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1 July 1990

I believe this is referring to Jesus – own view
I keep seeing a
cross with a circle of stars about the top of it. This vision has appeared over and over for about two weeks.

4 July 1990

I will put the whole # here – includes Jesus Christ, Ray & other people on crosses

It’s July 13, 1993, I am going to document a Vision and Occurrence that happened three years ago from memory for it was never recorded on tape. All morning the Lord has been reminding me to add it to the Prophecy Book. (I have decided to fast and pray while documenting this Vision/Occurrence for the Heavy Warfare attached to this Occurrence is incredible.)
Vision and Occurrence:
One afternoon while praying on my bed, I had a vision of Christ carrying a Cross down this street and I could see someone whipping Him fiercely. Then I heard someone say, “If you keep hitting Him you are going to kill Him before He is  crucified.”
I could see Jesus on the ground, in pain, as they grabbed someone from the crowd to carry His cross. Arriving at the crucifixion area I watched as several men held Christ, then a
very large man nailed His Left Hand to the Cross. This large man had big arms and was wearing a piece of cloth around his forehead, he raised a wooden mallet and drove a spike into Christ’s Hand or Wrist. I could see Jesus’ pain as His Body lifted into the air with the impact of the blow. Somehow I was seeing the mallet come down on Jesus from the ground up as if it was coming down on me.
I remembered being in shock seeing what was happening in the spirit. Then I saw the image of the right Hand being nailed from the same perspective. I could see all the force the large man used with his mallet. After both hands were nailed, they nailed his feet as Jesus tried to struggle without success. I
could see these men lifting the Cross with Christ on it and placing it in a hole in the ground. The pain of Jesus was very vivid as the Cross was lifted. Then I believe wooden wedges were driven into the base of the cross for support. I find it unusual that I can still visualize this large man with the wooden mallet so clearly after so many years. I remember laying on the bed contemplating what I had seen in the spirit. Then without warning my left hand slowly started to move out from my body. I tried to stop it without success. With my hand outstretched the same large man I had seen earlier in Christ’s vision lifted the same wooden mallet into the air. I remember trying to remove my hand as I watched the mallet go up and seeing it come down with great force on a spiritual spike. I became hysterical and kicked, screamed, and struggled to no avail. I was screaming and fighting with all the power at my disposal. There was no real pain, only the shock of not being able to move and seeing the mallet come down. Then the man reappeared and my right hand started to move out from my body, I fought it the best I could without success and it was also spiked. I found my arms extended and pinned to the top of the bed and I felt completely helpless. Then my legs started to come together. I struggled as hard as I could, but it was no use for the same man reappeared again with the same results. Next, the Cross with me on it was erected and secured to the ground. I could see myself among thousands upon thousands of people that had been crucified on crosses. These hills were literally covered with crosses; some people were hung, some were tortured. Most were on crosses but some had been hung or tortured. It was like a massive graveyard of crosses. Suddenly, I saw a White Star appear from within a bright White Light over the hills, and I realized it was Jesus. I questioned Christ about what was happening and received no answer. Then I sensed and saw what appeared to be a black void that went nowhere to the left of me, but behind me. I started immediately telling Christ that this wasn’t the right spot for me. I remember telling Him that I didn’t belong here, that I belonged with those other crosses, some distance from the black void. But Christ would not say a word. He just remained over this hill and watched me. I pleaded and pleaded with Him. He just remained over this hill in complete silence. Then, approximately twenty minutes later, Christ said, The people on the crosses are the people that were crucified for Me through the ages.
This whole occurrence was just overwhelming. I just waited and waited, then after about twenty minutes other visions started to appear before my eyes. (I am not going to document the other visions because the Lord didn’t tell me to. So that’s where I’ll leave this Vision and Occurrence

19 15 December 1990 –
01 January 1991

Jesus died on Cross for us 
I love My Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Oh yeah.
My Son, My Only Begotten Son, who died for your sins on the Cross and ascended into Heaven on the third day, and now seated next to Me. He is guiding My Forces, the Forces of Angels, all the Angels in Heaven are fighting Satan.

20 15 December 1990 –
01 January 1991

I believe the church in Italy with the house that burned with the Priests inside is called La Cruzs of Santiago in the year 1532. (The Crosses of Saint James in 1532) I listed this as comments because I don’t remember the circumstance and how I received this information, but it was in my journal tape and in this location on the tape recording.

34 22 January 1991

This Prophecy has some questionable words, which I doubt are scriptural. Therefore, I am going to show you with brackets like this { }. My comments will be in brackets like this ( ); Demonic words in brackets like this [ ]. The only reason I am placing this Prophecy in here is because it refers to testing all spirits, and it shows how I did during this Prophecy.
Look at My Son – My Son Jesus – My Son Jesus. Yes, My Sons and My Daughters – Hear Me! Hear Me! This is your Father. Your Father, your God, your God, your God, look. Look at what I am telling you. This world, this world has to change, has to change My Sons and My Daughters, for if it doesn’t change, the devil is going to win, but he can’t win all of them. For those that are going to go with My Jesus, with My Jesus, My Son are going to save themselves, but today there are many people that have hard heads. They only hear what they want. What a shame! What a shame! What a shame My Sons and Daughters. This is your Father! This is your Father! Hear Me! Hear Me!
Listen to Me Ray, this is your Father. This is your Father, Ray! Test the spirits. Test the spirits. Keep testing them for you will be under attack again. Don’t worry, I am with you…
This is a demonic voice:
[you’re in my hands lord, you’re in my hands]…
Ray: Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh…? Did Jesus Christ of Nazareth come in the flesh…? Did Jesus Christ of Nazareth come in the flesh? (There was no response. So I said,) “I bind you, and I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” “Now, go wherever the Lord Jesus Christ sends you.” Did Jesus Christ of Nazareth come in the flesh? 
“Yes, Ray.” Jesus Christ of Nazareth came in the flesh.
Ray: Did Jesus Christ on Nazareth die for our sins on the cross?
Lord: “Yes, Ray!”
Ray: Was Jesus Christ of Nazareth resurrected on the third day?
Lord: “Yes, Ray!”
Ray: Is Jesus Christ of Nazareth seated at the right Hand of the Father…?
Lord: “Yes, Ray!”
Ray: Does Jesus Christ of Nazareth deserve all the Honor, Glory, and Authority
and Dominion now, and forever and ever…?
Lord: “Yes, Ray, and then more and then more. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is My
Son. He is My Son, Ray.”

“Keep testing the spirits, Ray. Keep testing the spirit for you are going to be under attack. They are going to try to mislead you so you go the wrong way, but listen to Me, Ray. Listen to Me, open your ears, and your eyes. For this is Jehovah talking to you, Ray.”

42   30 April 1992
4:30 AM

There is going to be a time of famine on the Planet Earth. All the things that I said will come to be. The Cross of Heaven is coming down to Earth like I stated, watch, listen, and learn, Ray. The Cross of Heaven is coming to Earth, for what I said is going be. For you and your family are with Me, for I Protect My Prophets, Apostles and their families, for the coming of the Savior is close at hand. People must open their eyes and their ears and listen to the Prophets for the time of Tribulation is at hand. The Players have their Roles, the Stage has been set. And the time will occur, when the moon and the sun are in line with My Star, the Star of David.

47   07 May 1992
2 AM

The French Doors will open at the sound of the Bell. And the Bell will ring when the Cross in the sky will show you. Paris will not be Paris. The sign of the Hog and the Saber tooth Tiger will cling to the Hornet. Woe be to the world. Woe be to the world, to the blind, to the deaf.

69  29 May 1992
11:11 AM

Jesus died on Cross for us 
For what you will see in the near future is the beginning of the end. The
end for the ones that are not Christians and don’t believe in My Son, that He died for them on the Cross. The ones who don’t believe, it will be the end for them. But the ones who believe, it is just the beginning of an everlasting Peace, and Joy in Heaven forever. I know this sounds like just Empty Promises, Words without Authority, but it is the Truth. Jehovah says nothing but the Truth. So remember, that when the end comes everyone that has ever existed will have to take account of their life. Of how they behaved in regard to their God, and their brothers and sisters, for nothing was created for evil. But Satan corrupted the Seed.

70  30 May 1992
3:23 AM

People to carry crosses
Now listen! Christianity is basically simple. You turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is your Protector. He is your Guide. For he has already won the Battle. The problem is you have to walk through it.
You have to carry your own Cross, for everyone has to take an accounting of themselves, at the end of time. Everybody that has ever lived will have to know that when Judgment comes, their tongue has to confess Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and every knee, and I mean every knee has to Bow down to him from the beginning of man to now. Satan himself has to Bow down, but he’s going to be chained and sent to the pit of hell with a lot of you, My Children, that have the hard hearts and closed minds. Don’t be beguiled by the easy life, the evil life of this World, for this World is about out of time.

85  11 June 1992
2:35 AM

People to carry crosses
With Tears in My Eyes and Love in My Heart, I look at the bureaucracy of your Church. For as the Church gets smaller Satan gets bigger, but it’s all coming to an end. You can stick your chest out. You act Self-righteous and Proud that you’re a man of the Cloth.
A true man, a true pastor of Jesus Christ of Nazareth carries his Cross in the Streets, in the Alleys where most decent people wouldn’t be found. That’s where My Son sent you to look for the Sheep, the lost, the Ones in need. I want you to remember what I have been telling you.

100  19 June 1992
12:26 AM

Mark of the beast
For when the Ball becomes known, the Ball will start the resignation of
the Seal of the Evil Cross on the Ball, and on the body, and on the Body of Christ. For the seal of the wicked cross will be implemented at the appropriate time. For the devil will have his mark for the seal will mean everlasting Torment in Gehenna. So beware of the seal. Beware of the Beast, for the coming of the end is at hand, and will be upon you before you realize. Heaven forbid anyone that takes the seal, for that mark seals your faith in Gehenna. Be on guard, stay sharp in the Word. Read the Bible. Focus on Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you. This is your Father, the Creator of the Universe, Jehovah.

103 22 June 1992
1:27 AM

Jesus died on Cross for us 
So My Saints keep this in
Mind, implant this into your mind for the hour is coming. That Judgment will be called on the Planet and on you, and you will be held accountable to everything that you have done since you had the maturity to know right from wrong. For Jehovah is merciful. He’s a loving God but you have to obey the Rules, the Law of My Son. For He Died for you on the Cross, and the hour, the date, the time will be here before you realize.

108 24 June 1992
1:44 AM

Mark of the beast
But look, the
time has arrived of the Cross, of the Crooked Cross. It has arrived. For what I say is the truth. You have to watch the Crooked Cross. The Star is going to come, and its going to hit the world like a Hammer, and the Star is going to be, because the pig, and the dogs, are going to run after everything that is, and what they want in this world. Here comes the Star with the Hammer. For what I say, your God, the Father does not Lie. All that is Straight, and is Clean, is your Father’s. (Non-understandable tongues?) Yes Ray, the hour will come when the monarch is assassinated in the streets of London. On the Day that will mark his Coronation for the Beast has planned, and executed this assassination from the beginning. For the development of the foundation of his empire will spread from country to country until he will rule the world, with an iron hand. So beware of the Beast. Beware of the Star that will hammer your hand, and your forehead without mercy. For once you have this Star, you will never see My Kingdom in Heaven with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Star will be painless. It will not hurt. It will be implemented with a tool that will Hammer it in place. So beware of the Hammer with the Star.

110 25 June 1992
10:34 AM

People – carry crosses
Come all you faithful Christians, come all thee faithful Christians for
your endurance will win you your Mansions in Heaven beyond your comprehension. I know that you have suffered. I know that you love Me in your Hearts. For the Heart is what I read, not the Mind, not the Lip, only the Heart. For you carried your Cross triumphantly through all the obstacles that Satan threw at you.

147 07 July 1992
1:27 PM

Body of Christ (church) on cross
I see the Body of Christ hanging on a Cross, and something is eating His Brain. It’s like its saying something is going to attack the Body of Christ in the mind. Maybe it’s the Beast? I don’t know who put that in my mind, but that’s what I feel, sense, and see.

150 09 July 1992
12:45 AM

Jesus died on Cross for us 
How are you My son? You’re very tired but you’re doing your job well. As I mentioned before, it’s going to happen;
the star is going to come and the star of the devil is going to hit people on the head; on the hand. Watch yourselves. Saints watch out, for here comes the star of the devil. You have to run and hide, for the star of the devil will send you to the place I am sending the  devil. I don’t want to send My Sons and Daughters there when the war is finished.
This is your God, the Father of the World, of Heaven, with My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit telling you to run and hide from the star of the devil. All that is from the devil is evil and is not from God, of Heaven, of the Stars, with My Son and the Holy Spirit.
The devil knows that his day is coming but he  cannot do a thing. All he can do is take all his saints to the pit. That’s all he can do, for My Son broke him when He died on the Cross for My Saints, My Sheep. Look, I am telling you in the manner that’s Righteous. I am telling you the Truth. I want you to hear Me with your ears open for all that’s in the Bible is going to happen. All that’s Right and Straight is from the Bible. The time is here now. The End. You have to open your heart. You have to break the rock that you have in your heart. For that rock of your heart doesn’t help you at all. Did you hear Me? 

175 28 July 1992
1:43 AM
Jesus died on Cross for us
My Son died on the Cross for all in the world. With the ears you have to hear the Word of God. You have to hear, for the date has arrived that I told your fathers when My Son was hanging on the Cross suffering for the Sheep and the Seeds. You have to hear. You have to open your minds. You have to search for the brothers and sisters, for the Ark has arrived.
207 11 September
7:10 AM

Spiritual meaning
I had a vision of oil just soaking into the ground.
Then the Lord said: “The beginning of the end will begin when the oil stops.” The hour of the day is upon you when the Beast will control the economy of the world with a forceful hand, with a heavy hand. He will rule the planet earth with the power of the air. 
I see a Cross, except the top point of the cross is a funnel. It’s as if something is being placed into the funnel part of the Cross, to fill up the Cross.

208 11 September 1992
7:25 AM

Jesus died on Cross for us 
The day is here! My Son is ready. The Ark is ready. My Son and the Angels are already fighting the devil in Heaven, and in the World with
such a force. You wouldn’t believe what I am telling you, for you don’t see it, or sense it, because you’re watching your ball game and making yourself fat, because you’re so lazy. You look so gross in front of that square Box watching your pictures, but don’t say I didn’t’ tell you, that I didn’t warn you. This is your Father, the One, which made the World, the Stars, all that you’re doing, and all that you are looking at. With tears I am telling you the truth. The day has arrived that’s in the Bible, and that’s all that I am going to tell you on this date. FOR I AM MAD WITH YOU, with all of My Heart, and all of My Mind. For you didn’t do what My Son said, the Christ, when He was hung on the Cross; when He was living with you in the Body; in the Flesh. What a shame, but I am going to send you to the pit, because you are Deaf and Blind.

215 28 September 1992
9 AM

People to humble themselves before foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ of Nazareth 
I love you Ray. I love it when you ask Me questions. When you ask permission on the little things as well as the big things. Things that are important to you. If you try to get close to Jehovah God, He will help you through the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Name of the Lord. Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be a beacon. The Holy Spirit will guide you every step of the way.
For through patience there is wisdom, through wisdom there is knowledge, through knowledge and Love and obedience, you will find Jehovah. Seek and thee will find Peace, Tranquillity, Direction. Humble thyself before the Foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Stand on the Rock of Righteousness, of Truth, and you will find Jehovah. For Jehovah is Peace; is Tranquillity; is Love. 

221 06 October 1992
10:50 PM

People to carry crosses
This is your Father, the One that made everything with the Word of God. With the Son and the Holy Spirit, with the Love of your God, I tell you the truth. Run the mile! Look for your God with the Bible, and in that way the Holy Spirit will show you the
straight, the clean, and the correct way with the sweat of the hunger to know your God. I want you to pick up your Cross and run the mile. Look for the Sheep and the Seeds, everyone that loves their God, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, with the Love of Christ, with the Love of the Father. Happy Greetings My Sons, My Daughters. Happy Greetings.

226 14 October 1992
2:05 PM

People to fall in front of Cross of Jesus
This minute they have their hands over their ears, their hands over their eyes,
SCREAMING! Pulling out their hair for they don’t like what they’re hearing. For they know it is the truth, and their mind is so very hard. And their heart is so hard, and it doesn’t let them change their ways. They scream, and they scream, and scream, and scream, and scream, that all of God is bad. For they love the fight. They love everything that is bad. They don’t want to throw themselves in front of the Cross. They
don’t like to make themselves Humble, and to throw themselves in front of the Cross of My Son. They love more the fight, for the words, for the way of the devil, using the Name of My Son to say they know it all. That they know the correct ways, but all they’re going to find is the Pit. What a shame! What a shame! For I Love them with all of My Heart, but they have to do what is right, with their heart, with their mind. I am not going to change them. They have to change themselves. For they have to fall in front of the Cross of My Son, and cry, and repent of their sins, of what they did wrong to their God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Did you hear Me My Sons and My Daughters?

233 24 November 1992
10:33 PM

I see a cook wearing a sheepskin, but he is a Fox. I am having a sensation all over my body. It’s tingling! I am in a War right now. I have been in it for about a half-hour. I have called some of my Christian brothers and sisters to pray for me. It’s really intense. I am having visions. I see a cross. Someone is burning a cross made of sticks. I see them holding a doll of some sort. Someone is sticking pins in this doll. The head of the doll just flew off. I hear them chanting. I don’t know how I got into this, but something is coming after me with great strength, but I AM STANDING MY GROUND! I took my Communion. I read the chapter in Ephesians six on the Armor of God. And I AM NOT GOING TO BUDGE! I am going to pray against it, and I AM NOT GOING TO BUDGE! That’s all I can say right now. I feel very strange. I have my Christian music tape on. I am going to turn off the tape recorder, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, until I break whatever is there.

252 15 December 1992
8:46 AM

Ray lay everthing in front of Cross of Jesus –  pray, fast
For My son, things are going to change and they are going to change very rapidly, and I want the Saints, My Seeds, My Sheep to hear the Word of God. I like that you’re fasting, that you’re praying. I like that you look for Me, you look for Me with your heart, your mind. That’s the way, and the things of God, for
you, lay everything in front of the Cross. You fall on your knees and pray and pray and pray and you fast and fast. And you pray with the tears of your spirit. That’s the Manner of God. That’s the manner of My Saints, My Seeds and My Sheep. 

254 17 December 1992
9:59 AM

I see this
burning cross made of branches of a tree. Someone set it on fire. (Non-understandable tongues?) seeds (Non-understandable tongues?)

273 23 January 1993
1:44 PM

Spiritual meaning – own view
I see a
metal construction hat. In front of it, I see the symbol of a cross with stars around it.

336 27 July 1993
1:45 PM

Reminds me of : when having Communion, we are reminded  that Jesus died for us (but was also resurrected by the Spirit of God) and that Jesus is on His way – own view

A vision of a wine glass and inside the wineglass (at the bottom) there is a small wooden cross.

394 16 January 1994
9:30 PM

I saw a bell ringing, but it was glowing bright white.
I see a large Hand holding a Cross as large as a Tree.

396 02 February 1994
5:19 AM

Lit candle is representing God – own view 
I had an image of
four arches and they formed a cross with a Lit Candle in the middle.

510 27 July 1994
8:40 AM

People to carry crosses – sometimes heavy / Jesus died on the cross
You know and I know that the things of Heaven are sometimes not easy, and sometimes there is suffering.
Sometimes the cross you have to carry becomes heavy, but those are the things of the Bible. Sometimes there is suffering; sometimes there is joy; sometimes you have to fight for your God for the straight manner. But you don’t fight alone; your God, your Christ, Jesus, your Holy Spirit is there with you.

Read the Bible everyday, the Communion, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, the Communion. Remember My Son that died on the cross. His Blood was shed for you all. Remember My Son, Jesus, He saved you with the Blood, He saved you. But it has arrived the day of your cross. I washed the day, the day of cleaning. The day to clean everything that is filthy. All the ones that are filthy are going to gather in one place. All the ones who are clean are going to gather in another place. The ones that are clean I am going to take to Heaven and the ones which are filthy I am going to send to the pit. Exactly! No one is going to stay in the middle. Did you hear Me? I am telling you clearly and to the point. You are going to one place or the other. You cannot stay in the middle. I read your heart and I know where you are. You have to wake yourself up and you have to see where you have placed yourself, on which side, in which camp your heart is.

Remember, it is very important: “Repent, repent, and look for My Son, tell your brothers and sisters that don’t know Me, “Here comes the Ark. Here comes the hammer of the devil. Here comes the day of suffering. Here comes the heavy cross.

514 01 August 1994
2:05 PM

People who do not know how to suffer with the cross
There are others that are going to become frightened and are going to run and hide. For they don’t have the nerve of God. They just have the chest, the chest of man, the lips of man, all the things that are filthy of man. They aren’t going to plant the seeds like My Son told them too. For they seek the money. They seek the force. They seek people to make them god. Oh, what a shame! What a shame! For they don’t know the Manner of God. They don’t know how to make themselves humble. They don’t know how to suffer with the cross. They just want everything placed in their mouth, all the gifts, all the money, all the things that are filthy from the devil. They want all, but they don’t want to work in the Manner of God. They don’t want to seek the  Word in the Manner of God and then they change the Word to fill their stomachs with the things of the world.

539 30 August 1994
7:17 AM

Spiritual meaning
A vision of a crossused as a eye dropper, and dropping eye drops into an eye.

649 22 November 1994
10 PM

During Communion prayer I had a vision of a lit white candle with four rods coming from four corners toward the flame. They were bent. They reminded me of the vision #396 of 2 February 1994.

396. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 February 1994 at 5:19 AM

I had an image of four arches and they formed a cross with a Lit Candle in the middle.

Then these rods changed into people bowing and giving alms and worshipping. All four people were bowing toward the lit candle, which was in the center.

657 17 December 1994
9:21 AM

Spiritual meaning
The next vision was the opening symbol of a cross that was placed on the Windows Prophecy Program.

668 07 January 1995
9:15 AM

Put here because of crooked cross, cross on ball, star of devil – see also #54 and sketches on Ray’s site
During worship at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International breakfast, I had a vision of a
white ball. The ball looked florescent and I saw six people worshipping, bowing, and praising it, and giving glory to it. The next thing I see, this ball is in a bowl or holder of some sort. It was criss-crossed into four sections by two rows of gold leaves over laid from the top to the bottom. The two rows of leaves cross each other at 90 degrees in the center of the ball, which cuts the ball into four different sections. At the top of the ball there is some sort of round thing. Six men worshipping the ball. Leaves made of gold and they are over layed on top of each other. They section the sphere into quarters. top view of ball gold leaves. As I watched the six men worshipping it, the Lord impressed on my mind that this was the image of the beast or idol that everyone was going to worship. The next image that the Lord showed me was Vision #54 of a ball that was thrown into the air and it exploded.
The meaning of the ball being thrown into the air:
The Lord said, He was going to do to the same thing to the ball that the beast wants people to idolize and worship. He was going to take it, and throw it into the air, and it was going to explode.

680 01 February 1995
9:04 AM

A vision of a triangle with the vertex straight up with a cross in front of it. The base of the cross was at the lower right hand corner of the triangle. The top of the cross was about one quarter the way down from the vertex.

688 16 February 1995
1:45 PM

Mark of the beast
A Christian minister friend that I pray with came over to my house and told me he had just left the hospital. He is a volunteer chaplain there. He said that he tried to minister to an 83-year-old Oriental man named Chan who had a broken leg. During his conversation with Mr. Chan, Mr. Chan revealed that he had made a promise to his grand parents when he was a child that he would never accept any religion. His grand parents told him that if he joined a religion that he would not be able to worship his ancestors. As my friend tried to minister to him and get him to know Jesus, he stated that he has kept that promise. Mr. Chan said, he would not accept anything because he was going to keep his promise to his grand parents. So after telling me this story my friend seemed very disturbed for My minister friend is Chinese. He related to me how in the Chinese community, many Chinese people believe in worshipping their ancestors, and they have a hard time accepting Jesus Christ because of there belief of ancestor worshipping. Well, we decide to pray for Mr. Chan. We had Communion and during the Communion prayer. I was praying in tongues and went into the spirit. Immediately during the prayer the Lord gave me a Vision/Prophecy. He showed me the same ball that I saw at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International Breakfast. And the Prophecy was:
“Beware of the cross on the ball, of the ball with the cross.”

700 03 March 1995
9:00 AM

Cross of Jesus – own view
During the worship at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International breakfast in Oakland. I looked outside the window from the top of Inn (the top floor) toward the
Oakland hills. I saw a large golden cross just floating in the air above the Oakland hills. As I looked again, I saw the Oakland hills on fire with smoke all over the place. I turned my head away again and closed my eyes and told the Lord that I didn’t want to see anymore because people were going to call me, “The prophet of doom and gloom.” Then Lord said, “So be it, so be it!” And He ordered me to open my eyes. I looked back toward the Oakland hills and I saw waves of water hitting the Oakland hills, but these waves were like mountains of water. Then the vision stopped. (over)

706 19 March 1995
11:15 AM

During worship the Lord showed me a cross over a flame, and I was hung on this cross. This flame was in the bottom of a gully for I could see the ground above. Then the Lord said, “Do not worry for the flames will not burn you.”

707 23 March 1995
8:46 PM

Cross of Jesus
A vision of a golden chalice laying horizontal on it’s side. Somehow in the spirit I was led to look inside. As I approached to look inside the cup I noticed that it was shiny. And when I really looked directly into the center, there was
a very bright golden cross in the center of the chalice. (over)

735 29 May 1994
11:34 PM

Spiritual meaning
A vision of a
grave site with an army hat on top of a cross.

748 11 June 1995
9:30 AM

Cross of Jesus & crosses of people
I had a vision of
some sort of stand with a golden cross and as it moved slowly from left to right and moved forward. Many people carrying crosses encircled the golden cross. And I believe the people were praying as they walked around the golden cross in a counter clockwise direction.

827 06 November 1995
7:30 AM

I saw an image of a cross with Jesus Christ on it. And from His Hands to His Feet there was a triangle. It was almost as if He was crucified on the triangle. (over)

831 18 November 1995
4:00 PM

Means death – own view
During prayer the San Pablo Business Men’s Fellowship USA dinner. I had a vision of the
Eiffel Tower with an image of a skull and cross bones overlaid about the middle of the Eiffel Tower. (over)


04 December 1990


Ray’s conversation with the Lord – questions & testing of spirits
y: “I asked you about aliens from other worlds. Are there any living things in other planets in other worlds besides the earth?”
Jesus: “Like I told you earlier, the evil things you see in the sky that move so fast are from Satan. Satan and his evil ones are the creators of the space aliens. For the Lord, the Great I am, created only man in his image, but man was spoiled by Satan. Satan has dominion over the earth, but after the war he will be in shackles, in hell, until he is released for the final battle. He created the space creatures so people would chase them and treat them as gods. He wants people to treat the aliens as gods because they are satanic beings. It is – another one of his tricks to fool the stupid and the blind. WOE – to man who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Great I am, and the Holy Spirit.”

Ray wasn’t sure whether this comes from the Lord and tested the spirits

Ray: “Are you still there Lord Jesus Christ?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Did Jesus Christ walk in the flesh?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Did He die for our sins on the cross?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “After the third day did He ascend into Heaven?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Is He seated at the right Hand of the Father?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Does Jesus Christ deserve all the Honor, and Power, and Glory and has He all the Authority and Dominion now and for ever?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Does it bother you when I test you?”
Jesus: “No, I want you to test Me, over and over. For the evil one will try to mislead you Ray. He is afraid of you… …He is afraid, but he is going to send others to mislead you, to attack you, but you are in the Father’s Hands and in My Hands, and nothing, nothing will ever pull you from them. And Satan knows this. For he is a doomed evil spirit.”

873 11 March 1996
10:57 AM

Cross of Jesus
Remember the cross! Remember the Communion! Remember My Son, Jesus
Christ of Nazareth. For the Power and the Glory go to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. So I have said it. This is your Father Jehovah with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. (over)

898 16 April 1996
10:30 PM

Immediately my prayer language changed, and I felt like I was going to explode from within and I could feel my body and spirit jump into a warfare mode. I got up from my seat and wanted to stop the Communion prayer and get into the war. But something told me I had to finish Communion and get a brother to anoint me with oil before I went into warfare. I had sensed the urgency to pray for two days, but I didn’t know why. So for the next half-hour to forty-minutes I wailed and found myself flat on the floor. With my arms extended out and with my legs together (in the shape of a cross) with an unusual sounding prayer language that at times was quiet and at other times it was loud and fast. My prayer language was acting crazing during this time and I really lost track of time.
Then I was shown hundreds and hundreds of crucified people on crosses in this dark area with white smoke or fog in the background being ripped off from their crosses, and they began to run past me as I watched them in the spirit. I don’t know where they went or how they got pulled off the crosses.

928 15 July 1996
10:30 AM

Vengeance is My Mine, I have told you many, many times; so eat the fruit of your evil. Many people of the earth think I am a big joke. We will see who will laugh last. The last Train will leave at 7 AM. Did you hear what I have said? “The last Train will leave at 7 AM.” Then – We will see who is laughing. For the curse of Jehovah will hit your eyes when you least expect it. And you, my little son, hang on, for I am going to send you help from the back lines. The brothers and sisters, that I am going to send to help you will be STRONG and DEDICATED! For you will begin to see and hear from the brothers, who have never been at war with evil spirits try to give you advice. Do not listen to them, for they think and they mean well, but they will only hurt you. I know the pain that you are going through, but hang on! For the end is to close to stop now! Did you hear Me, Reymundo? “WE ARE TO CLOSE TO STOP NOW!” Remember the Blood of Jesus Christ. For everything in the universe will go to the cross.

The Art of Living is Loving Jesus Christ, and going to the Cross. The Wheels on the last Train are being oiled now. The Body of Christ will be fully protected, but they will see much blood, to the right, to the left, behind, and the hardest in front. Never forget that Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, will ALWAYS be there. The planet will see the fruits of evil for the wickedness of the followers of Satan. Remember the ground of Holiness is the ground that Jesus walks on, and the ground that His Holy Body on earth walks on. So be it. So be it. So be it, My little son. I hear your tears. Listen only to Us, for We are the only ONE who can help you. My beloved. (over)

937 13 August 1996
12:42 PM

All the Christians believe that all of God is easy – that it is not going to cost you a thing. I am going to awaken you, for the Cross that you have to carry is going to become heavy; and you are going to have to carry it – running – because the man, with the hand of iron, is going to run after you. Remember – I protect what is Mine. Remember! I will tell you once more – I protect what is Mine! But if you don’t read the Bible, HOW can you belong to Me – if you don’t know your Father with your spirit, with the Word of God?

938 13 August 1996
7:54 AM

Ways of God not ways of man – see
So I asked the Lord for an answer, and this is what He said, “Can you explain how a rainbow smells? Can you explain how a rainbow feels when you touch it? Can you explain how to hear a rainbow? If you can explain these to your friends; then you can explain what happened on the camping trip, for the ways of God are not the ways of man. How many times do I have to say this? Not all things are for all, for some things are only for you and your spirit.” At this point in time, I sense myself walking toward the Light of Jesus Christ, but I stopped, and not being able to walk any farther toward this Light. I sensed the Lord watching to see if I would crawl toward the Light. It is hard to explain this because… it’s like He is looking to see how far I will go to serve Him… or how far I would carry my cross? And the Scriptures that came to my mind as I spoke this into the tape recorder were:

972 01 October 1996
8:40 AM
They were playing church. This is the TRUTH: playing church is not the manner of God. I tell you the TRUTH! I tell you Exact! I tell you to the Point! It is not important to Me if you are a pastor, or if you are the person who cleans the bathrooms of the church. If you are playing church; you do not know Me and I do not know you. You have to read the Bible from the first page until the last page… ALL OF IT – Completely! How many times do I have to tell you the manner of God? You have to pick up your Cross, and walk seeking Christ, your King of Kings. Hurry – get up. Do what I have told you, if you want to save yourself in the manner of God. With Love I tell you the TRUTH. (over)
978 17 October 1996
10 PM

See also #1140 below
During prayer, the Lord showed me a large round light coming from the ground with people all around it, shoulder to shoulder, with their hands up praying and praising, as the light got brighter and brighter. As I kept looking at this circle of people, I noticed that there was something rising from the center of this 10-foot diameter light. As I waited patiently to see what it was; the people prayed more and more. Then this silver and gold Christmas tree began to rise slowly from the center of this white light. I could see that
the Christmas tree had a silver and gold cross on top of it. Then this cross changed into a thin and dark cross. Then the Lord gave me this Word: Since you pray, worship, and praise this Christmas tree; so shall you die; by this same tree. (over)

994 09 December 1996
8:45 PM

A vision of two kitchen faucets made into a cross with water coming out.

1018 05 March 1997

Then the next thing I see is a universal bearing, the kind that is on the end of a automobile’s drive shaft. The bearing that is in the shape of a cross with a small bearing on each of it’s four ends. (over)

17 May 1997
5:00 PM

Mt. Shasta North Altar Anointed on 17 May 1997 at 5:00 PM
We found the third site a side sandy road off of highway 97. We searched for stones and built the Altar on the North side of Mt. Shasta as we had done the other two sites with an opening on the top to hold the upside down bottle of Olive Oil. But at this Northern Altar the Lord instructed me to make a 6-foot Cross in the dirt in front of the Altar extending North. So I carved a large 6-foot dirt Cross with my shoe on the ground surface extending North. Then the Lord instructed me to walk around the Cross, and the Altar Three Times. So we started to walk around the Altar and Cross in a counter clockwise direction, and the Lord stopped us, and told us to walk around the Altar and Cross in a clockwise direction. After we had walked around the Altar and dirt Cross Three Times, the Lord said, “The Cross represents the Hammer that was going to be used to nail the coffin of Satan.”

1086 26 July 1997
8:17 PM

Message to Juan Lopex and Peter Sanchez – Argentina
Mister Juan Lopez, and Peter Sanchez, from Argentina. The Lord says, “Be careful, be righteous and the Lord will be with you. For
the cross that you bear will be lifted, but you must stay in prayer, and you must seek righteousness in the mind, and your spirit will reveal your blessing in the coming months, in the coming years.” (over)

1089 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

See also the following pages : light/star and stars – all
I kept having all kind of visions and things I do not understand. I had a vision of this white cross, and it was stuck into the ground upside down at an angle of 45 degrees. And this cave or the ground opened, and this white light came out, and the cross was forced in the ground upside down. (over) I can also see this large hole in the ground. It is much larger than a well hole. It looks like it is 50 feet in diameter. And in the center of this large hole I could see the Star of David. Now I see a rope extending down towards the hole.

1091 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

Now I see this large round black kettle full of water and on top of the water there is a black cross. This kettle reminds me of those large black kettles they use in cartoons where they place people inside and cooked and ate them. (over)

1092 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

I see a pole in a vertical position and it has a cross on top. It reminds me of a street sign with the street names on top. (over)

1140 28 December 1997
7:28 AM

See also #978 above
The Lord showed me a
Christmas tree and said, “Even though this Christmas tree is nailed onto a wooden cross. It is like the body of Christ, “The church of man”. It has no roots”. (over)

1187 06 August 1998

E-mail to the Prophecy e-mail list (read whole # please regarding e-mails from Bill and Mark)
I got three telephone messages from Mark yesterday seeking prayer. He did not sound too good in the tape recording. Mark is hosting the Alaskan mirror Prophecy web site. He had planned to visit me next week, but the spiritual warfare has increased so much he called me from Washington State thinking over his decision if he should visit me or not. He mentioned he might turn around and go back home. I still do not know if he is going to turn around and fly back to Alaska. He is half way here already. Then there is Bill, who is setting up the Australian Prophecy web site, he called me last week also with almost the same problem, SPIRITUAL WARFARE! They are beginning to get a taste of the reality of carrying that cross.

Remember what the Bible says:
Mat 10:37
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
Mat 10:38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
Mat 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

What is so sad and true most people will not carry their cross, but they do want those blessings and are the first in line to ask for them! Life is sure crazy! God bless you all.
yours in Christ,

1190 16 Auguts 1998
8:30 AM

Cross of satan – see also turned-around star – also mark of the beast – also upside down cross
In rely to
Bill request for prayer about Australia.
The Lord said:
The powers that be will come from farther north than Indonesia. (over)
Then the Lord said:
Beware of the crooked cross! For the crooked cross will dominate, will control what is righteous, what is of God. Remember the Ark will be placed at the appointed time. Jump on the Ark if you want to save yourselves! For the hour and the time is rapidly approaching the beginning of the antichrist. For the world has not seen terror, for the world has not seen violence; for the world has not seen evil until the antichrist takes over. Remember these Truths and Righteous Words , the Words of Jehovah, the Words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Words of the Holy Spirit!

1234 12 February 1999
10:00 PM

The Lord gave me an image of a clean White Beach with a White Candle in the air over the White Beach. Then the Lord said, “Go to the Beach!” (The White Candle represented Jesus standing over the Beach or the Body of Christ.) This made me think of the scriptures about the sand.

From King James Bible:
Gen 22:17
That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;
Gen 32:12 And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good, and make thy seed as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.

Then this White Candle changed into Jesus Christ walking along the sand. At one point I could see His footsteps make impressions on the sand. Each grain of sand was a Christian. The Lord was showing me that these foot impressions were His callings on individual believers or the burdens He had placed on believers carrying their cross. By Him making the foot impression on the grains of sand, also meant He was their covering. Then Ron mentioned the scripture:

2 Tim 3:12
Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
2 Tim 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

1235 19 February 1999

This morning I decided to go and purchase the Airline tickets for the Europe Mission trip, I was leaving on the 15 th of March, even though I did not have the $3500 or so dollars for the Ukraine part of the trip. But my morning started with a telephone call from my mother. I tried to listen to her, but all that was on my mind was Europe. Then for some reason my mother asked me about the Europe trip. I have been trying not to speak to her about it for she does not want me to go. Well, she began by asking me, “What are you going to do if I or your father get sick or even die while you are gone?” Even though my mother deeply Loves the Lord, she does not believe that I do. Well, I said to her, I had to go because the Lord told me to go. This she totally did not understand. So I dropped the subject, for I did not want her to find out I was going without enough money for room and board or even food in Kiev, Ukraine. Well, this really set my mood for purchasing my European airline tickets. After her call I did wonder if I was doing the right thing for my daughter was also going to have cancer surgery in the beginning of March.

Then the scripture, Mat 10:34-41 came to my mind.
From the King James Bible:
Mat 10:34
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
Mat 10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. Mat 10:36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
Mat 10:37
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
Mat 10:38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
Mat 10:39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
Mat 10:40 He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.
Mat 10:41 He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.

Well, after remembering the scripture above I decided I had to proceed forward at all costs. So I decided to take the Bart train to San Francisco since I am going to have to get used to trains in Europe. So prayed for a reason for the European Mission trip on the way to the City and the Lord gave me the scripture of Amos 3:3-7.

From the King James Bible:
Amos 3:3
Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Amos 3:4 Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his den, if he have taken nothing?
Amos 3:5 Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him? shall one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all?
Amos 3:6 Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?
Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

1281 22 March 1999
8:25 AM

Reymundo, My Prophet is following the path. He is a willing vessel. He doesn’t like it! But he is willing. I make him do things he doesn’t want to do. I make him enjoy things he doesn’t want to do. But he does it! With a tear in his eye, with a broken heart, he obeys. People of this world do not understand the ways of God. People of this world want their ears tickled. The people of this world want it easy. My Son Died on the cross. He suffered and died because He was a willing vessel not because it felt good, because it was easy. He suffered because He Loved Me. Reymundo is suffering because he loves Me. He gets confused, but he is a willing vessel. Remember – My Words. “What will be, will be.” But the unwilling vessel will be  crushed, will be smashed, with the vengeance of God.

1309 10 April 1999
11:37 AM

During prayer the Lord gave me an image of Jesus Christ standing high in the clouds or Heaven looking down at the planet earth. (over)
I keep seeing in the spirit an image of Christ on the Cross. (over)
Note: Tomorrow, I am going to a Russian Orthodox Easter Dinner at Irene’s house. (over)

1313 14 April 1999
2:30 PM

The Lord said, “Here comes the upside down cross”. (over)

1350 02 July 1999
10 PM

A vision of a cross being erected with someone on it. The cross was in the shape of the letter “T”. I could see ropes tied to it and being pulled as the cross was being set in place.
Then I saw a vision of the Foot of God coming down from Heaven and stepping on top of a wooden cross and shattering it to pieces as it was driven into the ground.
Then I saw another vision of a cross. This one was in the shape of the traditional looking cross. It was smaller and again the Foot of God came down except this time the cross was driven completely into the ground.

1357 29 July 1999
1:15 AM
Now I can see high into a strange looking sky. For some reason I keep thinking about how the veil was torn in the Temple, when Christ died on the Cross. The sky seems to just open up and then this White Light appears. (over)
1380 29 July
7:40 PM

A vision of someone on a cross and a large animal came by and bit the person on the left thigh and left a big hole in the leg. And then a pair of Hands from Heaven came down and placed the Hands over the bitten area and the leg was healed. But the man was still left on the cross. (over)

1391 02 August 1999
7 PM

The three of us headed for Mt. Tabor (the Mount of Transfiguration). We found the church at the Mount of Transfiguration locked up for the day. So we prayed and had Communion at a picnic table outside of the church.
During our prayer, I saw in the spirit a column of circular flames 1 1/2 ft. in diameter, six to seven feet high, I could see this flame spinning as it stood over a small area near the picnic table.
Then I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Come” “Come, and bring the bottle of wine and Anoint around the column”.
Then I saw an upside down symbol of the letter “Omega”.
Then this flaming column changed into a cross.
After we had Anointed the ground around the flaming column the Lord said, “Leave the bottle there”.
During this time the three of us were holding hands in a circle around where the spiritual flame stood. The next Words that the Lord said shocked me so much that I decided not to tell Carl and Mark, but I was so convicted that I decided to tell them anyway. So I took a deep breath and told them what the Lord had said, “I’m going to take one of you”. For a long time later no one said much and everything went in a quiet mode. We were all wondering what the Lord had meant when He said He was going to take one of us. We talked about it later, but this uncertain feeling fell upon all of us.

1399 07 August 1999
8:05 PM

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of the area where I had seen these Angels around us a few days prior. He instructed me to Anoint this area with oil. When I first saw the vision again, what came to my mind was “Why this area?” This was an area that went nowhere. By the looks of it, it was a staircase that went nowhere. They led up to the existing wall (the wall that goes around the Old City of Jerusalem). The Turks had built it hundreds of years after Christ.

The Lord said, “Place a cross of oil on each side of these steps and connect each cross with a bead or line of oil. This is going to choke the devil.” The devil said, “Why are you doing this?” Then the Lord said, “I am going to break the chains!” (over)

1400 07 August 1999
10:15 PM

During prayer the Lord said, “What went up will come back down!”
Then I was given a vis ion of a Bright Light. And two Menorahs were facing this White Light.
Then I was given a vision of the United Nations Flag crossed with the United States Flag. They made an X in the air. (over)

1410 28 August 1999

I am going to need more prayers through these hard times, because I am going to try and begin to type the new material again. I guess it is time to carry my cross and follow the Lord, even if it hurts. Come to think about it – I have been getting e-mail and a letter from a few brothers, who wrote to me that the Lord told them to send me something extra. I found their letters strange and wrote them back telling them I was all right. Maybe I am not all right and I do not even know it!

1438 08 January 200
1:30 PM

Scriptures from KJV Bible
1 Cor 1:18
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
1 Cor 1:19
For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
1 Cor 1:20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
1 Cor 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
1 Cor 1:22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
1 Cor 1:23
But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;
1 Cor 1:24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
1 Cor 1:25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
1 Cor 1:26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
1 Cor 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
1 Cor 1:28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
1 Cor 1:29
That no flesh should glory in his presence.
1 Cor 1:30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
1 Cor 1:31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

1458 17 February 2000
12:45 AM

The Lord showed me a bull’s head with long horns and a pair of black lungs. I believe it is something demonic.
Then I saw a vision of a star with a circle around it.
Then I saw a frog that stuck its tongue out and caught a fly.
Then I saw a crown, the kind a king would wear. The crown had a little cross on top of it.
Then a vision of a claw of an eagle or some kind of predator bird.

1475 06 March 2000
1:30 AM

During prayer the Lord said, “Thomas, Thomas…” over and over for about 3 minutes and during this prayer the Lord showed me a vision of the German swastika (cross).

1518 29 June 2000
8:45 PM
South American Anointing Mission Trip
One night Carl and I went out for a walk and to search for a place to eat.  We started walking along the beach until we ran out of beach.  The beach came to an end and started again on the other side of this commercial area.  As we proceeded through this commercial district in search for a restaurant, we began to hear loud Christian music.  At first we stopped in front of this church, where the music was coming from, then we proceeded to walk away, but for some reason, we stopped and we returned and went into this church.  This large church was very packed and we found two seats in the back of the church.  I could really sense the power of the Holy Spirit as the spirit-filled music, filled the church.  At first I could not tell the denomination of the church, but I sensed it was like a Catholic Church, but I could not see any of the usual crosses and statues that one sees in a Catholic Church.
1524 05 July 2000
11:30 AM

I saw a round cylinder, which was flat and round on top (quite large, like a building, but I am not sure). Then a long horizontal blade came down and cut deeply into the top surface, first one way, then another, forming a cross.

1526 05 July 2000
6 PM

While we were at Brasilia’s communication tower on the top view platform, the Lord said, “Pour the oil in the direction of the sun going down.”
Then Carl showed me a round, cylindrical tank (It looked like my earlier vision of a tank being cut into a cross).

1619 04 May 2001
9:15 PM

The day of the Passover is here. Those who pass over will be with Me. Those that are left behind will go with him. Remember the Blood. Remember the Cross. Remember the Communion.
The time of My Coming is upon you with a vengeance. It is here to clean-up the church. It is here to clean-up the devil. Either you are for Me or you are against Me! There is no middle ground. The Power and Might of the Holy Spirit will engulf this planet with the vengeance of the Father, with the vengeance of the Son, with the vengeance of Jesus Christ. So be it! So be it! So be it!

1622 07 May 2001
5 PM

Christ sculpture in front of Ray’s house – that Ray made
I have placed the full photograph of the Christ sculpture that appeared in one of our major newspapers on this web site. Unfortunately they did not write down the whole story behind the sculptures. The truth behind this newspaper article was this:
During this period in my life I was trying to make as many sculptures as possible. I was not really a practicing Christian at all. I guess I was more into the world. I do not remember why, but
I decided to do a religious sculpture. So I went to my father’s house and cut down two large branches from one of the trees on the side of his house. I took the branches to school where I was using their sculpture room to do most of my artwork.
I stripped all the leaves and waited for three months for the branches to dry. Then
I fastened them together into a large cross and erected it vertically and placed it on top of the concrete floor. Then four months later, as I was trying to design the Christ onto the tree branches, I noticed small buds that were growing on the branches. I remember I kept cleaning them off over and over, but they kept coming back each time I removed them. Then this one time as I was speaking to Roman, the young man who was modeling for the Jesus’ sculpture, I told him about the buds.
He said, “Why don’t you let them grow and see what happens.”
So as the months went by
the branches grew and grew until they were about two to three feet high. By this time everyone in the College was coming by the art studio to look at this unusual sight. I had asked the local Catholic Church if I could display it on their church grounds and they said, “Yes”. The sculptures were moved onto the church the day before Ash Wednesday. Then on Ash Wednesday all the branches died. Then later the local newspapers picked it up, and they placed photographs of it in their newspapers after all the figures were finished and setup. The sculptures were on display for about three months in the center of El Sobrante.
To see a copy of the newspaper article Click here!

1650 07 May 2001
5 PM
I am not saying that you cannot defend yourself. I am not saying there are not temptations out there. You must protect yourselves. But you have to have faith, you have to have trust in the Lord. Remember My Son – He died on the Cross for you. He sacrificed Himself through the shedding of His Blood. All He ever asked you is to obey the Father, to obey Him, to obey the Holy Spirit.
1658 31 October 2001
1:40 AM
Did you hear how much money the Red Cross collected?  Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and here you are struggling just to make things (ends) meet.  And yet Reymundo the Words you have sent out are going to do more healing, they are going to do more than the Red Cross has ever done – you with your little computer, and your little tape recorder, with your prayers.  I know it is a lonely job.  I know the funds are short, but I know your heart is big and I know that you are focused even when you do not think you are not focused.  But everything that I have told you will happen, exactly to the point, to the letter.
The end is coming.  All these plans of all these people mean nothing.  Only what your Lord Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit say – is what is important!  People do not understand that, because they do not know God.  They have God in a box and they control the box.  They control what their god does, does not do.  What he can do.  What he won’t do.  They will be sadly mistaken when the God of the universe, the God of all destroys their box

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