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Arrows (see also lightning) of God – See Deut 32:23, 42 / Zec 9:14 / Ps 18:14 ; 38:2 ; 45:5 ; 58:7 ; 76:3 ; 77:17 ; 20:4 ; 144:6 /Lam 3:13 / Eze 5:16 (arrows of famine) / Habb 3:11 ; 2 Sam 22:5 / Job 6:4

55 18 May 1992

The day of the hog is here, the day of the saber tooth is here, for the fangs of the saber tooth are sharp, to rip apart. Come, you faithful students of the Bible, for the wisdom and the knowledge of the tiger, with his teeth, will manifest itself, on the Land and Property of the people that have spears and arrows. But the defenses of the people, with the spears and arrows, will conquer the saber tooth tiger with its fangs. For the hog deceived the saber tooth tiger. And the saber tooth tiger fell without having a chance to retaliate. It was not aware that the support would never come. For the deliberate act of the saber tooth tiger to go to an area that the hog, the boar do not agree. I love You, My Chocolate face. I love you.

79 07 June 1992
12:54 AM

When you see the Horse, with the Rider, with the Bow and Arrow stretched out and pointing to the left, that will be the time, the moment of the destruction of the antichrist. For he Blasphemes against the Father and everything that is Holy. And the Father will not allow this type of Sin to occur without Judgment upon all parties involved. So beware of the Mark of the Beast, for the Mark of the Beast will be your downfall if you receive it. So saith Jehovah, for the Power, the Might, the Authority Rests upon Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Once and for All. So the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are in His Hand. He can unlock the door for anyone, at anytime if they repent their sins, open your Heart, cleanse your Life, and turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For He is the way, the path, the entryway to Heaven.

82 08 June 1992
7:34 PM

Message to Ray
I know you were completely confused at the beginning, but you wear your armor well now Ray. They don’t mess with you like they used to, because I have you so well protected. I can still understand how you feel. For when they do take those arrows and they catch you with your shield down, I know it hurts, but you’re doing good, you’re doing well.

102 20 June 1992
2:12 AM
22 June 1992
12:51 AM

Ray, certain things on this Planet have to happen, as I said, in a certain manner, in a certain way. All you have to do is obey My Word, Trust Me, Pray to Me, with your Whole Heart, and Soul, and you’ll be okay. None of the arrows, none of the stones will hit you. Everything I promise you will occur, the hour and the time has been placed and set. The same goes for the Star that’s coming. The same goes for the Beast, the Mark of the Beast, the Wars, the Blood.

Every time you pass out a Prophecy the Angels are cheering for you, there are noises and banners going on because We all know you can do it. The only one who doesn’t know is you. So Ray, be Strong, be Brave and Pray. Pray to Jehovah, pray to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, pray, pray and pray for you are doing a good Job. I know you took a couple of hard arrows on Saturday. I know, We heard your prayers but you survived. Make yourself strong. Ray We’re with you. With Love, with Peace, with Tranquillity, We bid you a good night or, I guess, a good morning. So you take care and We are still protecting you even if you don’t sense it or see it. This is Jehovah the Creator of the Universe, the First and the Last Word, of all that is and will be.  

103 22 June 1992
1:27 AM

So read the Bible turn to Jesus. Pray to Us. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit will guide you every step of the way, but make yourself strong. For the evil one is throwing darts, shooting arrows, He is slaughtering Lambs and Sheep at this very instant. For they turned to him as a god, and now that he is their god he  can do what he wants with them and he is slaughtering them without mercy.

134 04 July 1992
11:53 AM

I saw a figure of a man wearing a robe with a hood over his head. The kind of robe a priest would wear. He was riding a black horse carrying a Bow and Arrow. As he was riding this black horse toward me, He raised the Bow and Arrow and shot the arrow to his left into the clouds. It was funny, because he was riding on his black Horse, on the Clouds.

148 07 July 1992
6:38 PM

The wonders of the World, the Powers of the Universe, just keep praying, keep your Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit. And the Father Jehovah will show you all. Some will confuse you. Some will amaze you, but everything you see and hear is from Jehovah and only Jehovah. For you are My eyes; you are My ears; you are My spoken word. So saith Jehovah, Yahweh, the I am, the I am, the I am. For the mind of man cannot comprehend the Mind of God, the Pureness, the Righteousness, the Cleanness of your Heavenly Father. So Ray, do your best. I know you’re under great demonic attack. I know you have taken some pretty good arrows today, but Ray, you are doing a good Job. Keep typing, keep writing, don’t let Satan confuse you. Keep Focused on Christ, the Holy Spirit, and everything will be okay.

151 09 July 1992
8:18 AM – 9:34 AM

Please Read whole # about the war in Heaven Ray saw on Ray’s website – only arrow parts put here
8:38 AM.
My arm is still extended. I feel some pain at the palm but I am having visions. I am seeing a battle. I am seeing people on horses throwing spears and shooting arrows. I see horses and riders falling. There is a fierce battle going on. I don’t know who is who. I see a rider wearing black, riding a white horse. I don’t know if he is a good guy or a bad guy. I see only half of the battle. I can’t see what’s going on with the other side of the battle. I see someone stretching a bow and arrow and shooting straight and hard. He is shooting to the left as I am facing him. I don’t know where the arrow landed or where the other side is.

I keep seeing these arrows. There are hundreds and hundreds of arrows filling the sky. I believe Angels are shooting arrows at it. Why are they using arrows? I don’t know, but that’s what is flying through the air. Maybe that’s what it means in the Bible when it says, “The sky would be darkened.” For I cannot see much sky, only this black thing. I believe this is a War I am watching, between God’s Angels and Satan. It looks like a big battle. I can’t see the Angels. I just see the arrows. I do see the creatures and the dark shadows, there is a swarm of them. I wonder if this is for real? It looks real! Something just hit me in the neck. Evidently there is a War going on in the Spirit. I don’t even know why I am allowed to see what I am seeing. I just got hit in the ear. My ear is killing me. I am going to pray this out to see what  happens. Wow! This is crazy, my body is shaking all over the place.  

189 20 August 1992
8:37 AM

A vision of someone shooting an arrow from the left to the right and the arrow went through one of those metal construction hard safety hats people wear. But it was standing up on its edge and the arrow went through the opening through the inside and out through, to the outside out the top. No one was wearing the hat.

256 20 December 1992
7:15 PM

I saw an image of a white arrow pointed horizontally. Then it changed into an actual arrow, which is used with a bow. Then someone took the arrow and shot it horizontally from the left to right. Then I saw another arrow with the same archer, and he shot the arrow straight into the air at ninety degrees, until it disappeared. Prophecy:
The Lord said, “Wake up My Children, My Son is coming.”

260 06 January 1993
8:30 PM

I had a vision of a horizontal arrowhead and the arrowhead opened up into an umbrella.

376 14 October 1993
2:40 PM

I see a white egg with an arrow through it.

392 05 January 1994

I had a vision of a map. I believe it was the map of the Orient, but I am not really sure. I saw an entire Navy and it was moving east. As I looked at the map, I saw an arrow appear and point in the direction of the east.

508 26 July 1994
12:25 AM

Two hours ago, I was in a spiritual war with an incredible force. The warfare started 8 PM and it did not stop until about 10:15 PM. It is 12:25 AM now and I just turned off my computer and called it an evening from typing the Prophecies. Thinking about what happened it seemed very strange all the sensations and sounds. I was laying on my bed praying, when my praying war tongue started with a distinct sound of Power and Force. It was incredible; at times my body would go into the fetal position and at times shake, as my prayer language would go crazy with words and sounds I had never heard before. In the beginning, I sensed this Power and saw in the spirit a dome of protection around my house. As the warfare proceeded and got stronger the dome got bigger and bigger, and the prayer language got stranger and stranger until I saw this dome cover the whole United States. In the spirit, I could see thousands of arrows flying through the sky as the prayer language proceeded at an incredible rate. The spiritual sky was almost not visible from all the arrows being sent with this Spiritual Power. From where I was viewing the warfare, I couldn’t see who was shooting the arrows and spears. Though, I knew they were coming from the Lord’s Angels. The arrows were moving from the left toward the right from where I was standing or from my viewpoint. I couldn’t see where the arrows were landing, and I wouldn’t want to be there when they did.

620 22 October 1994
12:00 noon

I don’t know if the Angels were using arrows or bullets of some kind. I could clearly see that when these demonic forces were hit with something that on impact they totally exploded with parts flying in every direction. These body parts or spirit parts or whatever you call them were flying all over the place during this warfare.

703 17 March 1995
3:53 PM

A vision of a wineglass and about 1/4 of an inch from the rim of the glass there is an arrow through the wineglass filled with wine. The arrow is in-between the top of the wine and the rim. (over)

818 06 October 1995
8:30 PM

Then the next image was of an Angel – it was pure white. And He had a bow and was on a horse, except with this bow He was shooting two arrows at one time. I could see Him stretch back the bow. (over)

904 05 May 1996
10 AM

During church service I saw a series of black arrows moving downward and at one point in there movement they changed into WHITE ARROWS. (over)

925 21 July 1996

During prayer the vision started with a Large single White Lit Candle moving forward. Then two small-lit candles appeared side by side behind the Large White Candle; then three small-lit candles appeared side by side behind the row of two white candles; then four white lit candles appeared side by side behind the row of three candles. Row upon row of lit white candles appeared behind the proceeding row until a Large Triangle of lit Candles could be seen marching behind the Large White Candle (Jesus Christ). It looked like the point of an arrow, and it reminded me of the vision of the Trinity where the Lord showed me a triangle and said We have three points, but We are one triangle.(over)

1119 03 November 1997
9:00 AM

I received this e-mail:
>Hi Ray, Sorry to bother you again. I have two items to ask: >1) Has any one compiled a list on the animals mentioned in the prophecies and who or what they relate to? i.e. I would believe the bear is Russia, and the Fox could be the anti-christ. Do you think this could be done? I would like to know what is the turtle, owl and the wolf! Could you ask the Lord what is going to happen in Australia?.
With Thanks,

So on item #2, I went to prayer, and asked the Lord about Australia, and the Lord showed me an arrow and said, “When the arrow strikes, and hits the bucket.” (over)

1375 26 July 1999

Israel anointing mission trip
The Lord said to me, “You have to surrender your heart”.
Then the Lord gave me a vision of an arrow tip with a white ribbon tied to it (just behind the sharp tip).

1380 29 July 1999
7:40 PM

I saw a woman looking forward, but shooting an arrow to her left. As I watched her, I saw many arrows around her left ear lobe and on the outside of her ear. They were very small, the size of pins, but in the shape of arrows. (over)  

1445 27 January 2000
1 AM

During prayer the Lord showed me a fish swimming in water and as I watched the fish, I saw this black arrow strike the fish in the side. I saw the arrow actually go right through the fish and come out on the other side, but the fish just kept swimming as if nothing had happened. Then the black arrow turned around and hit the fish again and again, but again, this had no effect on the fish and the fish kept swimming. (over)

1480 29 March 2000
7:45 PM

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of large round cylindrical tube hanging in the air in a vertical position. As I watched this tube, a skeleton of a man fell out of the dark enter core. The human skeleton fell to the ground in an upright position holding an arrow in its left hand and shaking it up and down.
Then the Lord said, “This means death!”

1584 05 February 2001

The Lord gave me a vision of a white egg with arrows being shot at it. But the arrow tips were made of those rubber suction tips that stick on glass. I could see several arrows stuck on the surface of the egg, but the eggshell was not broken. (over)

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