride of Christ. The image first started with an apple and the apple was being eaten. Then He showed me the Bride of Christ eating off a tree.  

29 July 1995
7:10 PM

Have to put this here because of prophecy  #781 above – own view

Then the Lord said, “The Bride of Christ is still eating from the tree of good and evil, the tree of knowledge.”
29 July 1995
7:10 PM

Note the action of God here – own view


Then the next image was of an apple being sliced with a butter knife into slices. One quarter of the apple was sliced into three pieces. (over)

08 August 1995
8:30 PM

Refer to Cleansing and Purification by God – see eg Is 48:10

I had a vision of an apple over a lake of flames. (over).

15 January 1996
4:00 PM

Referring to war of America with world? – own view

I was high above the ground in the spirit, when I looked down and saw a white flag pole without a flag. I could see the round ball on top to the flagpole.
Then the image changed into the Statue of Liberty. As I viewed it from above the crown, I could see the Statue of Liberty chewing on an apple. (over)

06 April 1999
During prayer the Lord gave me the Book of Zechariah, Chapter 2.

This Chapter tells me the reason for the next Mission trip to Israel. I hope the Lord gives me some rest before this next Mission trip.

I am only giving this verse regarding Israel & apple – read whole chapter – own view

Zec 2:8 For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.

05 July 1999
12:15 AM

During prayer the Lord showed me a snake biting into something red and round like a tomato or apple with its fangs. (over)
03 July 2001
Then the Lord said, “Remember – I see everything. The end is before you! What are you going to do? Remember I have warned you, again and again! So be it! So be it! So be it!
Then the Lord said,
“Sour Apples!

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