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68 28 May 1992
2:15 AM

I want you to listen, to discern, to judge, to judge and dissect every Prophecy. To dissect and discern every Prophecy, for the Word of God Jehovah is Truth – Righteous without Fault. It is the Word of God. Prophecy is not a thing you play with, for your amusement, for your own Self-Gratification. It is not looking for signs in crystals.

For when you play with the devil you live with the devil. I will have no mercy – I will have no mercy of any kind for those with the Mark of the Beast. I will have no mercy on you crystal watchers, you that look to the signs in the sky, you astrologers. See if those signs in the Sky, the setting of the Moon, and the Sun will save you from My Wrath.

I am speaking to you firmly as a Father. For what I say will be done, for no man, no astrologer, no positive thinking, no crystal, nothing that you idolize, whether its a car, or boat, or a house, or a job, or a wife, or a son, none of these things will save you. The only Salvation you have is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, My Only Begotten Son.

1302 5 April 1999
8:40 AM

The Lord gave the Book of Isaiah Chapter 47 – read
Re scorceries, star gazers, monthly prognosticators, enchantments, astrologers

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