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23 May 2000
1:30 PM

I was reading the Prophecies about the European Mission trip, when the Lord placed the burden on me to go to South America. The more I read, the greater the burden fell upon me, and it went to the point that I almost began to weep. So I called Carl for prayer, because we both had been praying about this for weeks. So during this prayer the Lord told us to go, and gave us the following Prophecy.
Go! Begin the Map of God. Make yourselves strong, because the enemy is strong. Wear the armor of God everyday. Be cautious, be meek, be humble, be brave, for the lives of many will depend on you.
Note: Below are the locations that the Lord has given me AS OF TODAY to Anoint.
South American Mission trip:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brasilia, Brazil.

San Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Lima, Peru
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caracas, Venezuela
Bogota, Columbia

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