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12 06 December 1990

Warning, Warning, Warning. Do not look up to your pastors. Do not look up to your pastors. They are evil. They are evil. Look to your Father First. Look to your Father First. Look to your Father First. The Great I am, I am, I am. This is your Father. This is your Father speaking. This is your Father speaking. There are many pastors with forked tongues. They have to much Pride, to much Ego. They are looking for the places of Honor. They are looking for the places of Honor. They love the money. They love the money. The love the status. They love the status. I will convict them. I will convict them. I will convict them. They are going to get the worst, of the worst, of the worst. For they swayed My People. For they swayed My People off the Path. They swayed My People off the Path. They even seduced My People. They seduced My Women, and they seduced My Men, sexually, financially, and spiritually. Ah, ah, ah, Woah to, Woah to them, Woah to them, because My Wrath. My Wrath will not spare one of them. I will convict them. I will convict them. Ah, ah, if they repent, if they repent, confess there sins, confess there sins, I will save them. I will save them. For I am the only way. I am the only way to Righteousness, but those who close their ears. Those that close their ears. My Wrath will be upon them to the Pit, to the Pit, to Pit, to Pit. Listen to My Words, My Saints, My Angels, My People. Listen to My Words. Listen to My Words. I am the Truth. I am the Truth. I am the Truth. For the Day is here. The Day of reckoning is here. The Day of reckoning is here. Listen to Me only. Do not listen to anyone, but your Father, your Father, your Jesus Christ. Your Jesus Christ, and your Holy Spirit, and your Holy Spirit for without them, you have nothing. You have nothing, but the Pit, but the Pit, and the Pit is big, wide, and deep, very deep.

33 21 January 1991

This is your Father. This is your Father Jehovah. This is your Father Jehovah. This is your Father Jehovah. Listen My Children. If you only knew – If you could only comprehend how much love I have for you. I love you more. I love you more than you could ever love anyone; More than you could love your wife; More than you could love your Children; More than you could love your house; That car and that boat; More than you could love that money; More than you could love anything. That doesn’t compare the slightest to how much I love you. How much I love you with My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

57 19 May 1992
6:30 AM

I am sorry to say, that a lot of My Leaders of My Flock have gone astray to the point there are so many different religions. There is bitterness and fighting. Boy, you Leaders of the Flock, you’re going to be looked at more severely than the rest. For most of you started out with good intentions, and the enemy came in and attacked. And the pride and the ego lead you astray; the Money, the Glory, the Glory belongs to Me. The Praises belong to Me. You never made a thing! You can’t even keep, or control what you have. And you go, and you talk to My Sheep, and you place yourself on My Throne. And you even fool yourself, you place these burdens on My Sheep. What a shame, what a shame.

83 10 June 1992
2:01 AM

It’s not important if you believe, your Pastor can save you, or the angel that you Pray too, or your mother, or your father, or your money, or your car, or your house. I am going to tell My Son, only what He wants, that is Clean, to enter into the Doors of Heaven, because My Son is the Law and He does what I tell him.

That’s the way sons have to be with their Father’s. That’s the way the Father is with His Son, Christ. The Two are One in Mind, and in Spirit. My Son died for you, and still you won’t change your heart. So many years have gone by and you still haven’t changed your mind and spirit. All that you think about is money, and the things you can get. What you’re going to get is a place with the devil, your god. I won’t wait any longer because I have given you all the chances that you needed to come to Heaven with Me. The Saints that are looking for Me are going to come for all the time that there is time, because I gave them My Word: “That if they looked for Me, I would Save them.” The rest, it hurts My Heart because I am going to lose them. For I gave them a chance and they ran with their god the devil and they believe that they believe so much. They’re going to be surprised because the day is coming that I am going to close the Book of life.  

85 11 June 1992
2:35 AM

You righteous Pastors, you righteous Theologians, you People who have your God in a box and can’t see outside your box; in your rules and your regulations; who walk over the blind; and step on the deaf; you have no problem chasing the dollar, chasing that money. You use the Bible to feed your bellies. But do you reach out for My Saints in the street that are eating garbage, that are sleeping on the floor in the streets with no clothes, with nothing to eat? I am holding every Pastor, every Priest, every Officer that has an office in the Body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth responsible. When your turn comes, when your knee bows, you better have the right answer, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave specific orders for you. He told you what to do. And Me, the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, I cannot see that you’re doing what you were supposed to do. I see My Prophets, My Apostles being stomped on, being walked on, being kicked out of Churches, being tongue lashed, ridiculed, publicly exposed for speaking My Word. The Wrath of God is at the heel of your shoes, you might not feel it now, but there is a day coming where that knee has to bow down and that tongue, that was used so cleverly to fatten your belly, will be wrapped around your throat. Mark My Words. As My Name is Jehovah, as My Name is Jehovah, as My Son is Named Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, My Word will not come back Void; it never has and it never will. For the condition of the church of today, that My Christ, My Son established, is in a shambles because of you Theologians, you Pastors, and you Priests. Look at yourselves, you Self-righteous People that are so lost, with the Bible in one hand, and a foot in Hell in the other.

How many times per week do you go visit the sick? How many times per week do you walk the streets helping My Saints? How many times a week do you feed the hungry? How many times a week do you clothe the Ones who don’t have clothes? How many times do you collect that money per week to clothe yourself, to feed yourself, to take care of yourself and your needs? How many times per week do you stick your hand out, and HOW MANY TIMES PER WEEK DO YOU REALLY REACH OUT? Your time will be accounted for. Remember that! Your little meetings, your little organizations, how many souls have been lost because you have been too busy? At your luncheons, your dinners, your social events, how many people in the streets have died without being able to have their confessions heard? With Tears in My Eyes and Love in My Heart, I look at the bureaucracy of your Church. For as the Church gets smaller Satan gets bigger, but it’s all coming to an end. You can stick your chest out. You act Self-righteous and Proud that you’re a man of the Cloth. A true man, a true pastor of Jesus Christ of Nazareth carries his Cross in the Streets, in the Alleys where most decent people wouldn’t be found. That’s where My Son sent you to look for the Sheep, the lost, the Ones in need. I want you to remember what I have been telling you. The next time you give that pretty speech about how you will be blessed if you give to the church. For every dollar, every cent that you collect, that you justify and rationalize, and doesn’t go to My Sheep, you will have to  pay back Seventy times; Seventy for every penny, every dollar that you misused. So stick that in your offering basket. So saith Jehovah, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit, for I am bringing to a close the life of this little Planet. For the ways of Man are finished, I say these things with a sad Heart. I sound Harsh. I sound mean, but you can’t sound nice when your rebuking, but I do love you. Remember that also. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. 

94 16 June 1992
3:04 PM

You theologians are just… I really don’t know how to explain, “How and when,” the events that are going to happen. Where you can stand firm and lead your flock into safety, for you’re so easily swayed. You’re so quick to condemn, you’re so judgmental. Turn to Jesus; it’s simple, direct. I am going to concentrate on the Flock for the leadership is totally confused. There is a small portion that still has not fallen away but these true theologians, these true followers of Christ don’t have the following : They don’t have the fancy cars, the fancy suits, the fancy hairdo’s, the fancy words. These true Pastors are living in the gutter eating with the people that need help. They have given them the shirts off their back. They are walking around hungry. They are walking around without clothes but they truly love Me with their whole Heart and Soul. When they see someone who needs help, there is such a burden in their heart. Tears come to their eyes with their limited means, which generally is nothing but prayer and a little token of help. The love they have for Me is given to all those who need Me. Those are the true Pastors of My Flock. Those are the true followers of My Word. Not the ones who live in nice houses. Not the ones who say pretty words. Not ones who Glorify themselves and are Puffed up, full of Ego, and Pride. The ones who are living in the ghetto and are  ministering one-to-one. You don’t have to make an appointment with them,  to see them. They don’t have a busy schedule that they need secretaries. Because they are living the way of Christ. They are helping the  poor, the old. Some of them are doing nothing of great significance in regard to money, but they lend an ear. They lend a hand. All My Flock, every single one of you should be doing the SAME. Helping your neighbor, helping the child that needs help, feeding the hungry because you are all Priests, every single one of you. So, as My Name is Jehovah, Creator of Heaven and Earth through the Power of the Holy Spirit, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am issuing an order to all My Priests, My Saints, to do as I command. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it Now for the end is coming. The world is going to be over. Don’t depend on your Pastors for they’re lost. They are so puffed up and wrapped up in their theology. What a Shame. What a Shame. So My Flock, the Holy Spirit is going to start to put sparks of burden on you, to pray, to pray for your neighbors, to reach out to your friends and your enemies. To help you repent. To help others to repent for that’s how the Body of Christ is going to go together through the Body, not through the Leadership, for the  Leadership is going to fall because they are confused and they are lost.  

158 16 July 1992
11:54 PM

The churches of California are doing nothing. They are asleep and I, the God of Heaven, of the World, I am going to awaken them. If you want to save yourself, I want you to eat the Mass and to Pray everyday. I don’t mean once or twice per week. I want you to pray everyday with all your Heart, all your Mind, and all your Spirit. For you have been asleep for many years and you haven’t done a thing that My Son told you to do. You only do what you want; you read the Bible in the way you want; you’re all going wherever you want; and you don’t do what My Son ordered you to do. There are My Sheep living in the streets with hunger, and without clothes. They don’t have anyone to take care of them. The Church of My Son is asleep and they’re only taking care of their Money.

216 29 September 1992
9:30 AM

With My Clean Lips, with My Lips that say everything that’s pointed to Heaven, you’re going to send yourself, you alone with the devil. For I am going to turn My Back. For what is of fighting is not of My Son, is not of the Holy Spirit, is not Mine! “I want you to correct yourself in the manner. Right Now! This Minute!” For the pastors of the Body of My Son are doing the manner of the devil. They’re not doing the manner of My Son. All they know is fighting. Look at all the churches you have, the words you have. What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! And don’t say I didn’t tell you. Look in the Bible and see what I say is going to happen. For your God does not Lie, and if I tell you I am going to send you to the Pit for your fighting with the family of My Body of My Son, I am going to send you, “This is serious!” Read My Lips! “I am going to send you to the Pit” if you don’t stop the fighting, with the Sheep, with the Seeds. For I see everything. I see your heart. I see your mind. I know that you’re looking for the money. That money is going to find you the Pit. All that you’re doing with that money is buying a house in the Pit. I will send you there with your devil, for you didn’t look for My Sheep, My Seeds. You just filled your stomach with the money of the devil. I am telling you clearly and to the point. This is your God, the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. Read My Lips! Read My Lips! Read My Lips! Read the Bible. Read in the Bible in the parts that I said, and things will happen, like I said. On this day, on this minute, I am telling you what’s going to happen to you!! I am not talking to your brothers and your sisters. This minute, I am talking to you! Did you hear Me, Pastors? These Words are for you. I don’t care if you like them or not. This point is for you. I want you to stop the fighting this minute! Or I am going to leave you to the devil and He will take you to the Pit. I am going to cry, and I am going to cry. For I lost you, but this minute with My Clear Lips, I am telling you the truth. Did you hear Me? Do you have your eyes and ears open? I know… for I read your heart this minute. I know… what you have in your heart, in your mind. I know… some are frightened, others are mad, but I don’t care if you’re mad or frightened.

For what My Word says is going to happen. I am reading your heart this very minute. For I read everything and you know in your heart this minute, for I am putting it “That you know.” That I am going to send you to the Pit. This Word is for you, Pastors. Pray and Pray, if you pray correctly, I will tell you. I will tell you with My Lips that I will send you to the Pit. For I don’t Lie. If you don’t repent of your ways this minute, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, I will show you the way of God. For I am the God of everything with My Son and the Holy Spirit. I am going to frighten you. I am going to send you to the Pit. For your fighting, for your money, for your manner, for the manner is of the devil.

259 02 January 1993
8:28 AM

I know My son, I know that you know things that other people do not know. For you have your eyes, the mind, the heart of God. That’s why I can use you. For you have the love of God, of Heaven, of the World, of all that is and of everything that’s going to be, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I chose you to know more things for I want you to grow. I want you to do the things of God, with the mind of God, with the spirit of God. The coal of the World is going to become very hot. For all that is black, is of the devil. The coal of the devil is going to burn, and what is filthy I am going to send to the Pit. What stays Clean is going to Heaven with Me. I like your tears for you have the Faith to do things crying. For your body doesn’t know the things of God, but you, with your spirit, you do what I tell you. For you have the Faith and you have to have the Faith, the Faith in My Son, the Faith in your Father, the Faith in the Holy Spirit. I know you learn things from other men, but you have to stand with your eyes open and your ears open. For there are many men that force the Word of My Son in the manner that they want. For at times they want force, at times they want money, at times they want women, at times they want to be god. There are many words that are good and there are many words that are bad. Stand on top of the Rock and pray with your spirit, with your mind, with all that you have and I will tell you who is telling you the truth, who is telling lies. For you have the Faith and you Love Me with all of your heart, and I Love you with all of My Heart.

264 14 January 1993
4:21 PM

My Son is ready to pick up all that is Clean, all that is Good, all that is Ours. The rest are going to have to suffer in the War, in all that is bad. For they did not look for the brothers and sisters in the streets, the sick ones, the old ones. For they didn’t do what My Son told them to do. What a shame! For they have the Law in their hands and they only do what they want. They look for the money and they believe they are god. What a shame! For it’s there in front them, all that’s well, all that is good, and they didn’t do what My Son told them. That’s why they’re going to suffer. For I have to show them who is God, who made all the Stars, the World, all that they See, all that they Touch, I made it all. They didn’t make anything, just problems for the families of the Body of My Son. That’s why they’re going to suffer, for they think a lot of themselves.

282 31 January 1993

For I am tired of hearing of all the fighting in the churches. The Pastors love the fighting. They like being correct and they like telling others they are bad, and that they know it all. All that they know is to look for the Pit, for that’s where I am going to send them. For they changed the Word of My Son for the money, for the seat, the chair over the Pit. For they believed, they are a god with the cars, with the women, with all that is of the devil. Open your eyes, and see what is happening. If you are blind, what a shame, for you have placed your God in a box. For there isn’t a box in this World big enough to place your God inside. For your God is all, all that is good, all that is straight. Did you hear Me, Body of Christ? Your Father is telling you Clearly, and to the Point. You have to help everyone who needs help. That’s the Manner of God. The money is not the Manner of God. The Help of the Heart, the help of the Spirit, the help of the Body, all that is Clean, and Correct is of your God. The things I am telling you are of Heaven, are correct, are the manners of God.

357  17 September 1993
6:22 AM

Please read whole dream on Ray’s website – about dishonesty of pastors 

391 23 December 1993
8:25 PM

During prayer, in the evening church service, the pastor was giving his sermon and every other word that was coming out of his mouth was about tithing, tithing, tithing, money, money, and more money. What I was hearing was really bothering me, as if what he was saying was hurting my spirit physically. He sounded as if he was possessed and was taking advantage of the church members during the Christmas season. I prayed to the Lord for forgiveness if this resentment was coming from my flesh for this was grieving my spirit. During this prayer I started to repent for everything else since the pain was so strong. Then I was given a vision. 
Then a vision of a large tongue appeared in the spirit. The next thing I see is the tail of a Lion sweeping this large tongue. Then the image stopped.
The next image I see is of an astronomer’s observatory with a telescope and as I watched, it split right down the middle and a large White lit Candle came out from within the center of the building, and the same size as the observatory building. This was a very strong and vivid vision. Then it stopped. In this pain, that I felt in my spirit about the pastors words, I could sense in the spirit the Lord’s Tears coming from His Eyes as He listened to the pastor’s words asking for money, money, and more money. During this I didn’t know why I sensed this pain, that’s why I started repenting, in case it was something I was doing in the flesh. So I just repented everything I could think of, trying to protect myself in case it was my flesh. But in the heart of my spirit I knew that it was the Lord crying for what was being said by the pastor.

514 01 August 1994
2:05 PM

For the war that is around you is clear and to the point. There are some that are going to fall because of the war. And there are others that are going to become very valiant with the Word of God and no one is going to stop them. There are others that are going to become frightened and are going to run and hide. For they don’t have the nerve of God. They just have the chest, the chest of man, the lips of man, all the things that are filthy of man. They aren’t going to plant the seeds like My Son told them too. For they seek the money. They seek the force. They seek people to make them god. Oh, what a shame! What a shame! For they don’t know the Manner of God. They don’t know how to make themselves humble. They don’t know how to suffer with the cross. They just want everything placed in their mouth, all the gifts, all the money, all the things that are filthy from the devil. They want all, but they don’t want to work in the Manner of God. They don’t want to seek the Word in the Manner of God and then they change the Word to fill their stomachs with the things of the world. They want all of the devil in the Name of God, in the Name of My Son, they seek the devil and I am going to help them. I am going to give them the devil for that’s what they want, with their heart, with their mind, with their force. I don’t care if they use the Name of My Son if they seek the devil I am going to give them to him, the devil. For the filthy things are of the devil. They are not of the Father. They are not of Jesus. They are not of the Holy Spirit. They believe they’re very intelligent. The devil is going to show them how intelligent they are. For I am going to turn My Back on them. For they have their chest sticking out in the manner of the devil, in the manner of man. I don’t care if they use the Name of My Son. For I am going to turn My Back for I read the heart, the heart that they have in their pocket.

541  02 September 1994
10:50 AM

I know it hurts your heart Reymundo, for you see all the filth. There, all around your town where you live, on the television, in the newspapers, you see it all. But there’re many filthy things that you don’t see yet, and I see everything and nothing passes My Eyes and My Ears. For I know everything. There are many that don’t like you Reymundo. For they don’t like the Word of God. They like the manner of man, the filthy manner. And these men, they like the toys, the money, the ladies. They believe they have force. They believe they are god, but don’t worry about these people, for their days are counted. All the things of the flesh are going to die.

I told My Body, the Body of My Son, to look for the sheep, to repent, to eat the Communion, to look for the people in the street, the sick ones, the old ones, and to become humble. But look at the Body of My Son. How it is with the ones that are running the Churches. They have more money than the poor people, and they are not passing the Word like My Son told them. They are becoming plump and fat with the Word of My Son. There’re people that need help, in the mind, in the body, with advice, with clothes, with food. And what do the elders of the church do? They become plump and fat, with the money, with all that is of the devil. It hurts My Heart what I see. How they use and change the Word of My Son. They just say what they want to say, and they don’t say the things correctly. But their day has arrived, the easy days of the belly, of the plump ones, of the elders of the church. It has arrived, the End of them, for I have everything counted, and I don’t forget a thing. That’s why many people are going to suffer, for they didn’t seek the sheep. They only sought the things for themselves, with the mind of the devil, with the mind of man, and the ones that are going to suffer are of the Body. My Son gave them orders how to choose the elders of the church. All that they want is the force that’s why they believe they are gods. Look at how they dress. Look at the cars they use. Look at the churches they have – the houses they live in. There are many that have two, three houses, four houses and boats, and places to swim in their houses. What a shame the manner of man, that uses the Word of God, in the manner of the devil. But look at My Hand, Reymundo. See how large it is. With this Hand, I am going to hit them, with the Hand like I hit a fly. For they can fool you, the people, but Me, they cannot fool. Now, everything is counted for these are the things of God, these are not the things of man. Mark My Word this minute. I am going to hit them. There’s going to come a day, that they wished they were never born. For they didn’t help My Sheep, they helped themselves. Mark My Word. Read My Lips. I am telling you clearly and to the point. For We have arrived at the End, and they are plump. Right now they have a smile on their face from one ear to the other. For they are very happy of the things they did for God, and all the money they won for God. Let them laugh, Reymundo. Just turn your back with your friends. Let them go in the direction they want to go. For their direction is the pit. You seek your God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and everything will go well with you. For the law of man is the law of man, it cannot save a thing. It never could and it will never save a thing. 

546  06 September 1994
3:08 PM

Yes, mark it on your calendar. Here comes North Korea. It is coming to the south, and South Korea won’t be able to stop the north. For the south of Korea have their eyes pointed in the money, in the things of the world. They don’t care for anything of God, the One who made the world, the stars, all that there is, all that you see. And they are not looking at North Korea CLEARLY, with their eyes open. For they are playing with their toys, with their money, with the things of the world. But here comes the soldiers of the north with the teeth of the devil, with the hunger of the devil, with the force of the devil. Remember Reymundo that I told you. Watch yourself of North Korea for they are on the loose, the pigs of the devil, with the force of the demons. They are going to begin to move to the south. Yes! For they are hungry for the blood. Yes! It has arrived the day of the war of Korea. (over)

548 06 September 1994
5:07 PM

Oh, Oh, what a shame! You didn’t learn anything from the Bible. You didn’t learn that the things of the world are of the pit, the money, the things that make you great, the things of the chest. But you want all the people to look up to you. You want people to say “Oh, oh! Look how intelligent is this man. Look at all the money. Look at all that he has.” But people don’t know, that the next step you take, you won’t have a neck. For the demons are going to chew on your head, and all of them are going to become plump with all the brains you had.

717 12 April 1995
10:06 AM

For it has arrived, the calamity of the world, of all that you know, of all that you touch. I am telling you in seriousness. I am telling you with My Heart. It has arrived, all that I have told you in the Bible. But if you haven’t read the Bible from the beginning to the end, you’re not going to know. Did you hear Me? Did you hear Me? Seek Me!, if you want to save yourself. For the time that you believed you had, you don’t have. The money that you believed you had. You’re not going to have. The joy that you believed you needed isn’t going to help you. Did you hear Me? It has arrived the calamity of the world. Everyone is going to feel the force of the devil, the Force of God. You can’t escape. You can’t hide. For if you don’t seek Me the devil will eat you. This is CLEAR! This is to the POINT! Don’t say that I didn’t tell you! This is the God of the TRUTH, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. This is your Father. (over)  

873 11 March 1996
10:57 AM

The Lord showed me a White lit candle and it separated into two images. Then the first image disappeared and the image that was left was the second image. Prophecy:
The meaning of the Candle that was lit (first one) was the body of Christ; the Church that we see today with our eyes and hear with our ears. It will disappear from the surface of the earth and it will change into the second Candle. This Church is one hundred times larger than the Church that we see today. It will absorb the Church that we do see. This is the Word of Jehovah. This is the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the Word of the Holy Spirit.

You have been warned – You have been instructed. Keep focused on Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your guide. Stay strong for your world will change suddenly without warning. You will see many who claim to be Christians, leaders, people of the congregations, people of the parishes, fall away, renounce, and denounce, their faith, their God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Holy Spirit, and Jehovah. You will be shocked; you will cry. For the ones who are deceiving you for the money, for the power, for the glory, will be exposed. For the purification of the Body, for the purification of the leadership, will begin as the Churches separate. Watch the Words that I tell you are trustworthy. They are TRUE! 

881 20 March 1996
1:15 AM

The ones who seek the devil – the people who have their ears stopped-up and their eyes closed. Yes! The ones who are blind; the ones who are deaf. For they want things; they want money; they want all the things that are not of God. They seek those things first, and at times, they don’t even seek their God. They seek Me ONLY when things go bad and they get frightened. But the day of fright has arrived. They are going to seek Me, and I am not going to help them, and I am not going to hear them. For I told them, and I told them, and I told them. They turned their backs and they ran after their THINGS – the things that are god to them. Let’s see if these THINGS can protect them.

883 25 March 1996
12:44 AM

For the ones of the church turn everything up and down and they don’t seek with clarity what the Father wants to say. What a shame – Reymundo! What a shame! For they twist all, they twist everything, every which way. And they don’t read the Word with the eyes of God. They read the Word with the eyes of money, with the lips that are pure with the purity of lies. Oh. Oh. Oh. How hard is the head of man.

I don’t want you to think you are great because great things fall! I want you to seek the things of God in the manner of God, like a little child, with the eyes of a baby because babies seek Me, with clear eyes, and with a clear heart. But the so – called great – seek with the eyes of the devil, pointed at the devil, pointed at the money. They like the power. But you know who you are speaking to. They don’t know. They don’t know the Word when they hear it, because they believe they are so great.

900 25 April 1996
3:55 PM

The climate, of the United States, is going to change, to the point, with water, with storms, with earthquakes, for We have arrived at the end; and the man, of the devil, has arrived. Remember when I told you to look at the sky, for there were coming – the things of the sky? The bomb is going to arrive; the infirmities are going to arrive; and the end has arrived, the end – of all that is good in the United States. They think a lot of themselves, even the ones who run the churches; but they don’t seek Me with the Heart of God; they seek Me with the heart of money. They like the power. They like to tell people what to do, but they don’t ask Me what I think. What a shame, for all of the world is going to be frightened! The people, that you believe are great, are going to fall, rapidly and to the point. The greater, they think they are – the faster, they are going to fall. Like I told you earlier, your Father does not lie. All, that I have said, is direct and to the point. Here comes the man that is going to run the world, with the force of the devil. Remember what I have said about the word, “WAR.” It is. very important that you study that word, for that’s going to be the life that is coming – war and war and war; then, the end will come, directly and to the point. All the war, in the Heavens, is getting larger, with the Angels and with the devils, and, day by day, you are getting closer to the end.

934 23 July 1996
7:07 PM

It hurts My Heart – all that don’t see the manner of God with the eyes of God. I tell you exactly, that there are more Christians that are not going to believe Me, than are going to believe. What a shame – for they are seeking the god of man and they don’t seek the God who made all, the stars, the world. He made all with LOVE, with the Love of Love. What a shame! I tell you what’s going to happen and you don’t believe Me. I point you in the Bible and you don’t read it. I give you a picture and you don’t see it. I give you the pieces of what’s going to happen and what do you do? You seek the demons to show the signs of the devil. You seek the money so you can buy the things of the devil. I know what’s going to happen; I know everything is going to end, and I know My sheep. What a shame! What a shame! That there are so many that are so deaf, but the day is going to come I am going to have to correct you because you didn’t believe Me in the manner of God. I know right now – this minute, that there are many that have read the Prophecies of this Book – that I have TOLD to read the Bible, and still haven’t even opened the Book (Bible), and they are seeking and seeking God. How can you find God if you don’t read the Word of God? How many times – how many ways do I have to tell you to read the Bible from the beginning to the end – and don’t jump from here to there? 

Oh what a shame! For you are throwing away the chance I am giving you. But the chance you have – you have to choose. How many times this year have you sought the sick ones, the friends, and the ones who are in the hospital that have no one, the old ones? How many times have you helped the ones who don’t have food? How many times have you helped my prophet that has given you this Word, with prayers, with money, or just in thinking if what he is telling you is right or wrong? How many times have you read the Prophecies and you have done nothing? You have not changed in the manner you have walked. But there is going to come a day, when you won’t be able to point your finger at Reymundo, or Me, or your male or female friend – because it is you, and you will have to point your finger at yourself.

972 01 October 1996
8:40 AM

Remember you have to repent. You have to eat the Communion. You have to look for your brothers and sisters in the street. You have to help the old people. You have to help the sick. You have to pray with tears to your God, telling Him that you want to repent. You have to help everyone of your family with money, with prayers, with what you can. And in that way you will clean yourself with all that is filthy in your body, in your life. And in that way you will find Me.  

973 04 October 1996
8:53 AM

The Lord gave me the scripture from the Book of Luke18:10 -14, and said: The pride of the Pharisees which is the pride of the devil is upon many church members and church leaders, the self righteous, the pompous, the lover of Satan. (over)

From KJV Bible:
Luke 18:10
Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican.
Luke 18:11 The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.
Luke 18:12
I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.
Luke 18:13 And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.
Luke 18:14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

976 10 October 1996
12 AM

You have to read the Bible in the manner of God. You believe that the brothers and sisters (the disciples) that found Christ had parties and parties after I took Him up. Do you believe that they sought money? Do you believe they were playing a game? They killed them (the disciples) with the Lions; and they didn’t eat because they were praying until tears came out of their eyes. And when they gathered, they prayed with the HEART of God. They didn’t seek anything – ONLY the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They weren’t perfect, but they knew Me. Well, I feel very sorry for you people. The ones who know Me seek God in the manner of man; and the ones who do not know Me – they do not care about the things of God. I know for I read their hearts. You have to stop playing church. And pray, and repent. Eat the Communion. Did you hear Me? This is your Father with the Son, with the Holy Spirit telling you the manner of God. (over)

1140 28 December 1997
7:28 AM

The church of man asks you to give ten percent because it said in the Bible, that Abram gave to Melchizedek ten percent, but I tell you giving is good. They are going to love hearing that, but I am also going to tell you. Giving is also like the little widow who gave the two coins. And giving is like Sapphira. It is going to be everything in the middle. (In-between) (over)

From KJV Bible:
Gen 14:17
And the king of Sodom went out to meet him after his return from the slaughter of Chedorlaomer, and of the kings that were with him, at the valley of Shaveh, which is the king’s dale.
Gen 14:18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.
Gen 14:19 And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth:
Gen 14:20 And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.

Mark 12:42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.

Acts 5:1 But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,
Acts 5:2 And kept back part of the price, his wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain part, and laid it, at the apostles’ feet.
Acts 5:3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?
Acts 5:4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God. 
Acts 5:5
And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.
Acts 5:6 And the young men arose, wound him up, and carried him out, and buried him.
Acts 5:7 And it was about the space of three hours after, when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in.
Acts 5:8 And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much? And she said, Yea, for so much.
Acts 5:9 Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them which have buried thy
husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out.
Acts 5:10 Then fell she down straightway at his feet, and yielded up the ghost: and the young men came in, and found her dead, and, carrying her forth, buried her by her husband.

1157 13 March 1998
8:32 AM

For the end is before you. Some of you are beginning to sense it. Some of you are beginning to dream about it. Some of you are beginning to see it. Seeing, and hearing, and believing are Powerful, but many of you are blind. Many of you are chasing doctrine. Many of you are chasing your pastors.  Many of you are doing things that are not Godly. But the simple fact is – the end will come! And your decision will be good or bad. Either you go to this place, or you go to that place! I hope – I have made My Point Clear and to the Point! For you are going to cross many hard days, many hard weeks, many hard months, many hard years. Where the things, that you have always depended upon, will be taken from you. Sometimes it  is your mother. Sometimes it is your father. Sometimes it will be your son and daughter. Sometimes it will be the money you love so much. Sometimes it will be your life. Things will be as they should be. The accounting of all that was created is coming to a point. Well – that is all for today! Tomorrow will bring some good and some evil, but you have to make a choice on – who is your God, and on what you will do. This is your Loving Father giving you a Loving message from Heaven. (over)

1414 25 October 1999
2:45 PM

The Lord said:
“When you give money to someone on the streets – Do you expect something back from Me?” “When you give some money to people at church – Do you expect something back from Me?” “When you help your neighbor – Do you expect something back from Me?” “When you love someone – Do expect payment from Me?” Look at your heart! Is there greed there, or the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, the Love of the Holy Spirit? (over)

1418    10 November 1999

Please read whole #1418 – this is only part of occurence
I gave you this occurrence to show how my week started and to show you something about these battles with demonic forces. And to show you how these spirits effect people that do not seek the Lord, study the Bible, and pray. Now I want to show you an occurrence that happened in church last night. Carl called me tonight (the day after the Bible study). He wanted some prayer and he knew I was out of money and wanted to take me out to dinner. My real brother Ted has been buying my food for about two weeks now. So we prayed for both of our needs and he asked me if I wanted to go to a church service at a large church in Oakland for they were having some well-known prophet speaking for three nights and it was his last night there. I usually do not go to these sorts of things, so we decided to pray about it. During the prayer the Lord gave me a vision of some letters and I did not catch all of them. 
Mes… (The ending maybe was an “e” or “a”. The word could have had more letters but I could not remember them!)

This worship went on for maybe about an hour and during this time I thought it would be a good time to pray to the Lord. I asked the Lord, “What do you think about this worship service?” The Lord said, “VERY, VERY GOOD!”  This is great, I said to myself and decided to pray some more. Since I am not very tall, I could not see too much because the people in front of me were all tall. So I decided to stay seated and pray. Well, during my prayer time, while being surrounded by standing people, I was very content in praying to the Lord and feeling His Presence. Then, without warning, I heard a strange voice at the microphone praising the Lord and he kept saying amen and amen and amen over and over. And the Presence of the Lord just left! As time proceeded, I saw the face to this voice and it was (I guess) the assistant pastor. Within ten minutes he had everyone bring their money up front as a worship offering. Then, they proceeded with the music after the offering, but I could not sense the Lord anymore. The Lord had left and it was just entertaining music.

(The prophet was bordering on a mixture of a New Age doctrine and Christianity.)

1467    22 February 2000
3:30 PM

If you Love Me, you are going to read the Bible. You are going to pray. You are going to point your nose toward Heaven. For if you do not do what I have told you, My Hand is going to hit you with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Oh, what a shame! What a shame that you do not hear Me. You have your ears closed. You have your eyes pointed toward the things of the devil, towards the money, and at all that is filthy, but do not say that I did not tell you, when My Hand hits you. I tell you, and I tell you, and I tell you, and you make yourself deaf and blind, but the fault will be yours. For I gave you the chance, and you did not seek Me with the Heart of God, with the Heart of My Son, with the Heart that is good (righteous). Remember, here comes the hangman’s noose, to hang you by the neck. Yeah, Yeah what a shame! That you are so stupid (dumb), but that is your thing, and the thing of your devil. And the rest who are seeking Me – here comes My Son with the Love of Heaven, with all the Love that is good (righteous). Make yourself ready.  Make your spirit ready, for here comes My Son with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Word of God, I tell you the Truth, to the point.

1511  15 June 2000
4:45 PM
For here comes My Son to the point.  And He is going to arrive with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of the Father, with the Force of the Son.  I know that the world does not believe Me, for all is going well in the places that there is money.  But here comes the end, if you believe it or not!  Here it comes.  I know the manner that it is going to happen and at the time it is going to happen.  I tell the world and I tell the world, and no one wants to hear Me.  The churches are asleep.  They believe they have the Force of God, but they are asleep.  They believe they know the Bible, but they only know the word of God in the manner of man.  Here comes the day, that I am going to correct all to the point and there is going to be a river of tears for the things that are going to happen.  There are going to be earthquakes, storms, and here comes the water of the ocean that is going to go up and down as high as mountains.  yes, Reymundo, the day of South America, and the day of the world has arrived.
1590  07 February 2001
12:45 PM

Oh, sleeping church, just as My Reymundo was asleep and all of this evil was being done to him – “That’s the way it will be in the end times.” The hour and the day will not be known until it happens – just as Reymundo didn’t know.

You better wake-up. For the hour and the time will be here – without warning, without a sign! It hurts Me so to see a dead church on this planet. A church that My Son started, and (which) began with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The church that is so busy playing games. Trying to make money. Trying to build up their – own personal pride. The evil in this planet has reached the point, almost as when I flooded it, adultery, killing, murder, lies by religious leaders, idolaters.

Like it says in the Bible, those who believe they know – know nothing! Only the humble, only the meek are precious to Me. Those that have the heart of children, the innocence of a child is – what is needed in this Body. Innocent children can become warriors.

Listen to My Words, sin is all around you, the enemy is all around you. You are sheep being prepared for the slaughter and you are playing church! You are not going to the streets. You are not helping the sick. You are not even reading the Bible, and when you read the Bible – you read it with your eyes closed, your heart closed.

Wide is the road that most people will follow, and a lot church people are on the wide road. So the next time you church leaders kick out somebody from your church, remember, that person you are kicking out might belong to Me. And the tables will be turned, when I kick you out of the Wedding Supper if you even get that close. There going to come a time in a point where I am going to see you eye to Eye, through My Son, through the Holy Spirit and you will not be able to fool Me. You can make a lot of money on the planet now in the Name of Jesus Christ, and your blind dumb sheep will follow you to the pit.

1624  11 May 2001
11:00 AM

The house of God is ready. Are you ready? For here comes the hammer straight and direct. What a shame! What a shame! For those, who are not ready. Come – Come Ye o faithful people, come! March O saints to the music of God. Grab your staff and sword, for the sounds of the war drums are here. Come! Come with the Power and Might of the Holy Spirit. For the end is here. Forward this message to your brothers and sisters.
Later the Lord said:
Remember, always stay focused and pray with all of your heart. Also, pray to your Lord BEFORE you give that money that I have placed into your hands. So you can sleep and rest well at night; knowing that you are managing that money I have placed into your hands, correctly. The problem of the church of today is; that most of money I place into people’s hands goes to lead the blind astray. Then the blind shepherds and their blind flocks both fall into the pit. What a shame! What a shame! Then shepherds that are doing My Will go without. What a shame! What a shame! For the greed of the leaders of today’s church is great, but remember I see all and a specially – I correct all in the end. Farewell My Sheep, My Lambs for the end is before you. This is your Loving Father, with the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

1643  23 July 2001
1:30 PM

Real Audio Sound clip: 23 July 2001
You are at the end of this timeline of this little planet. I tell you and I tell you and I tell you, but only a few will know that I am telling the TRUTH. But that few are millions and millions and millions and millions of people. But that few is still a small number compared to the over all number of people that are on this planet. I am going to take My Remnant, those who hear My Voice, those that cry when they hear My Voice, those that weep in the heart. For I know and they know that they belong to Me. They have struggles like everyone else. Many are still blinded, but slowly, but surely I will open their eyes to show them the TRUTH. Through the Bible, through Prayer, through Communion, through seeking My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Some have money – Some do not have anything, but money is not important. The only thing that is important is what is in their heart in how they relate to the other brothers and sisters.

1650  16 September 2001
2 PM
I know that many people are going to be frightened with these Words. But for many years, you (Reymundo) have been telling people of the world to repent, to clean their minds, their hearts. But they do not hear Me. All that they know is to kill My Children before they are born. And they know how to sleep – men with men, women with women. And they tell so many lies, that no one believes the Truth. And the same thing goes for the pastors of the church of man. So many lies and they seek the money with the heart of the devil. Tears come from My Eyes when I see these things, but they have to do what they believe, and I have to clean up what I have to clean up, to the point, to the point. But all that I have to do, I am going to do with My Heart, with Love. For I know that man is not going to clean himself, and I have to clean him. It has started, THE END – The end of ends! People are not going to believe you, Reymundo, but it is the Truth.
1658  31 October 2001
1:40 AM
Did you hear how much money the Red Cross collected?  Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and here you are struggling just to make things (ends) meet.  And yet Reymundo the Words you have sent out are going to do more healing, they are going to do more than the Red Cross has ever done – you with your little computer, and your little tape recorder, with your prayers.  I know it is a lonely job.  I know the funds are short, but I know your heart is big and I know that you are focused even when you do not think you are not focused.  But everything that I have told you will happen, exactly to the point, to the letter.
1661 14 November 2001
8:37 AM
While I watched Creflo Dollar, on his Christian television program, he was preaching about money and the Bible and things like that.  The Lord showed me a vision of smoke and fire coming from behind his coat.  The smoke and fire looked demonic, then the smoke and fire disappeared.  (over)

You hear these preachers, preach about money.  Preach about salvation through money.  They preach about healing through money.  They preach about Heaven through money.  Every other word that comes out of their mouths is about money and debt.  This is the sign of the devil!  If you are in the Body of Christ and you do not see this – you have a problem!  For you are going down the wide path, the path of Satan.  Believe Me not or Believe Me, whichever is the case, the final outcome will be a fiery place for you with the friends of the devil, with the friends of these preachers who preach about money, about wealth.  They will all be in the same place.  It does not matter how well they preach the word.  It does not matter on how clever they are in their conventions, in their gatherings.  I will stamp them out like I do a fly.  Anyone, who corrupts, anyone who twists the Word of God for there own purposes will be stamped out.  These Words are hard.  These Words are pointed.  These Words are direct.  These Words are true.

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