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08 September 1994
6:14 AM

Yes, Reymundo! It has arrived, the little things of little minds. The crowns of Europe are going to stop. Yes! The post of the devil is going to become larger in the coming months and more pointed. For the devil has begun to run with a fever. What I told you about Korea and Canada is correct. But things are also going to start in Thailand. Watch Thailand! For the fever of Thailand is going to start. Yes! Yes! In the countries that had the CAUSES of the devil are going to start. Watch the things of North America. They are going to go crazy. Yes! This is your Father. The One who made all, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The match is going to start in South America, in Argentina. For the devil is going to want to stop God in Argentina, with the bullet, with the word. Yes! All the governments of the world are deaf of God, and none of them are pointed toward Heaven, the governments and the people, that look for the force. I don’t know why the people of the Body of My Son are so deaf? But it’s not important for what I have said is going to happen. If they want to go to the pit, it’s their choice. For the governments of the world are not going to help them, to save them, for all the days that there are days. They can’t even save themselves, but everything is going in the manner that is in the Bible, and if you want to know, OPEN IT, and read it, in the Manner of God.
26 July 1997
8:17 PM
Mister Juan Lopez, and Peter Sanchez, from Argentina. The Lord says, “Be careful, be righteous and the Lord will be with you. For the cross that you bear will be lifted, but you must stay in prayer, and you must seek righteousness in the mind, and your spirit will reveal your blessing in the coming months, in the coming years.” (over)
23 May 2000
1:30 PM

I was reading the Prophecies about the European Mission trip, when the Lord placed the burden on me to go to South America. The more I read, the greater the burden fell upon me, and it went to the point that I almost began to weep. So I called Carl for prayer, because we both had been praying about this for weeks. So during this prayer the Lord told us to go, and gave us the following Prophecy.
Go! Begin the Map of God. Make yourselves strong, because the enemy is strong. Wear the armor of God everyday. Be cautious, be meek, be humble, be brave, for the lives of many will depend on you.
Note: Below are the locations that the Lord has given me AS OF TODAY to Anoint.
South American Mission trip:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brasilia, Brazil.

San Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Lima, Peru
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caracas, Venezuela
Bogota, Columbia

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