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Jack Barr


305 09 March 1993 8:28 AM

Yes, Ray, the Province of Bolivia will become a desolate land, for the arm of the beast, the angels of the beast, will destroy and annihilate the Province of Bolivia with a powerful hand. He will move from the north to the south, from the east, to the west. The forces of the devil are strong in Bolivia. So Children, My Children, who live in Bolivia, be strong, be brave, be watchful, stand on the Rock. Repent of your sins, look for your brothers, and sisters. Then dig in for the long battle in Bolivia, where the army of the enemy is strong, is forceful, and determined to annihilated all that is good, all that is of Christ, in the Province of Bolivia.

You will be shown a light in the sky. This light will direct you, and will show you the Way, and the Path. Look to the sky. Look to the sky. Look for the light in the sky. When the light appears will be the day that you will see Peace and Tranquillity. So be strong, be brave, dig in, wait for the light in the sky, wait for the light in the sky. For the hour of darkness is upon you. The hour of darkness is upon you. So be strong, be brave, pray, and pray, and pray, unite your families, seek your brothers, and sisters in the Body of Christ, and pray, and pray, fast, and fast, and pray. Look for the light in the sky. Look for the light in the sky for the day of darkness is before you.

The enemy is there organizing, and planning, but never forget your God Jehovah. Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are right there with you. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Repent! Repent! Look for your brothers, and sisters, and read the Bible. Read the Bible, and make yourself strong. Make yourself brave. For the hour is before you, the hour of darkness. So saith, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you My Children. For I Love you, and Adore you. I will protect you, but you have to make yourself strong. You have to make yourself brave. Fast, and Pray. Fast, and Pray. Keep the family together. Keep the family together. Bring the Body of Christ together. So saith Jehovah, your Loving and Merciful God, the First and the Last, the One and Only, the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

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