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6 6 August 1990
3:00 AM

Ray had experienced and is still experiencing attacks from demonic forces and reason why you have to read all the Prophecies.   I would never thought that a demon could call you on the phone – another good example was when – a “physical” person touched Ray and he got sick because it was a demon (prince of darkness).  I heard stories (in South Africa) from other people as well, that demons appear as “physical” persons, even as children – wake up people of the world,  they are real – It also seems that if they touch you, you become ill.
I started reading the Bible from beginning (Dec 2001) – just read :
Gen 6:1-6 (fallen angels) versus GOD’s Angels in Gen 19 (in Sodom & Gomorrah – also appeared in person – feet washed, ate food, etc) – see also Rev 9 about the locusts (evil spirits).
I now want to add that since 1 January 2002 God granted me by His Will to see in the spirit world and I can see these demonic things in the sky, around my house and even in my house – I was very scared in the beginning – God taught me to anoint myself with oil, pray the Blood of Jesus over myself and to trust in Him alone for protection. He said the He did not give us a spirit of fear (Rom 8:15,16 & 2 Tim 1:7).  I will add a page at a later stage describing all the things I see.

Please read whole #
It’s one of those sensations you have, when you know someone is in your house, but you can’t see or hear anything, but you know someone is there. I didn’t see it come up the steps, for my bedroom door as closed and locked, but as I looked toward my locked bedroom door, I saw these two black shadows walk through the locked door. One was in the shape of a man and the other was the shape of a small animal. I just laid there, and I watched these two dark black shadows move toward the foot of my bed. What was so unusual, was that they were dark black shadows, not people, and my room was dark, but I still could see them. I cannot explain how I could see dark black shadows in a dark room, but I could. Then as the man shadow figure stood there and watched, this small shadow crawled under my covers and wrapped itself around my feet, then it proceeded to crawl and slither under the blankets toward my face next to my body. At first I thought it was my son Steven at the foot of the bed for he sometimes comes in to get some clothes or towels. But as I laid there watching my blankets move up and down and move toward my face, I thought it was Leroy our dog, and since I didn’t want any fleas in my bed, I said in a mean voice, “Leroy how did you get up here?”, as it was slithering up toward my head. I said it again, “How did you get up here?” I reached over to touch him, but there wasn’t anything there, the blankets just collapsed into nothing. I didn’t know what to do. So I reached over and grabbed my Bible, which was next to my bed and placed it over the spot where this thing disappeared under my blankets. But the shadow that was in the shape of a man just stood at the foot of the bed watching, and then disappeared when the small shadow left. Maybe I was stupid, or in total shock, for after I placed the Bible on top of my bed, I went back to sleep. I cannot explain it, but I felt safe after I had laid the Bible on top of this empty spot. That’s all.

12 06 December 1990

Yeah, Yeah, even the elders of the church are demons, are demons. Beware, beware. Do not listen to everything they say. For they speak for Satan. They speak for Satan. They speak with a forked tongue. They speak with a forked tongue. 

33 21 January 1991

But listen. Listen. I am listening to you with the Love of My Heart – with the love of My Heart. Man, if you only could understand – if you could only understand. My Son (Jesus), My Son, My Son is there. He’s there with you. He’s doing battle now. He is fighting the war. He is fighting the demons. He’s fighting Satan.

34 22 January 1991 Ray experiencing demonic voices talking to him – reason to test the spirits and to rebuke them if not from God – read also about Pastor X – read whole # and also Heb 5:14/1Joh 4:1-3, 6

“Keep testing the spirits, Ray. Keep testing the spirit for you are going to be under attack.
They are going to try to mislead you so you go the wrong way, but listen to Me, Ray. Listen to Me, open your ears, and your eyes. For this is Jehovah talking to you, Ray.”

“You know what happened today with the Pastor. It’s not Pastor X’s fault. It’s not Pastor X’s fault. He is being influenced by outside forces, but you have to remember, Ray, he is the leader of My Flock there. He is the leader of My Flock there, but listen to him, but don’t do as he does. He has an ego problem! He has a big chest and too much vanity. He is insecure. He has a lot of good wisdom, but he came against Me tonight. He let his pride over take him. He let his hard head take over.”

70 30 May 1992
3:23 AM

For there are so many demonic forces out there, it would make your Head Spin. Some of you are going to be scared, just by listening to what I am saying at this very moment, but that is the reality. You pastors are so ill equipped. You haven’t the foggiest idea of what a demon is. You’re looking for middle class solutions to a spirit. You think you can solve them by sending them to an analyst, when the analyst himself – might be possessed by a spirit.

82 08 June 1992
7:34 PM

I know you’re still worried, but that’s where Faith comes in Ray. You have to have the Faith. You have to trust Me, but I am going to give you some Gifts that you can use to protect yourself, when you get attacked by certain Theologians, certain Christians, certain New Agers, certain Witches, certain Demons. For I know you have been Battling on an hour to hour basis with Demonic Forces, for the last three years.

102 22 June 1992
12:51 AM

That was a demon that called you on the phone. They were mad because you gave the Prophecies to your pastor but there is nothing they can do, not a thing. You’re in My Hands. What your pastor does isn’t of any importance to you. For what he does is between him and Me, whether he is obedient or whether he isn’t? He is now accountable to Me because I gave him My Word, and if he closes his eyes and ears then I will deal with it. It’s not your problem. It’s Mine and I don’t have problems. I take care of everything in due time.

118 26 June 1992
9:32 PM

For Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe of the Heavens, of the Stars, of everything, is bringing this Planet to a close. You, your families of demons, and Satan worshippers, you witches, you new Agers, you positive thinkers, all you abominations to your Lord Jehovah, are going to wrapped up and thrown in the Pit of Hell without mercy. This Planet is going to be shook up beyond your belief, and see if your god can save you. For you all will wind up in the same Place, at the same time with all your Brothers and Sisters of Evil.

166 23 July 1992
12:15 PM

This is not whole #  – read on Africa page

I just had an image of Africa, the continent of Africa.
Beware of Africa, for it will explode with violence and tribulations. For the fears of the Black Nations will become true and evident that the devil is strong. The devil will roam like a wild lion trying to eat and devour anything and everything that moves, that’s righteous, that is clean, that is pure, that is of God.
Beware of the continent of Africa for the violence of that continent will spread like a wild fire from the North to the South, from the East to the West. Violence and terror that the World has never seen or heard of before. For the demonic forces are strong in Africa and they are on the loose, but the intensity of the demonic forces will increase as the hour of the Ark approaches. 
So beware My Saints, My Sheep, My Lambs, that are in Africa.
The missionaries, the people who live in the middle of no where, that are surrounded by the enemy, the devils, the demons, make yourselves strong, be brave. For the hour has come that
the roaring lion will devour and maim anything that moves, that is righteous, that is pure, that is clean, from the North, from the South, from the East, from the West.  

254 17 December 1992
9:59 AM

Please read whole #254 – 5 pd star – satanic star / pentagram (as well as 6 ptd star) mentioned here

267 19 January 1993
12:06 AM

You know what, I am going to show you the things that you need to know. For here comes the devil with his teeth. You have to hear Me! You have to open your ears and eyes, and point your nose toward Heaven. The Meat of the Body of God, of Jesus is Very Sweet, and the devil has a hunger for the things that are sweet. I want you to arm yourself. I know that you don’t understand what I am telling you now. For you don’t study the Bible, and you don’t know what to believe, but what you’re fighting in the War, you cannot see, you cannot touch. You’re in the War of the spirits. The spirits of the devil, and if you want to win, you have to learn the Word of God, and in that way you have a chance. For the spirits it’s not important what they use to kill you, to use on top of your head, on top of your body. All that is bad comes from the dark spirits, the spirits of the devil. They don’t want you to study the Bible. For if you open the Book, and you read and study, they know they don’t have a chance. But if they can fool you, if they can scare you in that way they win. For you didn’t open that Book of the Word of your God. But you have to arm yourself everyday with the Word of God. When you sense the dark spirits around you, throw them the Words of God. Throw them to the Point, and Straight with the Force of the Holy Spirit with the Nerve of your God, the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. For in that way you can save yourself and you can make yourself valiant. For all that know My Son Jesus, your Christ, have to Arm themselves with the Word of God. For the things of the dark spirit are not the things you can play with. Those things are very serious, are all the things that are bad. They can kill you if you don’t use the Word of God. Study and show your brother and sister, your son and your daughter, everyone you know. And in that way they can save themselves. For you cannot see them, you cannot touch them and there they are around you, using everything they can to scare you. For they want to eat you. They want to take you to the Pit with them. For they have already lost the chance they had. And now they want to take everyone that they can take in the manner of the devil. Don’t get scared of what I am telling you. For I am telling you in seriousness and I am telling you the truth. I don’t want you to get lost. I don’t want you to bury your head under the sand, if you want to save yourself. For I want to save you with the Love of Heaven, with the Love of My Son Jesus, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. I am telling you the truth. For if you are My Sheep, My Seed you will hear Me and you will do what I tell you. For you have the Love of your God. The One who made everything, the World, the Stars, all that you see, all that you touch, and all that you don’t see. Arm yourself, Arm yourself with the Word of God. Did you hear Me? This is your Father the One who made everything with My Word and the Holy Spirit. Here comes the end. I don’t want to scare you, but I have to tell you the truth. For in that way you can save yourself. You cannot save yourself if I Lie to you. For all that comes from God of Heaven is Clean and is Correct and is to the Point. There are many black spirits that want to do evil for everything you do. Are you understanding what I am telling you? I want to give you the chance. I want to give you the chance to live in Heaven with Me.  But if you make yourself deaf the devil is going to eat you and that is the truth. I tell you with the Love of Heaven, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. I know that this minute, you can’t think. You are very sad, for you cannot understand what I am telling you, but it is the truth. You know it is the truth. I will see you, My son and My daughter make yourself strong, for I don’t like, and don’t want you to suffer. I will take you to Heaven, I will Hug you and Kiss you, for here comes the time of the end. I tell you with tears, the things of the spirit, of the dark spirit, of the black spirit, of all that is bad and filthy. I will see you, and I will tell you more Words of your God in the days that are coming. I will tell you with Love for you are My Sheep. Study, do it, for your Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

294 19 February 1993
10:36 AM

I see an image of a man. I don’t know if he is a devil or a man. If it is a man, he is wearing a mask, or a head of some sort of a goat or dog. He is standing in front of something. He is holding a three-month-old child in the air, and I believe he is going to sacrifice it.

295 19 February 1993
3:48 PM

Message to Ray – read whole # on Ray’s website

This is the Word of your God, your Father. Right now, this minute, you are in the middle of a War that is very evil. It’s so evil you wouldn’t believe what is happening. That’s why I am not telling you what is happening, or giving a vision of what is happening, for everything is filthy in the black spirits around you. They want to kill you. They want to eat you. They are throwing everything, all the strong evil spirits are around you. But don’t worry, for I have My Angels around you, and no one is going to hit you. No one is going to do a thing. I will fix everything that the devil uses.

322 04 May 1993
12:57 PM

It has arrived, your wife, your family. You know what is going to happen because I told you in the other Prophecies. You have to watch the confirmations.  You have to open your eyes and your ears, for it has arrived, the day of suffering in the world. For the devil released all the filthy ones, all the black spirits, and they are eating and filling their stomachs with all that is bad.

343 03 September 1993
9:00 PM

While my prayer partner and I were praying, after having Communion, the Presence of the Lord appeared in the spirit. Somehow without warning, I found myself surrounded by thousands and thousands of demonic dark figures. I had a sword in my hands and it was extended, and a dark figure, a demon had his sword extended. We both were standing in this open field with our swords touching each other and crossed ready to fight. I quickly looked at my surroundings and saw five or six Angels behind me in the middle of all these dark creatures. I looked to the right, the left and above. And on this platform to my right, I saw Satan sitting on a chair looking down at me as if this were a sports arena for this potential battle or exhibition which was about to begin. I had a strong sense that this was going to be a sport for them. I looked at Satan and said, “I’m not here to entertain you. I am here to give you a message.” Then without warning I took my sword and swung it and hacked the body of this dark creature in two that was in front of me like it was a piece of butter. I had no fear in the slightest. I sensed and felt the authority of God with me, and that it was the thing to do. The next thing I sensed was the Presence of Jesus Christ. I don’t know how to explain it in the flesh of what really happened, but I’ll try. “The Power, the Force, and the Glory” of Jesus Christ of Nazareth flowed through me as I was standing in the midst of these dark figures with the handful of Angels that were behind me. While this was happening my prayer partner kept on praying. I sensed an incredible Force flowing through me. I just kept saying the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in my mind over and over as my body turned in a circle speaking in tongues. I could see the dark figures fall to the ground and literally shake and place their hands over their ears and scream in pain. Just hearing the tongue language and me saying the Name of Jesus Christ in my mind TOTALLY frightened them. I could see them all down on their knees shaking or flat on the ground screaming and wailing, even Satan. I have no idea what Christ said through me in tongues, but it came out with POWER, AUTHORITY and to the POINT. As my body turned, it felt like I had a machine gun and was shooting with invincible Power. I sensed COMPLETE control as they all, even Satan, fell, except for the Angelic Angels and me. They were all on the ground trembling and shaking in complete terror.

374 11 October 1993
10:30 AM

I keep seeing this demonic face. I see his whole body and it is wearing a bright green dress. It looks like the dress my special female friend wore to a wedding a few years ago. I can see this demon standing outside on my deck looking into the house through the glass sliding door. I am also seeing things that I can not identify.

378 14 October 1993
7:30 PM

I was in church praying and I started to have a vision of an Army of God’s Angels and his intercessors. They were both lined up, side by side, for miles. And on top of this hill I could see demonic forces lined up for miles, side by side, and facing the line of God’s Angels and intercessors as far as the spiritual eye could see. I was seeing this during my prayer time during worship in church. I could see myself in this formation line sitting next to other intercessors and Angels as we faced these demonic forces on this hill waiting for orders, and for the Spiritual battle to begin. My prayer language was fairly steady and nothing was happening in the spirit except for the two spiritual forces facing each other, everyone was just waiting. Then the rush began and the demonic forces started charging down this hill in the spirit toward the Angelic line. I could see the two forces come together with a tremendous powerful force, but somehow my prayer language stayed in the same rhythm. There were no battle cries in tongues. For I expected my usual Japanese samurai tongue to kick in (the label that the group of men around me have labeled this type of spiritual warfare tongue), as it has done so many times in the past, but my prayer language just remained steady, and in rhythm. Somehow, I sensed in the spirit, and could see the shields of these five or six Angels (these were the same Angels that were behind me in the #343 Occurrence earlier where Satan was watching me in this  arena). These same Angels completely surrounded me as my prayer language just stayed at a steady rhythm. I could see in the spirit what was going on around me in the battle, with this incredible Force against force, but these five or six Angels with their shields up just stayed there all around me and protected me from every possible angle and didn’t move from their positions. As My Angelic Bodyguards stood around me, I just prayed in this steady rhythm. This went on for twenty minutes during the praise music in church. 

404 07 February 1994

My friend drove and found a place to camp approximately an hour outside the Utah border. We decided to camp there for the evening since it was about 1 AM. So we camped inside the truck. During prayer, that early morning, I saw a vision of six figures in a circle, they looked like American Indians by appearance, and they were spiritual. As I watched the six figures, they started summoning or calling an angel of death to come after us. When I realized this I went into prayer, and their curses were neutralized by the Lord. What they were calling looked like a bird of some kind and it had a long neck that resembled the end of a pencil eraser with two eyes and a black body. I could see it flying in our direction and flying in a stalking pattern like what an eagle would do.

433 14 April 1994
7:30 PM

In my evening church service, during prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of a round sphere with lines around it. It reminded me of a soccer ball, but the bottom of the sphere couldn’t be seen, but underneath was the pitched roof of a house of some kind. The sphere was much larger than the roof.The prayer really got intense during the worship, for my body started to perspire and I could sense the Presence of the Lord. I asked the Lord for another confirmation to this Toronto mission. The Lord said, “What was revealed to your Christian Brother was correct, the enemy is going to try to stop the spiritual war in the area of Toronto, Canada. There are going to be two demonic aerial attacks from the air.” Then, He showed me two grey colored jet planes flying. He said, “They represent two aerial assaults. They are going to try to quench the war in Toronto.” Then He said, “Go” Then He showed me a white jet going in the direction of these two grey colored jets. “You are going into the war,” He said, “Stand in the gap, but I am going to send one other and He is going to be doing the same thing, but it won’t be the Christian Brother going with you.” 

451 May 1994

I see an enormous star levitated off the ground with a platform or stage below it with white hooded men on the stage.

507 25 July 1994
8:10 PM

This takes place in America – elephant refers to Republican party – own view

During prayer I had a vision of
a large tall white triangle. This white triangle looks as tall as a forty or fifty story building. It is much higher than at the base. I can see many thousands of dark figures at the base of the triangle. Some distance from the white triangle I see a group of dark figures gathering around some sort of altar. I sense something blasphemous. It reminds me of what Moses might have seen when he came down from the mountain after receiving the commandments from God. I can see this altar with dark figures around it. They seem to be doing something, but I am too far off in the spirit to see just what is going on. There seem to be maybe fifteen to twenty thousand dark figures all over this small valley or arena. Now, I see this elephant walking out over this embankment carrying something with some figures walking behind it. I keep thinking or sensing in the spirit that this is an evil ritual or something very blasphemous to the Lord. For some reason I believe the triangle is the Lord.

509 26 July 1994
3:58 PM

The end has arrived; the Ark has arrived. It has arrived the Word of My Son, the Word of your Father, the Word of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of Forces. If you don’t hear Me with your ears clearly and to the point, you are going to suffer. You are going to suffer for many days, many years, you and your family. Tell everyone that it has arrived, “The end of the world.” But tell them not to worry for there is your God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with the Force of Force. I tell you the truth. Open your ears and eyes, and look at the signs of the world, the signs of the Bible, and the signs of signs. It has arrived, the horn of the world, it has arrived… the devil of devils. And you’re not going to do what you want when he arrives. For he is going to make himself the king of the world in the flesh. But My Son is going to come and He is going to hit him like a fly with everyone who likes this man. For that’s all that he is, one man, with the devil of devils.

548 06 September 1994
5:07 PM

Only part of # – read whole # on Ray’s website

He is very unclear the body of the devil. Yes Reymundo! He is very unclear, the body of the devil. He says many things, with his hands, with his eyes. Yes, the lips of the devil are painted black and everything is unclear. For he wants to fool you. He doesn’t want you to point your nose toward Heaven. He’ll give you things. He will give you things with unclear eyes. For if he has you in this place with unclear eyes, in that way, he can cut your throat. Because you don’t know; for you can’t see. Yes! Then he takes mud in his hands and makes two balls, and he places them into your ears. Yes! Then you won’t be able to hear the Word of God CLEARLY, with clear eyes, so you can save yourself. For he wants to cut your throat.

You believe you know so much. Like I told you before, you are dumb. There he is ordering you into the corral, and on the other end of the corral there are the demons with hatches to cut your throat. And you with your dumb mind, you run after the rest that are dumb, looking for the things of the world, and laughing from one ear to the other. But you don’t know that in the next minute; you’re not going to have a throat; you are not going to have a head; you’re not going to be alive.

570 19 September 1994
9:15 AM

It is there, the problems of the world with the force of the devil. It’s all there all the filth, all the bad, all of the pit. Yes! It has arrived the problems of the world. Oh, oh, oh! In Guatemala, in the country of Guatemala they are going to see the problems of the devil. For the man of Costa Rica, is going to go to Guatemala with the force of the soldiers, with the force of everything that is of the devil. Watch yourself in Guatemala for here comes the man from Costa Rica to Guatemala. Yes! Here comes the dead of the Body. Yes! Here comes all that is black of the spirits. For the men of the world have the hunger of blood. They don’t care what they kill or how many they kill. That’s the way it’s going to happen in the coming days in Guatemala. It has arrived; the fever of the devil. It has arrived, all that I told you in the Bible. Remember! Study the Bible with the Fever of your Father of Heaven, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. For it has arrived the day that you’re going to have to hide. For the dogs are looking for you. Yes! I tell you with tears. I tell you the advice from Heaven.

816 06 October 1995
8:30 PM

Then the image stopped and another image appeared. I saw many black figures carrying spears and five or six of these figures were carrying a lamb levitated ten or twelve feet in the air has they walked. There must of begin fifty or sixty figures in the group has they walked carrying this pierced lamb. 

862 09 February 1996
8:30 PM

See also Mexico for alligator – own view

During prayer the Lord showed a couple of demonic figures holding an alligator off the ground and on it’s side and there was a demon biting into its neck.

889 02 April 1996
9:40 PM

Bible verses re Leviathan : Job 41:1 / Ps 74:14 ; 104:26 / Is 27:1 -see also # 1023 & 1342 –  own view

Leviathan, here comes leviathan, with the moist meat, with everything that is filthy. Leviathan has arrived. My sons and daughters of the world, I know that you are seeking Me. I know that you seek Me here and there. Where you work, with your friends, in the churches, with your husband and your wife, you seek Me everywhere, but I am there in front of your nose. You can reach out your hand, and you can touch Me.

978 17 October 1995
10 PM

Then the next vision, the Lord showed me four demons holding a body over their heads. This body was wrapped in white and was placed on some kind of high altar.

981 22 October 1996
11:44 PM

Rev 9:3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.
Rev 9:4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
Rev 9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.
Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. 
Rev 9:7
And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men. 
Rev 9:8
And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.
Rev 9:9 And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.
Rev 9:10 And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months. 
Rev 9:11
And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless
pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

1023 19 March 1997
8:06 AM

Bible verses re Leviathan : Job 41:1 / Ps 74:14 ; 104:26 / Is 27:1 -see also # 889 & 1342 –  own view

During prayer, the Lord gave me a
vision of the Red Sea and how He parted the waters. The Lord showed me His finger as it went over the water and parted the Red Sea (where Moses crossed). Then beneath this area He showed me this enormous mouth with teeth, and the Lord said it was the mouth of Leviathan. How the mouth was ready to eat the soldiers that were after Moses.(over)

1029  14 April 1997
5:30 PM

I sent the last prophecy a few hours ago to the people on our e-mail list. Afterwards I felt so exhausted, I felt I had worked 20 hours straight without resting. So I decided to lay down and rest. During my nap, I felt this powerful demonic attack, and I awoke more exhausted than before I had laid down. Then my daughter yells up to me and told me that the patio double pane glass door was slowly shattering. So I went downstairs and looked at the slowly shattering patio door and realized the devil attacked the house, and only broke the outside pane. I photographed the glass patio door, and I will place the photo on the web site. As you will be able to see from the photograph; the glass door is in the shade not in direct sun light. Here is another expense I do not have the money to fix. 

1083 26 July 1997
1:45 AM

Just because the rabbit can go in his hole and hide, does not mean I do not know where he is at! You sinners, you pagans, you idol worshippers, you satan worshippers, your time has come! The day of vengeance is here! So saith Jehovah! You were warned, and you were warned, and you closed your eyes and your ears and you denied My Presence! You denied My Word. So by that Word, you will be Judged without mercy.

1235 19 February 1999

See #1236
After we finished eating, I began to tell Jerry about my mother and father on how they are so dedicated to the Lord, when this very
strange looking person walked into the restaurant. He proceeded directly to me and said hello as if he knew me. He asked me how I was doing. I said I was doing OK. Then he left. Well I could sense Jerry was a little nervous. This man did not look like a normal type of street person you see in the streets. He was a tall black man wearing normal clothes, but what made him look so unusual was his hair. His hair was covered over or imbedded in some kind ceramic stone like material. Almost as if his head was placed inside a ceramic oven and his 90% ceramic (baker’s dough looking) hair was made hard with 10% of his normal looking hair coming in and out of this ceramic looking stuff. As I watched him I kept wondering how did he get his hair into the solid looking material. Well, he came out of the restroom and came directly to me again and asked how I was doing again, but this time he touched one of my feet, which were out and on top of the bench and extending into the walkway. Then he walked back into the restroom again. Now I sensed Jerry was really getting nervous, so he got up and went to get a refill for his drink. I could sense this was a dark spiritual matter, but I did not know what to do. Jerry returned and he asked me what are we going to do. “Should we give him some money?” He asked! I said to him let’s leave for this is a spiritual matter and I implied that this was not a money matter. So we left. Well, Jerry and I decide to go to his house and watch some television or go to another movie later that night for it was still early. As I walked up Jerry’s driveway, I suddenly felt ill. I told Jerry I had to use his restroom. So for about 45 minutes I was sick in the bathroom. Then I returned, and Jerry and I watched some television, and then I went home.


20 February 1999


See #1235
It was a prince of darkness, Reymundo. They do not want you to go to Europe. That is why he was taunting you. That is why you got sick, because he touched you. Everything will go well. You will be, and you will touch all that is right. And you will bind, and you will rebuke all that is wrong. The timing is of the Lord! The money is of the Lord! The battle is of the Lord! Just go – go to Europe. Go do the Work of God. I will give you the peace. I will give you the tranquillity.


16 June 1999
9:30 PM


Bible verses re Leviathan : Job 41:1 / Ps 74:14 ; 104:26 / Is 27:1 -see also # 889 & 1023 –  own view

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of
some sort large round cave or pit.
Then the Lord said, that inside this pit there were demonic forces, and that He was going to make the entrance to this cave or pit larger so they could come out. 

23 June 1999 at 7 AM, The Lord awoke me this morning and instructed me that I forgot to document the Word below in #1342 Vision.

The Lord said, “Leviathan“. 

1386 31 July 1999

Israel Anointing mission trip
I saw an enormous spoon, bigger than our room. Then something demonic climbed on the edge of the spoon and tried to eat or drink the contents of the spoon. Then the spoon was shoved into the mouth of the skull on Skull Mountain (The place where some people say, Jesus Christ was crucified). 

1418 10 November 1999

To begin this occurrence, I have to give you some background on what happened about a year ago. I received a telephone call from Magda from our Bible study. She began to tell me about Flex and his family who lives in El Cerrito. They had been experiencing some demonic activities in their upstairs apartment for some time and Magda wanted to know if I would go to their department and see if these demonic spirits could be forced to leave.I said, yes! And I proceeded to Jose’s house to meet her and some others from our Bible study. Once I got there, Flex was there with a few others and I told them some things I had experienced with these sort of spirits. We all agreed on going there to pray and see what could be done, for Flex’s 7 year old son was just terrified and had been chased out of the bathroom several times and he was afraid to go to sleep at night. Things were getting so bad, they were all seeing and experiencing these demonic spirits and they felt something had to be done. Well, within twenty minutes we were walking into Jose’s house to begin the Bible study and guess who was sitting there on the couch, Flex, his wife and son. I had not seen them for almost a year. We had a good Bible study and during the study the Lord said to me, “That is why your car would not start. The demons killed it, but I will fix it tomorrow. They did not want you to be here!”

1484 03 April 2000
9:45 PM

Please read whole #
I received a call from Jose, asking me, if I would pray over a five year old little girl. She had been seeing a large black dog, and this dog was telling her to do things, and some of the things were not very nice. So I said, yes, that I would see her and pray for her. Jose also mentioned that the little girl’s mother wanted to speak to me first, alone, before I prayed for her little girl. He said, that the mother did not speak much English and he had to be there, so he could translate the conversation. So I agreed again, and we had planned to get together the weekend before the Brazilian Bible study.

1520 30 June 200
11:45 PM

South America Anointing mission trip (Rio de Janeiro)
Then I was given a vision of a bus, and a Word, “Be careful not to miss the bus, the next one will come 90 minutes late”.
Then I heard a demon say, “Wow!”
Then I had a vision of a bundle of coconuts tied together – then two piercing yellow eyes looking at me. Then a word saying, “Why are you leaving!” (demon)
While praying about the airplane trip the next day, the Lord said, “Everything will go well”.
Then I was given a vision of wild horses galloping like a stampede.
During prayer at the Rio de Janeiro Mission, the Lord said, “It is done“.
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a very large train, which had wheels as large as a person. People were running for the train, including a woman and a child.

1522 03 July 2000
12:30 AM
During South American Anointing Mission trip

Then I saw a river of gold.
Then the Lord said, “There is going to be a river of gold in Brazil. Then after the river  of gold there is going to be a river of blood.”
Then the Lord gave me a vision of grey steps (marble stone colored) leading up to some place.
Then I saw a large golden brown colored pig with a flat snout. I could see that someone was pulling the pig by a rope that was tied around the pig’s snout.
Then the Lord said, “Stay focused, stay pointed, the demonic forces are strong.”
1651 06 October 2001
8:20 PM
The Lord showed me a long White Fence that went far off into the distance.  As I looked at this Fence I saw some kind of creature with his back touching the White FenceThis creature had the head of a goat with a man’s body.  I could see that he was somehow hooked onto the Fence by his neck, for he could not pull himself off the Fence.  (over)

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