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74 05 June 1992
2:45 AM

Hi! How are you, My Lambs, My Sheep? I will direct you, as it will be necessary, for the coming of the Star will appear suddenly out of nowhere, but the hour and the time is at hand, for the knife is at the throat of the world. The beast will try to chew up the Body of Christ. He will have a set plan for the elimination of the Body of Christ. The associates of the beast will gather around the false prophet. For the false prophet will develop a scheme of undermining the credibility and the Validity of Christianity. And with this plan, or decree that will be implemented, will set into motion the ultimate goal of the beast, of absolute power without interference from any source.

For the Beast and Hog will conspire an elaborate plan to conquer the Western World. For the development of the money, of the economic conditions  ofthe world will befall upon the beast, who will decide who will survive the financial collapses of the Monetary System. For the Power of Wealth, the Power of Arms, the Power of Political Movement will all fall into place with the collapse of the Monetary System, which will bring into power the beast and his followers. 

For the control of the Beast comes from Satan himself through the false prophet, which will advise and direct the Mad Man. I will bring to a close what I stated in the Bible at the appointed time, for the collapse of the Monetary System will happen. For the first coming of the world will be done when the oil and the commerce control the World, (Non-understandable tongues?) The Heavenly Host will be directing the War, which will get intense as the structure of society collapses. (Non-understandable tongues?)

92 15 June 1992
2:15 AM

You know what? This day went very well for you. You know you did what I wanted you to do and you rested. I know that you have been very tired because you have been working hard on the Prophecies. Look what’s going to happen in the days that are coming. It’s going to be very hard for the People who understand what’s going to happen but it’s going to happen. There is going to be a Spy, and they’re going to throw her in the Hole. The Hole is going to eat her because the husband is going to get Mad, for the Spy wasn’t for him. It’s going to give him anger  and he’s going to go with the manner of doing evil with the person who threw her, but the person who threw her was the devil. And the man didn’t know it.

Look, the man is the man that’s coming to tell False Words of God, the  day that he starts to use the tongue of the devil. The devil is going to eat him. That day he and the devil are going to be one. For he is going to think a lot of himself and he likes the money. He likes to order people to do this and to do that, but the God of the World, of Heaven, of all that is and is going to be, He’s going to take this man with the devil and He is going to throw him in a hole. In a hole and he’s going to bury him in a manner that he won’t be able to leave. For he used the word of the devil. Oh, what a shame. Oh, what a shame.

110 25 June 1992
10:34 AM

I want you Ray, to fix your eyes on the Horizon. For the day will be  upon you where the sign that I told you earlier will appear. That sign is the sign  of the Heavenly Host that will touch your lips and will change you into a new  person from what you have been. For you are doing the job that I told you to do  correctly and exactly how I told you.  You’re Right on the Path that I so destined you, before you were born.  You will receive the Gifts that I have been telling you. For the Gifts will appear at the appropriate time. For they will be used to the fullest extent of your ability.  The hour is upon you to carry My Word to the far corners of the World for the  World will be no more.
The Star will arrive at the appointed time, for the Star is on its way. 
The time for it to come will amaze and astonish the whole world. For the  Heavenly Host will be appearing when the Commerce and Oil Finances of the  World will be at its peak. The sound of the trumpet will sound in the Heavens  and on Earth. For the closing of the trap on the devil will be complete. The Saints that Preserve and that stay Clean and Righteous will meet My Son in  the Cloud.

The hour is at Hand. The day will be a wondrous and triumphant  conclusion to the long and awaited return of My Son. The Angels that have been fighting the War in Heaven are exuberant and are impatiently waiting for the new arrivals. So beware of the False Prophet, the Antichrist, and the  Worship of the Beast.  

510  27 July 1994
8:40 AM

For the days of suffering have arrived. Here comes the hammer of the devil. He is going to want to eat you. I want you to hide yourself. I want you to do what your have to do, but watch out for the hammer of the devil. For it is ready, the hammer, all the things of the devil. The devil is going to gather with the things that are filthy. They are going to become bigger, in the governments, with the things of money, with the things of force. They are ready, that’s why I am telling you these things directly and to the point. For the time that you think you have, you don’t have. It has arrived the end, the end of the end. Everything is going to change: the world, when it rains, when it doesn’t rain; the sun, water; you are going to have thirst; food, all the things that you need to live are going to change. They are going to change rapidly. Don’t get frightened, My sons and daughters, in the Manner of God I will take care of you. Read the Bible everyday, the Communion, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, the Communion. Remember My Son that died on the cross. His Blood was shed for you all. Remember My Son, Jesus, He saved you with the Blood, He saved you.  

512 28 July 1994
8:02 AM

Yes, the man is very evil, the man of the bank. The man that eats people alive. Yes! He is very evil. With his hands in his pockets he sends the words, and the words eat the people alive, the man of the bank, how mean. But My Hands are going to hit him. They’re going to hit him hard, directly, and to the point; for he thinks he is god, all the men of the banks. Yes! They believe they are god and they want to eat the sheep of My Son with the teeth of the devil. I am going to hit them, and I am going to hit them HARD! How they hit My Sheep that didn’t have a chance. It has arrived: “The day of the bank. The day of the money.” But I am going to stop the money of the world, the money of the United States. I am going to stop it in the Manner of God. We will see how strong they are, the men of the banks. They are going to suffer. Mark My Word! The men of the banks are going to suffer for they use the word of the devil, in the manner of the devil. Did you hear Me, men of the banks? Here comes your day. Place it on your Calendar. It has arrived: “The end of you.”

617 20 October 1994
1:17 PM

Yes, Reymundo the man that thinks he is god is going to use the picture that I showed you to tell people that it is good to kill the black people. For he wants the ground of the country/countries of the black people and his manner is the manner of the devil. For the devil is telling him things. And he does everything that the devil tells him. You know what? The day is going to come, and it is very close, that many people are going to die, with the man that thinks he is god. He has the manner of the devil and he is very pointed to the things of the devil. Yes, Reymundo! Write it all down. Tell people that, they have to prepare themselves. For here comes the day of the bullet, the day of the dead bodies; for the land; for the money; for the oil; for all that suits the man, who thinks he is god. You have to send the Words of God in the Manner of God. 

883 25 March 1996
12:44 AM

I am going to show you things, Reymundo, but I want you to have a clear head. I know that you have worries – for the things that I am going to tell you, are very big. They are the things people of the world have always wanted to know, for many, many years. But I chose you before you were born, to do what you are going to do. Did you hear Me Clearly, and to the Point? I am NOT telling you these things so you can elevate your face or head. I don’t want you to think you are great because great things fall! I want you to seek the things of God in the manner of God, like a little child, with the eyes of a baby because babies seek Me, with clear eyes, and with a clear heart. But the so – called great – seek with the eyes of the devil, pointed at the devil, pointed at the money. They like the power. But you know who you are speaking to. They don’t know. They don’t know the Word when they hear it, because they believe they are so great.

962 09 September 1996
8:12 PM

The day has arrived – that your scalp is going to be very important. Yes, your scalp is going to be very important, for the man with the hand of iron is going to want your scalp. Yes, he is going to collect them. And your scalp is going to be money in the pockets of their soldiers. They are going to pay them – for every scalp they get with their knives. And they are going to place all of them on a wire so they will dry. The day of the scalp has arrived! For speaking Words like this – you believe that these Words; are only Words from a crazy man that doesn’t have any sense. But mark them on your calendar, for this is the Word of your God, the One who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch. These are not the Words of My Reymundo. The day of the hammer has arrived. You believe that you can sit on your buttocks (Spanish word used: nalgas) and do nothing, and expect that everything will go well. I am going to awaken you and I am going to scare you with the hammer. You are still playing church. Still – you have not read the Bible. Still – you have not sought your brothers, and your brothers in the street. You believe that you have it easy, but everything is going to change very rapidly and you are not going to find the time to read the Bible. 

1194 27 August 1998
2:05 AM

God stopping banks, money – own view
The Lord gave me a
vision of a whirlwind. But this whirlwind was made up of money. There was no dirt or dust, no debris, just a bunch of money spinning around in the air going hundreds and hundreds of feet up – a whirlwind of money. (over)

1422  18 November 1999
1:43 AM

Yes Reymundo, We are going to finish the Work of your God to the point. Here comes one point that is going to be very hard for this world. The point is going to be the mister (man) that believes he is God. He is going to have force – he is going to have money, he is going to have soldiers. But I know what is going to happen. There are going to be many people who are going to suffer and the churches are going to suffer too. Oh, it gives Me much pity with the churches, but all will go well.

All the people who carry (give) My Word – suffer! For the devils of the devil (Satan) want to stop them and they use the men of the church – they use the men who run the government – they use all of the sins that there are, to stop My Word. But no one can stop My Word and I, with the Holy Spirit, and My Son – We can correct ALL! Yes! Hurry (Alright now) rest and sleep, here comes your wife, here comes all the things of God, with the Force of God. Yes! Yes! Yes! (over)

1424    20 November 1999
11:45 PM

Yes, My son here comes the war to the point – to the POINT! Did you hear Me? Here comes the war to the point! There are going to be many tears, for there are going to be many things that are going to happen, and many people are going to die. But the Mister who believes he can run the world is going to use all that he has, to do what he wants, to the point. He is going to have help. Yes, with governments, with money, with oil. Yes – here comes the devil with the Mister. 

1556  17 October 2000
2:15 AM

How are you My son? How are you? I have not spoken to you for many days. Yes, I have shown you things in the spirit, but we have not spoken like We used to speak. I know that you have a lot of work. I know that you are tired and I know that you are waiting for Me. Yes, Reymundo, We have to do many things, in the spirit and in the body (flesh).

The time has now arrived, that I told you many years ago. The Day, that was going to come – the Day of hunger. Yes, here comes the Day of hunger. The People of the world aren’t going to believe you, but they are going to be frightened. You know and I know – that all is going like I planned it. Yes, all is going to go exactly and to the point.

I tell you these things because there are those brothers and sisters that are seeking you with the fever of God. They want to speak with you, but the thing is My son – I have to say the manner of the Word of God, and the manner of the Word of God – people do not believe. They want to ask you, the things of man. They want to know the things of man, but their hearts do not seek the manner of the Father, the manner of the Son, and the manner of the Holy Spirit. Because all of the pastors have shown them, people and My sheep, to seek the manner of man. What a shame! For they do not know how to seek the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. What a shame!

The man that I earlier told you about, years ago, that wants to eat the world, he is now ready. Yes, My son, he is ready! He has the fever of the devil. He wants to eat all that is good. He seeks and likes women. He likes money. He likes the things of the devil. He is going to frighten the Body of My Son, but they are so blind and deaf. They wouldn’t know Me if I walked into their churches. They would throw stones at Me too. That’s the way the things of man are. They are filthy, but I am going to correct everything My son, with My Word, and with the Holy Spirit.

1619 04 May 2001
09:15 PM

Be strong! Be brave! For the Power of God comes upon His Sheep, His Lambs. Do not worry whether you live or die. Worry – whether you make it to Heaven. The devil is ready; his machine is already running. His workers are working overtime. The power will stop. The money will stop. The oil will stop. The storms will come, the hot and cold to the extremes. Remember My Words – The Star will come. The antichrist is prepared. The false prophet is prepared. The false prophet is doing his magic right now. The devil isn’t wasting any time organizing, manipulating, killing and destroying whatever is righteous.

Remember My Words – either you are for Me or you are against Me. Remember I am going to clean-up this church; that you call Christians. This Christian church is going to be cleaned from the top to the bottom. The Love of God is there, but if you love God, you will do the things of God. There is no middle ground. Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord and that is a FACT AND THAT IS THE TRUTH! So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)

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