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 31 14 January 1991

This is not a game. This is nothing you play with. You don’t play with this because this is Straight. This is the Truth, what I say. What I am saying is going to be. You’re going to get frightened. You’re going to get frightened for all the time the climate of the world is going to change. It’s going to change, when it’s time to get cold, it won’t get cold, it will get hot. When it’s supposed to get hot, it will get cold. When it’s supposed to rain, it’s going to rain in the time you don’t expect rain. There are going to be storms. There are going to be storms all over the world. They will be very hard, very hard. You won’t be able to hide yourself. For what has to happen has to happen. For I want, I want, I want it for My Son. I told My Son that all the Saints that are clean are His, are His. And the day passed, many years passed long ago when I placed the water in the ocean in the world. Now has started the time, the same as it started before in the Bible, but this time is going to start with earthquakes, with storms, with the climates. With the climates, that are going to change. When you don’t think it’s going to change, it will change. It’s going to become cold and hot, cold and hot when you don’t think it’s going to be. And all the ice of the north and in the south will move. It’s going to move. The ocean will go up and down, and up and down, the whole world will move. You won’t comprehend. You think it will be one way and it won’t be. It’s going to do something else. You’ll get frightened for everyone, all the Presidents, the Kings, the People, the Governors, everybody that thinks they know it all, they too are going to get scared.

Yes, yes. The wind, the wind of the storm is going to come, and you won’t know when. It’s just going to start, it’s just going to start, My Sons and Daughters. Everything that’s in the world, the storm is going to destroy houses, it’s going to destroy everything, and no one will be able to stop the storm. The storms are going to scare you. The earthquakes are going to scare you, for now everything has started that I said.

33 21 January 1991

But remember, remember the violent things that are going to happen to this planet. The climates of the planet are going to change. The tides of the ocean are going to go up and down. They are going up and down and not like you’ve been used to. I mean they’re going to go high, higher than mountains and lower than the valleys that you have on the planet. The ocean is going to rise, it’s going to go down. All the ice in the North and the South are going to move. They’re not just going to move slowly. I mean they’re going to RAM. They are going to ram continents. They are going to ram continents with such force you’d never believe such things could happen. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Winter will not be winter. Summer will not be summer. Fall will not be fall. From all the corners of the earth, from the North, from the South, from the East, from the West, everything will be turned upside down.

My Children, pray. Get in your room, close the door for the weather is going to change. The climates are going to change. Some of you are not going to have houses because of that climate…the weather…the storms. The hurricanes, tornadoes, you name it. You’ll have it.

Look to Jesus. Jesus is your Savior. He died for you. He died for you. He is fighting for you right now. He is fighting for you right now. But remember, the second coming is coming also. I am sending the star. I am sending the piece of the star. It is in the sky. It is in the sky. If you’ll look, if you’ll look real hard, if you’ll look real hard, you’ll see it. You’ll see it very soon. You’ll see it very soon. And that’s a sign. And that’s a sign of things that I said that are going to happen. They are going to happen. They are going to happen. There are going to be many other signs My Children, many signs. Just open those ears and those eyes. Look at the sky. Look at the sky. Look at the weather. Look at your brothers and sisters.

36 February 1991
(first week)

The times are going to get rough My Children, from weather conditions, to your own personal family life, your own personal trials, and tribulations, but I’ll be there. I’ll be there. I’ll be there. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, but My Children, unite the Body of Christ – unite all the Churches, no matter what you call yourselves, unite. Make yourself strong. Pray together, sing together, bring yourself together as a unit. That is so important. The closer you get together, the stronger you

104 22 June 1992
9:15 AM

So My Sheep, My Lambs, make yourselves strong, stronger than you ever have. For this World, this Planet of yours is going to be shaken beyond belief. The climates will change, the mood of the people will change, there will be a War beyond comprehension. All these things will happen as it was stated in the Bible. Then I will close the book on this Planet, and then We will have a New World, a New Heaven, a New Beginning, and Children will live the way they were designed to live with Peace, Harmony, Jubilation, Joy, beyond your wildest Dreams.

211 17 September 1992
4:20 AM

Listen, “What I say will be done in the manner which the Spoken Word of God, says it.” The Ark will be at the appointed time. Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be there at the appointed time. The tornadoes, the earthquakes, the beast, the stars, the false prophet, everything will be done according to the Word of Jehovah  God with the Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit. Not one Word, not one Letter of one Word will pass without it being completed. For My Spoken Word does not go to the right or left. It’s Straight. It’s Righteous. It’s the Truth.

220 02 October 1992
07:43 PM

The ice of the north will begin to move which will cause the water of the oceans to shift. The land that’s near the water will be under water. For the waves that will hit the continent are going to be larger than the mountains you have on the Planet. Look at the water! Look at the wonders and signs that are going to befall this Planet. Look at the ice of the north. For it will begin to move as the axis of the Earth shifts.

You build altars to the devil; to Lucifer and you mock the Creator of the Heavens, of the World.
Remember the ice of the North. Remember the Day of the North.

Summer will not be summer. Winter will not be winter. The day of Darkness will befall you. “When the Fig Tree changes its leaves.” The Power of Jehovah will be revealed with the Force of the Holy Spirit. The Root of the Fig Tree, the Root of the Fig Tree will be Watered by Jesus. When the temperature of the Planet rises, the ice of the north will melt and will begin to move. Bury your head in the Bible. Bury your head in the Word of Jehovah. Study and learn, for the mountain of water is on its way. Listen to the Word of God.

361 20 September 1993
7:34 AM

Storm. Storm. The storm is coming. Hurry right now! Get up and put down everything I tell you, for here comes the storm in the Manner of God. For I am going to hit the United States with storms. Yes, I am going to hit them. For the things of the United States are the things of the devil..224 Yes My son. The day of the storm is here. Point your nose toward Heaven and your eyes, and your ears. This is your Father, the God that made everything, the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch, all that is. I made it with My Son, with the Holy Spirit. Put down everything I tell you in the Manner of God.


8 December 1993

All the world is going to change. All the world is going to go up and down. All the world is going to be frightened. But the Body Of My Son, THE ONES that love My Son, with all of their heart, with all the flame of their heart, are going to save themselves, and THE ONES who are clean and pure are going to the CLOUD with My Son. The rest, with My Scissors, I am going to clean, the Branch, and they are going to know if they love Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit, for My Scissors aren’t going to miss a thing. They are going to cut all that needs to be cut. There are some that are going to die for My Son, and there are some that are going to save themselves for My Son. You, My Little Son, I want you to write everything that I tell you in the Manner of God. Don’t worry about money. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t worry about the earthquake. Don’t worry about anything that’s going to happen, the storms, of the police, of the soldiers. I tell you clearly and to the point. You are going to see signs, in Heaven, in your body, in your friends, and the signs that are going to frighten the world. Signs of your Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, but I want you to think clearly and direct for the Scissors have arrived. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? It has arrived. Yes, it has arrived all that I have said to you.

409 17 February 1994
7:30 PM

I see something that looks like a Mexican tamale cut in the middle, but it is not a tamale, the inside is black and the outside is white.

The next image is of a
whirlwind and it is going in a counter clockwise direction. It looks like a computer image of a storm. Like a satellite computer weather map.

An image of a black mountain with a stone necklace made of crystals or clear stones. The necklace is around the top third of the totally black mountain..

523 09 August 1994
6:31 AM

The easy days are gone they are all gone. All that you believed, that was going to happen, is going to change rapidly and to the point. The places that were hot are going to become cold, I tell you direct and to the point. Everything is going to change, nothing is going to stay the same. Everything is going to become different, all the climate of the world is going to change. There are people this minute that are doing the things of the devil. These people the cold is going to eat because I tell them and tell them, and they do not hear Me. And if people don’t do what I tell them, I will do with them what I want.


8 September 1994

Yes, Reymundo! All the things of the world are going to get hotter, the governments, with the demons, with the climates, the things of man are going to become hotter; for they want to burn with Word of God. Yes! It has arrived the war of the world pointed toward the pit.


25 March 1995

Costa Rica, yes, Reymundo. Costa Rica. It has arrived the snow of Costa Rica. It has arrived the snow of Costa Rica. Did you hear Me, with your ears? You have to write what I tell you in the manner that I tell you. For the snow of Costa Rica is going to be more than cold. It’s going to be more than you think. Rememb er, the time of Costa Rica. It’s going to be more than cold. It has arrived, the snow of Costa Rica. Yes! It has arrived, to the point, to all that is. Yes! It is the time of the snow. The people of the world have to break all that is evil, and point all toward Heaven with the Force of the Holy Spirit. It’s going to touch you, the cold of Costa Rica, the snow. Remember what I tell you for you’re going to be frightened. It has arrived, all that I have told you, to the letter, to the point. I tell you with Tears. I tell you Correctly. I tell you with Force! For this is not a game that you can do what you want! For everything is in My Hands, and I do what I want, for everything belongs to Me. Remember what your God has told you, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. This is your Father telling you the Wisdom of Heaven for it has arrived, the snow of Costa Rica. Place it on your calendar. For I don’t Lie. Yes! The time (conditions) of the world are going to change. Remember. It has arrived, the climate, the fright. This is your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, with the Prophet Reymundo.

830 08 November 1995
7:19 AM

Costa Rica, look at the history of Costa Rica. The flame has arrived, the flame of everything that’s filthy. All is going to happen rapidly. All is going to happen to the point. Yes, the climate of Costa Rica is going to change. Are you hearing Me? Are you writing down everything that I am telling you? For it is going to happen to the point, all of the fighting, the bomb, all of the weapons of the devil.

900 25 April 1996
3:55 PM

The climate, of the United States, is going to change, to the point, with water, with storms, with earthquakes, for We have arrived at the end; and the man, of the devil, has arrived. Remember when I told you to look at the sky, for there were coming – the things of the sky? The bomb is going to arrive; the infirmities are going to arrive; and the end has arrived, the end – of all that is good in the United States. They think a lot of themselves, even the ones who run the churches; but they don’t seek Me with the Heart of God; they seek Me with the heart of money. They like the power. They like to tell people what to do, but they don’t ask Me what I think. What a shame, for all of the world is going to be frightened!

1039 06 May 1997
11:00 AM

The climate is going to change more in the coming years. Yes, the Climate is going to change. I am going to show you with the climate that the whole world is in My Hands

1151 26 February 1998
11:45 PM

The world is going to become hotter for the things that are bad. Some things have just started, but there are many things that are going to happen – that still have not begun. And the entire climate is going to change, and earthquakes. Yes! There is going to much suffering in this world.

1174 3 June 1998
9:15 PM

Remember all that is before you! The weather will change more. More people will die by earthquake, by changes in the weather. Remember the birth pains of change.

1211 4 October 1998
8:20 PM

My son, My son, My son, it has arrived, the clothes have arrived, My son. They have arrived the cold of the world, the cold of Heaven. You are. going to have to put on the clothes. The devil found a manner to hit people of South America. With his closed hand, he is going to hit them three times. Beginning on the day of the 1 st of March. It has started, the fight of the devils, the fight of the men, who are very bad, that run the countries of South America. But here comes the day of the climate where everything is going to freeze. Yes, it has arrived! Get your clothes for it is going to be very cold in the days that are coming. The Tent of God is going to start on the day of August. Yes! Yes! Yes! (over)

1221 05 December 1998
1:30 AM

Hello my son, I enjoyed our talk. I know that you sense the Power of the Lord in your room. I enjoyed talking to you. You seem worried at times, but I can read your heart and I know you are sincere. I know that you truly love Me as I Truly Love you. All will go well. The wind from the north will come; will freeze. Then the wind from the north will leave. But the things that will be touched some will go cold; some will go hot; some will not even notice the wind from the north. I know that you do not understand the Words that I am telling you now, but it is the truth. Mark My Words! This is Jehovah, the wind will come from the north some will freeze; some will not feel it; some will cry; some will weep; some will not even notice, but the Power of the Lord through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth will push the wind until it envelops the whole planet. Mark My Words! The day of the wind of the north is rapidly approaching to the point. Thank you for the little talk that we had tonight or should I should say early this morning. I want you to sleep well. Begin to do the work of God; work on your house. I will send you some money in the coming days and in the coming months to take the burden off you. For I know your heart; I know your soul more than you give Me credit. Until tomorrow, this is your Father Jehovah. This is your Father Jehovah. This is your Father Jehovah. (over)


12 April 1999

The things that I promised you have arrived. They have arrived, all to the point! Here come the climate changes that are going to change more and more and more. Hear Me! Hear Me! It is going to change all, in the Manner of God; for all is in My Hands. I know the things that are going to happen and I am going to tell you little by little by little, the things, the Manners of God. All is going to be fixed in your house, your wife, and all will go well, with the Force of God.

1424 20 November 1999
11:45 PM

This means the things of the world and not climate as in weather – my own view
know! I know My son! I know My son the
climate of the world. I know the climate of the stars. I know the climate of your heart. I know the climate of your heart and your spirit. Yes, My son – I know all, with the Intelligence of God, I tell you the things of God.

1481 30 March 2000
6:25 AM

Yes, My son, here comes the climate, here comes the gun, here comes the star, here comes the devil. Yes, all is clear, all is to the point. Hurry, sleep and rest, and I will call you on another day.

1504 15 May 2000
7:15 A\PM

Then the Lord showed me a large Knife, a hundred feet tall, coming down over and over on top of some ice. I sensed it was either the North or South Pole.

1511 15 June 2000
4:45 PM

There are going to be earthquakes, storms, and here comes the water of the ocean that is going to go up and down as high as mountains. Yes Reymundo, the day of South America, and the day of

1565 12 December 2000
12:55 AM

I know, I know My son. I know the climate – the climate is going to change. All, to the point! Here comes the Day of God. Here comes the day of the devil. All will go well. Point your nose toward heaven with all of the force that you have, with your heart. All will go well! Yes, here comes the boat, the boat of God. Yes, the boat is going to arrive to the point.

1574 14 January 2001
8 AM

I sense the Lord trying to show me something about my personal history, the world’s future or the Christian Body’s future. Maybe all of the above. I just cannot understand what He is trying to say. He has made me watch many history programs on television lately, from dinosaurs, wars, and weather changes, to politics. I am at a lost at just what it is He is trying to say. I can strongly sense something going on in the Spirit, but I do not understanding Him. I read in the Internet that another earthquake hit Central America that was felt all the way up to Mexico. I also heard a news program yesterday, that the climate of the world is warming up. All that I can say is – this has been a very strange week

 1619 4 May 2001
9:15 PM

Be strong! Be brave! For the Power of God comes upon His Sheep, His Lambs. Do not worry whether you live or die. Worry – whether you make it to Heaven. The devil is ready; his machine is already running. His workers are working overtime. The power will stop. The money will stop. The oil will stop. The storms will come, the hot and cold to the extremes. Remember My Words – The Star will come. The antichrist is prepared. The false prophet is prepared. The false prophet is doing his magic right now. The devil isn’t wasting any time organizing, manipulating, killing and destroying whatever is righteous

1650 16 September 2001
2 PM

For it has arrived! It has arrived! It has arrived! – All of the things of the prophecies that I gave Reymundo. The war is one thing, but there are going to be earthquakes. There are going to be storms. And here comes the star. People do not believe the Word of God. For they do not know – God! They do not know the Bible. They do not know the Word. They do not know the Manner of God. Exactly! I sent My Son to save those who have the faith – those who love Him with their heart.

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