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33 21 January 1991

Lit Candle represents the Trinity = reminder God is in His way to take His children, sheep, lambs to Heaven = “rapture” – see also #36

Listen to Me! Listen to Me! Listen to Me!
How many times do I have to say it? Be still. Be quiet and listen to what I am telling you now, for when it comes, it will be too late. And all you have is that Bible and Me, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Get your family after you finish praying by yourself. Put the family together in a room, put the family together in a room and light a candle, light a single candle. One – that represents your Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Place the candle anywhere you want. That’s a reminder – that’s a reminder that I’ll be on My Way. I’ll be on My Way to take My Children, My Lambs, My Sheep to Heaven with Me.

36 February 1991
– 1st week of

See also #33

So, My Children, the only way to get there is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
That’s very important! The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I love you, remember that. I love you. You are going to be put to the test. You are going to be tested to the max. Some of you will fall apart. Some of you will persevere, but like I said, go in that room, close the door, light that candle and pray. That candle will remind you that I am on My Way, but you have to realize, I am right with you too.

224 14 October 1992
1:37 PM

I see a fat candle and it is lit with a small light or flame.

256 20 December 1992
7:15 PM

I see a nuclear explosion go off in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Tower melted like a candle.

351 14 September 1993
9:51 PM

I see the vision of a lamp on top of something, clear looking and reflecting like a mirror. The Lord said, “A Light is a reflection of itself.”

353 15 September 1993
7:42 AM

I keep hearing a voice it is the Lord. He keeps saying, coyote, coyote, coyote.” Now, I see a single lit candle surrounded by some rocks. I see a serpent slithering around the rocks and around the candle.

356 15 September 1993
7:15 PM

See also #421 – own view
I saw a vision of a Black candle, which moves from the vertical position to the horizontal then to the upside down position.

373 10 October 1993
4:00 PM

I see a vision of a shield that has the colors of the United States flag. I saw an eagle earlier, but I can’t tell if there is an eagle on top of the shield, but I can see the Stars and Stripes ( five pointed stars on top of shield)

I see a
candle on top of a base inside of a pyramid made of rods.
I see a hammer and a sickle.

377 14 October 1993
7:15 PM

During prayer at church I saw a black earth with a white (5ptd) star on top of the planet with a large candle on top of it. 

380 18 October 1993
4:50 AM

Jack Barr’s interpretation – showing to abnormality of blacks (as per anti-christ) – see also #616 & 1643

I see a
black hand with six fingers holding a lamp

391 23 December 1993
8:25 PM

The next image I see is of an astronomer’s observatory with a telescope and as I watched, it split right down the middle and a large White lit Candle came out from within the center of the building, and the same size as the observatory building. This was a very strong and vivid vision.

392 05 January 1994

I see an oval lamp
I see a candle and it is lit. The whole candle seems to be glowing, even the wax part. It is totally radiating.

396 02 February 1994
5:19 AM

See also #645 & 987 – own view

I had an image of
four arches and they formed a cross with a Lit Candle in the middle..

402 06 February 1994
8:30 AM

I saw a square lamp, which could be hand held from the top or it could be held with a hook and on each corner it has a bracket where the glass slides in.

415 09 March 1994
7:34 AM

Jesus speaking 
Get ready!
Buy your oil, fix your light, put it up where it is ready. For I am going to come straight to look for you, to take you, to protect you, to save you. Did you hear Me? Fix your lamp, buy your oil for here I come My sons and daughters. I will see you my Precious Ones

421 25 March 1994
10:30 AM

See also #356 – own view

Then the Lord said to me, “Go and do it. Go and do it.” For I was really going on faith for I had not received any instructions from the Lord until we were on the freeway and into prayer. During the prayer time on the way I saw a vision of a black candle and it was lit. Then the next thing I saw was the heel of a boot crush the black candle.

Then my Christian Brother said that my vision of the black candle meant that the Lord stepped on the light of darkness. Then I felt goose bumps all over my skin. It was one of those occurrences that my friend and I walked in faith until we completed it.

466 07 June 1994
11:09 AM

I saw a vision of a white candle with a black flame. It was sitting on some sort of irregular shape mound of material I have never seen before. 

467 07 June 1994
2:15 PM

I had a vision of a white-lit candle in a crack of a rock and the terrain was marred and cut in pieces. The candle was wedged in between the broken rocks. At this very moment I am seeing the white candle levitating in the air over an enormous waterfall. The candle with its flame is hovering over the cliff of this waterfall. This waterfall reminds me of Niagara Falls with its rushing water.

526 11 August 1994
10 AM

Vision of a solid black triangle with a white candle in front of it.

558 23 August 1994
7 AM

I saw a lit candle under a chair, and the candle was moving from one end to the other, almost as if the flame was burning a straight line underneath the chair. 

645 22 November 1994
10 PM

See also # 396 & # 987
During Communion prayer I had a vision of a
lit white candle with four rods coming from four corners toward the flame. They were bent. They reminded me of the vision #396 of 2 February 1994.

Then these rods changed into people bowing and giving alms and worshipping. All four people were bowing toward the lit candle, which was in the center.

396. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 February 1994 at 5:19 AM
I had an image of four arches and they formed a cross with a Lit Candle in the middle.

694 26 February 1995
2:19 AM

I had a vision of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was viewing it from the side and the two center piers changed into two giant candles. (over) 

796 20 August 1995
4 AM

I saw a vision of a row of white lit candles coming down from Heaven. The candles would come down at an angle, then they would more horizontally then come down at an angle and this procedure would repeat. Almost as if the candles were moving along the outside of a giant saw blade.

829 07 November 1995
7:55 AM

I saw a vision of a white candle with three layers of a flame with one colored flame on top of the other.

866 27 February 1996
8:15 PM

Then I saw this large but almost flat bowl with a wooden flat stick laying across the center and over the top of the bowl. As I watched a lit white candle was placed in the center of the wooden flat stick which was over the center of the bowl. (over) 

873 11 March 1996
10:57 AM

The Lord showed me a White lit candle and it separated into two images. Then the first image disappeared and the image that was left was the second image.
The meaning of the Candle that was lit (first one) was the body of Christ; the Church that we see today with our eyes and hear with our ears. It will disappear from the surface of the earth and it will change into the second Candle. This Church is one hundred times larger than the Church that we see today. It will absorb the Church that we do see. This is the Word of Jehovah. This is the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the Word of the Holy Spirit.

875 13 March 1996
8:15 PM

Then the Lord gave me another vision of Four lit white CANDLES in a circle. There was some sort of arch that came out of the middle of the circle and connected all FOUR CANDLES. All the Candles were moving in a clockwise direction.
The Lord said, “Each One represents the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the fourth represents you (Ray). This is how We are in UNION with each other. And the circular motion shows you how We Work together.” He called it the UNION, but it sounded to me as if HE called it the COMMUNION too; either way it was Beautiful. (over)

880 16 March 1996
9:00 PM

While we were laying hands on a brother – who had asked for prayer – the Lord gave me a vision. This vision was of an unlit oil lamp full of oil with its wick still in place – without the flame protecting glass cover. What was so unusual was that – on top of this wick (that WAS NOT lit) there was a White lighted Candle.

Meaning of Vision:
People are seeking for the Holy Spirit by trying to light an oil lamp, but the lighted Candle (Holy Spirit) is already there. The oil lamp has nothing to do with the Lit Candle. (One is man made and the other is God.)

885 27 March 1996
8:30 PM

The Lord showed me a vision of a lit White Candle sitting on top of a table and right next to the edge. 
Then He showed me the same White Candle on the ground. Then as I was watching this big wave of black water rose up and was going to fall on top of the White Candle, but for some reason the black wave STOPPED in mid air and went back to it’s original position. I watched this happen two times and the vision changed.
Then this big wind came toward the lit White Candle and just before it reached the Candle this large round metal looking shield appeared between the lit Candle and the wind. The Candle was not effected by the wind. 

917 21 June 1996
8:30 PM

Then, I saw a Lit White candle with some melted wax around the wick. And as I watched this Lit wick surrounded by this melted wax, another transparent fire appeared in the melted wax and it moved around the REAL LIT WICK like a shark swims around it’s prey. I would like to state it wasn’t a real flame, it just looked like  one – an imitation flame, but it was mobile. (over)

925 21 July 1996

I went camping for two days with three brothers to see if I could get some rest. It was a good trip – I believe, I have to leave town more often before I burn myself up. But on the camping trip, the Lord gave me a vision of His coming. 
During prayer the vision started with a Large single White Lit Candle moving forward. Then two small-lit candles appeared side by side behind the Large White Candle; then three small-lit candles appeared side by side behind the row of two white candles; then four white lit candles appeared side by side behind the row of three candles. Row upon row of lit white candles appeared behind the proceeding row until a Large Triangle of lit Candles could be seen marching behind the Large White Candle (Jesus Christ). It looked like the point of an arrow, and it reminded me of the vision of the Trinity where the Lord showed me a triangle and said We have three points, but We are one triangle.(over)

953 30 August 1996
6:45 PM

I saw this moving White Lit Candle. Then somehow it was placed inside this burlap bag. Then this burlap bag was placed inside another burlap bag, but the White Candle burned its way out of the two bags. (over)

986 29 November 1996
1:30 AM

A vision of a LARGE engagement ring setting upright with a lit candle placed on the inside (on the gold metal part) heating up the ring stone which was directly above the flame. (The lit candle was inside the ring band.)

987 04 December 1996

See also # 396 & # 645
During praise and worship the Lord showed me a
White Candle in the middle of this circle of people bowing toward this White Candle.

993 08 December 1996
11:00 AM

During church service the Lord showed me a skinny person with only skin and bones for arms and hands and reaching into the sky. And these hands were tied together at the wrists by some kind of rope, and the hands were holding a Communion Host. And as the Communion Host was brought down to be eaten, it changed into a White Lit Candle. The Lord left me with the impression the skin and bone person was the Body of Christ, and that it was starving and in bondage.(over)

1035 25 April 1997
5:00 PM

I saw a vision of a candle about one inch in diameter and four inches high. And on top of this candle, I saw a small blue birthday candle; and it was lit. (over)

1093 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

Now I see a vision of a woman from the eighteen hundreds, and a sword splits her in half from the forehead down to her feet. And now I see a lit White candle in-between the two pieces.

1096 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

I see a saucer shape with a black candleholder underneath with a lit candle. And the Candle was heating up the saucer shape as it moved from side to side over the flame. (over) 

1136 18 December 1997
1:30 PM

Then I saw a single White Candle. Then I heard the Lord say, “Look closely at the UN. (United Nations)”

1146 20 January 1998
11:20 PM

A vision of a White lit candle. Over the candle there was an up-side down clear drinking glass. (over)

1162 22 March 1998
9:49 PM

I had a vision of a sword moving over the top of an ocean. The blade was cutting the water as it moved. Then the vision changed into a submarine periscope moving over the water. Then that vision changed into a White Lit Candle moving over the top of the water. (over)

1173 03 June 1998
12:15 AM

The Lord gave me a vision of a lit candle. As I watched the white lit candle the wick was separated from the white wax, and stood upright next to the wax and it was lit. (over)

1196 29 August 1998
2\3:25 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of the letter “j” (the small letter “j”). It was a lit candle. (over)

1234 12 February 1999
10:00 PM

The Lord gave me an image of a clean White Beach with a White Candle in the air over the White Beach. Then the Lord said, “Go to the Beach!” (The White Candle represented Jesus standing over the Beach or the Body of Christ.) This made me think of the scriptures about the sand.

From King James Bible:
Gen 22:17
That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy  seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;
Gen 32:12 And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good, and make thy seed as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.

Then this White Candle changed into Jesus Christ walking along the sand. At one point I could see His footsteps make impressions on the sand. Each grain of sand was a Christian. The Lord was showing me that these foot impressions were His callings on individual believers or the burdens He had placed on believers carrying their cross. By Him making the foot impression on the grains of sand, also meant He was their covering. Then Ron mentioned the scripture:

2 Tim 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
2 Tim 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

1261 19 March 1999
11:20 AM

The Lord showed me the inside of a stadium. Instead of people being in the seats, there were many, many hundreds of lit candles in the seats. 

1379 29 July 1999
6:35 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a Menorah, with one white candle lit in the center. (over)

1381 29 July 1999
9 PM

Lit candle in the middle of a glowing circle – then as you were facing it, it moved to the right, but the glowing area stayed lit. 

1386 31 July 1999

Israel anointing mission trip
I saw a lit lamp hanging from a building 
Then the Lord said, “Look at the light, look at the light”.

1408 25 August 1999

The Lord showed me a sculptured cake (it looked like a mountain) with 30 large candles (1½ inches in diameter). (over)

1467 22 February 200
3:30 PM

How is it going? How is it going My son? Here comes the Lamp, the Lamp of God. Yes – here comes the Lamp! It is going to Light up the whole world. Yes, with the Word of God. Here comes the Angels. Here comes the Force of the Holy Spirit. Here comes My Son. Here comes My Word, all to the point! All! With the Flame of God, I tell the world, and I tell the world, but they do not believe Me. Here comes My Hand, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell the world, and I tell the world, and they do not believe Me! But here comes the day, when My Hand is going to hit the world with the Force of God.

1518 29 June 2000
8:45 PM
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a lit blue candle.
1570 05 January 2001
9:02 PM

Earth with candle on top of it.

1599 24 February 2001
2:30 PM

Then the Lord showed me a row of
four wall candleholders with four lit candles. I could see the flames on top of the candles, but the smoke was coming from under the candle holder base. (over)

1612 20 April 2001
9 PM

Then I saw a
white flame floating on top of a large body of water that looked like an ocean. As I watched this flame, I saw rain clouds begin to form high in the sky and it began to rain down above the white flame. I could see the rain falling down in the direction of the flame, but before the rain came near the flame this large glass looking cover developed over the flame. This glass looking thing looked like one of those glass covers over an oil lamp. This glass kept the flame protected and burning as it floated on the water.

1630 30 May 2001
6:45 AM
The Lord gave me a vision of a Lit short fat Candle. Then the fat Candle lost most of its wax, but was still the same height. What was a short fat Candle – now looked liked a Lit short thin birthday candle.
1661 14 November 2001
8:37 AM
I love you My Children, but if you are not on that watchtower, if you do not have your oil lamps prepared and ready, if you are not on the narrow road you are in trouble.  Remember My Words.  Read the Bible.  Study it.  This is your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit giving you a little wisdom about the days that are coming.  Remember – beware of the church leaders.  For their hearts are not correct with God. (over)

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