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27 May 1992 1:19 AM

We love you, We want you to live with us, but there is another creature around you that you don’t see. His name is Satan, and he wants you to live with him. You have a choice. You have always had a choice. So, there is going to be a day that you won’t have a choice. For the day will be the Day of Judgment, and the Day of Judgment will be fulfilled, in the manner so described in the Bible.
09 July 1992
8:38 AM
8:46 AM
8:50 AM
8:53 AM
9:04 AM

At the present time I am seeing some ugly looking thing with an ugly face almost like a dragon’s face with beady eyes. Someone just cut its head off and they are holding it up. Showing it to whoever is around. This whole thing is bizarre! My hand is getting numb. I see a white horse fall and it’s rider falls onto the ground. His horse is running off. The Rider rises to his feet and pulls his long sword. I see him  swinging it. There are creatures coming at him but he is just standing there by himself.

I can’t move it. I still feel the spike. I wish I could understand this stuff. The more I think I know, the more I know I do not know a thing. What’s so funny is when these creatures get stabbed during the battle. I can’t see their bodies. I have no idea where they fall or go. There are no bodies laying around but I did see them charge this lone soldier. My hand is really starting to hurt. That’s all for right now.

I see a tiger’s face with bright red eyes staring at me. I really do not understand what’s going on but I can see things in the Spiritual World. I surely cannot understand why or there meaning. I see this creature. I thought it was a Ram because its horns were curled and curlicue like a snail. They are really thick horns. This creature has a thin face and slender like a deer, but thinner than a Ram’s head. I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on. My mind is at a loss.

 I see this large white horse, the same one I saw before; strong looking and very full bodied but it’s hard to explain. There is a bright light with nobody riding this horse and I am looking up at it. It’s on a cloud and I see this other creature that looks like the airplane SST with its pointed nose and broad wings. I have no idea what it is. It’s gray in color with big broad wings and claws. It’s making a kind of squealing sound. I see these Warriors on white horses running side by side. They are attacking this flying creature on their horses. It’s funny because they are flying in the air. I don’t know what’s keeping them up. They have this creature surrounded. They are throwing things at it. These white horses with Soldier or Warriors are attacking this flying creature. They must have done something because the creature is falling to the ground, if there is a ground. It’s going down, wherever down is. I do not see a planet or anything below. I see them riding off. Everything looks so calm, just as if it’s an everyday occurrence. There is no cheering. I do not understand this stuff.

I see
this creature that looks almost like a dinosaur with a thin small face. It has a fin running up its back to its head. I see this other creature with a beak, two big eyes and its neck. I think one of them is flying. I don’t see it but I sense something is flying.
I can’t tell its shape but I know something is up there flying.

12 July 1992 5:37 PM

What I see is more or less the same (SST) – it looks like huge big black birds – smaller birds that look like swallows pop out of the sky (very low) – as if coming from a shooter – some get hit by arrows and other things the Angels are using – then there are others bigger than the “swallows” – they have this casual way of flying and and come from and go back to this layer or covering (so do the “swallows”) – at night I can see how these birds  just drop straight to earth when hit.  The bigger black blob-like creatures is another story – will at later stage describe everything  on a separate page

Right now I feel like I am under heavy attack. I am so confused, the oppression is getting intense, but I’ll keep on praying and try to record what I see. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what’s going on, but I can feel a pressure, the sensation of something trying to shut me up. My desire to pray has left me.
This instant I see this enormous looking creature that I saw before in another vision. It looks like the SST airplane. It’s real large and long with a mast, and its just flying.

I am seeing things and I don’t know whether they are real or fantasy.
Creatures that look like they’re right out of a science fiction film. I just wonder if I am making them up, but they look so real. I just don’t know! Something just hit me in the neck though. I’ll keep praying. I can’t believe it’s 6:06 PM. I got hit again in the neck somehow. I think there is a War going on in the Spiritual World. I see the sky being filled with these black things, these creatures. You can’t even see the sky. The sky is so full of them, and they all combine and they form into a black creature, a vulture of some sort.
I believe Christ is in the front. I see this enormous White Horse. For a minute, I thought it had two heads. That doesn’t make sense. I thought it had two heads. Something there has two heads. I don’t know…, What is going on? I see that the sky is breaking up.

Those black creatures are running every which way. I can see the sky now. Can this be a War I am seeing in the sky? Whatever was there is gone. The sky is clear now. That was fast. I am trying to comprehend what I see and I can’t even put words to it. I see this enormous white light. I don’t know if it is the sun or God Himself. This is an enormous Bright Light.

24 November 1992 10:33 PM

I have been just waiting, I am just waiting, The Presence of the Lord seems to be here, I am shaking. I haven’t been praying for the last few minutes. I am just waiting on the Lord to do the next thing, the next step, whatever it is. I see a face of a creature of some sort with big eyes, but the Lord has me waiting. I am not praying. I am just waiting. Waiting on the Lord, but I know, I sense, I believe, the battle is just beginning, at least for tonight. 
26 November 1992 10:33 AM

I have an image of a creature with a mouth filled with crooked, jagged teeth. I have never seen a mouth with so many jagged teeth. It has its mouth open.
03 September 1993 9 PM

While my prayer partner and I were praying, after having Communion, the Presence of the Lord appeared in the spirit. Somehow without warning, I found myself surrounded by thousands and thousands of demonic dark figures. I had a sword in my hands and it was extended, and a dark figure, a demon had his sword extended. We both were standing in this open field with our swords touching each other and crossed ready to fight. I quickly looked at my surroundings and saw five or six Angels behind me in the middle of all these dark creatures. I looked to the right, the left and above. And on this platform to my right, I saw Satan sitting on a chair looking down at me as if this were a sports arena for this potential battle or exhibition which was about to begin. I had a strong sense that this was going to be a sport for them. I looked at Satan and said, “I’m not here to entertain you. I am here to give you a message.” Then without warning I took my sword and swung it and hacked the body of this dark creature in two that was in front of me like it was a piece of butter. I had no fear in the slightest. I sensed and felt the authority of God with me, and that it was the thing to do.

The next thing I sensed was the Presence of Jesus Christ. I don’t know how to explain it in the flesh of what really happened, but I’ll try.

“The Power, the Force, and the Glory” of Jesus Christ of Nazareth flowed through me as I was standing in the midst of these dark figures with the handful of Angels that were behind me. While this was happening my prayer partner kept on praying. I sensed an incredible Force flowing through me. I just kept saying the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in my mind over and over as my body turned in a circle speaking in tongues. I could see the dark figures fall to the ground and literally shake and place their hands over their ears and scream in pain. Just hearing the tongue language and me saying the Name of Jesus Christ in my mind TOTALLY frightened them. I could see them all down on their knees shaking or flat on the ground screaming and wailing, even Satan. I have no idea what Christ said through me in tongues, but it came out with POWER, AUTHORITY and to the POINT. As my body turned, it felt like I had a machine gun and was shooting with invincible Power. I sensed COMPLETE control as they all, even Satan, fell, except for the Angelic Angels and me. They were all on the ground trembling and shaking in complete terror. Then I felt the Presence of Jehovah God and sensed He was going to Speak. Then one of the Angelic Angels came to me and touched my throat and a strange and unusual tongue I have never heard before started to come out of me. This very strange tongue with unusual sounds was going crazy. This tongue seemed to come from deep within me. As the Father was speaking through me in my mind I just kept saying to myself, “Lord keep me humble, keep me humble, keep me humble, keep me meek.” I lost all sense of time, but I did ask Jehovah what was being said to the demonic creatures. The Father said, “It’s not for you to know, you’re just the vessel for transmitting this message.”

14 October 1993 2:15 PM

I see an elephant running. The elephant is running very fast in my direction. There seems to be some kind of creature riding it. This creature looks like a large dark shadow and appears to be as large or larger than the elephant it’s sitting on.
04 February 1994 7:46 AM

I see a creature with a long beak and big eyes like a bird, and it’s just looking at me. The Lord says, “The enemy knows you are here.”
18 June 1994 7:30 PM

During prayer I had a vision of a leaf. Then of a branch being pulled at each end until it snapped and broke. I could see the fibers of each end separating as the branch was pulled apart.
The next image was of
a large animal eating off the tree. I could see it chewing on the branches trying to eat them. I could see its mouth going up and down, but nothing was going down its throat. It reminded me of a baby chewing on a teething ring. He gnawed on this tree, but it wasn’t eating anything though he was trying with his sharp teeth. Then the image stopped. This creature had a long neck with a big mouth with lots of teeth. I guess it looked like a dinosaur.
05 July 1994 9:54 PM

A vision of a creature with many teeth grinning and trying to smile, but some of his teeth on the upper right-side are missing or knocked out. He had a gap in his bridgework.
28 Septemer 1994 11:33 PM

Something moving underground like a giant mole, but it looks like a giant dinosaur and it is moving rapidly under the ground at speeds of 50-60 miles per hour. The ground is being displaced every which way. The dinosaur looking creature had a big body with a long neck. It moved so fast it looked like it was in water instead of dirt.
14 June 1995 11:33 AM

See also # 170, 172 & 754 (Ann)
The next image was of an Angel. He had two demonic creatures in a headlock one under each arm almost, as if he was hitting there heads together. These demons were large and full-bodied. They reminded me of two large buffaloes with big bulky bodies. Now, I see another Angel carrying a child about 8 years old and standing to the left and behind the Angel with the demons in a headlock.
01 July 1995 5:35 PM

I had a vision of a big banquet with white tablecloths on all the tables. There were thousands of tables as far as the eyes could see with black creatures sitting at the tables having banquet, having a feast. Then the image stopped. (over)
09 July 1995 3:00 AM

Saturday I was totally exhausted, so I went camping, and most of the day I spent praying and trying to get some quality time with the Lord. Then early Sunday morning while sleeping on my stomach, a demonic spirit attacked me hard, and pinned me to the ground. This demonic creature, with his teeth clamped onto the back of my neck, totally paralyzed me. I sensed this enormous mouth wrapped around the back of my neck and I couldn’t move. I believe, if it was allowed, it could have snapped my head right off. I was really frightened and kept praying and praying in my mind, and I tried to pretend I was asleep by snoring, but I could feel his teeth. I don’t really know… and I don’t really understand, but it seemed as if I was in the spirit and in the flesh, all at the same time. I believe I was in the spirit though, but I am not sure. Somehow I was able to reach behind me and touch this  creature in the spirit, but my physical body was paralyzed and couldn’t move. All I could feel were these enormous teeth that were three to four inches long and very sharp. Then I realized I was in big trouble!!! So I prayed and prayed (JESUS!, JESUS!, JESUS!) and the next thing I knew he was off and gone. I was hit without any warning. It felt as if this creature had crashed the whole dome tent on top of me, and clamped his teeth around my neck instantaneously. But after the Lord removed this thing off, I could see that my tent was still up, my heart was beating rapidly,  and the creature was gone. I cannot explain it, but I wasn’t dreaming. Something hit me HARD and FAST in the spirit, and it vanished just as fast as it struck, but there were a few minutes of fear. (It felt like hours!) Though, I had the sensation that the Lord was stopping it from closing its jaws on my neck. (Thank you Lord.) So immediately I rolled onto my back and praised the Lord. Now, I was afraid to go back to asleep, but eventually I did. Spiritual warfare is MORE than just praying in tongues. You’re actually fighting demonic spirits that seem to have shapes and bodies that you cannot describe in the flesh. Almost as if they are animals in the spirit, but very REAL, VERY REAL!!! (over) 
06 October 1995 8:30 PM

The next image was of a sword, it was the devil’s sword, and it was embedded in a large bowl filled with hot coals. The blade was being heated. Then I saw a creature of some sort, I don’t know if it was the devil, and he lifted the sword out of the hot coals and began to swing it. He was swinging it at the United States.
27 February 1996 8:15 PM

Cherubim I agree with Ray – it is as if the Lord doesn’t want me to see the Angels – all I can see are the silver shiny outlines (sometimes golden) of the top part of their wings and thin lines that seems to move from top to bottom like falling rain (those in the sky – very huge) and others (like in front of my bedroom window) is like the  effect of heat in the desert and others (inside my bedroom) are smaller and golden/fire-like – only their outlines can be seen.  Difficult to explain in words.During worship the Lord showed me many visions so I will list them as I received them.

Vision: I saw a large brick apartment complex, which was covered with snow. As I was looking down at this complex I saw something flying down from the sky and heading for an open area in front of the complex. I fastened my eyes at this flying creature, and the Lord said, it was a Cherubim. After hearing this, I tried harder to see what this Cherubim looked like, but as I looked, the Cherubim just faded in and out of focus in the spirit. For some reason the Lord would not let me focus in on the Cherubim. (over)

04 December 1990

Note: A conversation with Jesus Christ (this is only part of conversation) 

Ray: “I asked you about aliens from other worlds. Are there any living things in other planets in other worlds besides the earth?”
Jesus: “Like I told you earlier, the evil things you see in the sky that move so fast are from Satan. Satan and his evil ones are the creators of the space aliens. For the Lord, the Great I am, created only man in his image, but man was spoiled by Satan. Satan has dominion over the earth, but after the war he will be in shackles, in hell, until he is released for the final battle. He created the space creatures so people would chase them and treat them as gods. He wants people to treat the aliens as gods because they are satanic beings. It is – another one of his tricks to fool the stupid and the blind. WOE – to man who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Great I am, and the Holy Spirit.”

16 April 1996 10:30 PM

Long – but think it is important

Occurrence and Vision:
Then I saw a White Horse flying through the air. It was impressed on my spirit that it represented an Angel of the Lord, I don’t know how I knew but it was an Angel in the figure of a White Horse. Then out of nowhere this enormous hand that looked like a gorilla’s hand sneaked up and grabbed this White Horse out of the air like it was a small bird; crushed it, and smacked it to the ground. Then this hand somehow transformed its five fingers into two and went downward with an incredible force toward the crushed Angel. I don’t know if it hit the Angel again, but it had great power in its two newly formed fingers. Immediately my prayer language changed, and I felt like I was going to explode from within and I could feel my body and spirit jump into a warfare mode. I got up from my seat and wanted to stop the Communion prayer and get into the war. But something told me I had to finish Communion and get a brother to anoint me with oil before I went into warfare. I had sensed the urgency to pray for two days, but I didn’t know why. So for the next half-hour to forty-minutes I wailed and found myself flat on the floor. With my arms extended out and with my legs together (in the shape of a cross) with an unusual sounding prayer language that at times was quiet and at other times it was loud and fast. My prayer language was acting crazing during this time and I really lost track of time. This large hairy black gorilla’s hand reminded me of the gorilla movie, “King Kong,” from the thirties or forties. But what was more interesting was the spiritual war I was seeing. This giant hairy black hand was fighting the Lord’s Angelic Forces and was beating them. Then I saw what looked like a hole open up in the side of a mountain, and a tunnel extended out with hundreds upon hundreds of black horses (devils) shooting out, and began to help this large black hand fight the White Horses (Angels). I was surprised by the speed of the battle, there wasn’t a wasted movement by either of the parties involved, and I could sense that in the spirit the Angels were losing the battle. What was also startling was the gorilla’s hand; this creature was enormous compared to the White Horses. I mean, his hand was so large it could place a White Horse in its palm, and these were life size White Horses or Angels or whatever you would like to call them. 
Then I was shown hundreds and hundreds of crucified people on crosses in this dark area with white smoke or fog in the background being ripped off from their crosses, and they began to run past me as I watched them in the spirit. I don’t know where they went or how they got pulled off the crosses.
Vision: Then I saw this dark place with all of these black creatures that had been slain in this battle with the White Horses looking like White melted Puddles laying on top of these black creatures. They all looked like White Blobs on top of black masses. I believe they were all dead for there was no movement. But as I watched and tried to figure out what was happening I saw the White Blobs on the top of the dead looking creatures begin to move. They somehow reformed themselves into the images of White human looking Angels. They no longer looked like White Horses. I don’t know why or how it happened, but they went back up into the battle.
Vision: Then the next image was of hundreds upon hundreds of White Horses running from the right toward the left at lighting speeds with their manes blowing in the wind. When they got to the area of the battle they surrounded this large black creature. At this point the black creature looked about 5 or 6 miles high compared to the height of the White Horses, but they surrounded it and the battle immediately stopped. And somehow the small White Horses pounded him from the top as the others stayed around the perimeter and pounded him into this large hole in the ground. It looked like this enormous pit, then this enormous lid came over the large pit and they sealed it shut. Then the vision stopped. What was placed in my spirit was that this large creature was a territorial demon with his demon helpers. Boy, I was amazed at how large and powerful it was. (over)
Comments: There is more in the spirit than I ever realized. The spiritual war is for real with demons we don’t see, and these battles are happening now; this minute. This is a reality that most people don’t even believe, but it is still for real. As I watched the spiritual war I felt very helpless. I have been asking myself these questions: 1. How were the crucified saints sucked off their crosses like a vacuum? 2. Why did they run past me into this empty space? 3. Will they come back to their crosses? 4. Did this territorial Demon get larger because the saints were taken off their crosses? People need to PRAY MORE, for in the spirit, there are some very bad demons out there. These things are beyond what our minds can understand, but yet they are very real.
I learned something very startling tonight, we really don’t know the extent of the dark forces. (over) 

31 July 1996 11:18 PM

Read whole # on Ray’s website
Camping trip with the Lord

It’s strange as I speak into this tape recorder; I keep seeing this black creature and one of its large green eyes staring at me in the spirit. I don’t know if it’s good or bad – but I am being watched in the spirit…, but I am going to proceed and document the trip.

The next day I found myself at The Oregon Trail Museum. I toured the Museum for a few hours and left late that afternoon, and I kept heading northeast. A few hours later, the Lord sent me to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument off of Highway 26. I found myself driving on a dirt road in the back hills, which lead to the Painted Hills Unit. I took a quick left and went up this dirt county road, and I am thinking about my two broken motor mounts. I took it slow and steady and found this place where they have found many dinosaurs bones, and leaves frozen in rocks. I hiked a quarter of a mile to look at the painted hills that over looked this valley. These hills did look like they were actually painted. This whole area was volcanic as far as the eye could see. At one time, this whole area was filled with nothing but volcanoes. Volcanic ash is what made the hills painted, and nothing was growing on them. I found this interesting to see, but in the back of my mind, I am wondering what I am doing here? What am I suppose to see? What am I suppose to learn? I walked through that whole area for 2 or 3 hours, but the place was pretty much deserted. There were very few people there, and I kept looking out for rattlesnakes because I was out in desert – like areas. As I was driving out, it dawned on me that the Lord was showing bits and pieces of the Book of Genesis. The things that I was being shown were from the beginning of the creation of the world. So now, I got excited and wondered what was next? And the Mt. Shasta trip was a possible end for this area.

The impressions, that I can give you, are only spiritual impressions that were left on me.

The Lord was showing me basically, fossils, and prehistoric stuff. What was brought to my mind was Genesis (seven days that the Lord made the world). He was showing me the creation of the world, and at the same time, He was showing me the end of this particular area possibly by an explosion of Mt. Shasta which will destroy an area in 7 states. I guess – He is showing me the beginning and the endThe end of the dinosaurs, and maybe the end of a lot of people in this time frame. He didn’t say it; but I sensed the pieces of the puzzle falling together.

12 December 1996 7:15 PM

Then I had a vision of an ugly creature holding a fish in it’s mouth trying to chew it. (over)
03 September 1998 10 PM

This is an occurrence that has been on my mind since the night I arrived home from my camping trip. I had just dropped off Jerry at his home and I was almost home myself when something unusual happened. Actually, I was feeling very good, but a little tired from the long drive. I felt this long awaited peace in my spirit as I prayed most of the way home from Jerry’s house. I was driving on this four lane residential street. This street is very wide and fairly well lit. As I drove past this extremely well lit Shell Gas Station, I had only went a hundred feet or so, when I noticed some dark looking shadow crossing the far side of the street and heading toward the front of my car. I was not going very fast maybe 30-35 mph (the speed limit there is 40- 45 mph.). When I saw it I slowed down even slower not knowing what it was. It was larger than a cat, it moved like a cat and it sort of moved from side to side like a snake as it left the sidewalk from across the street. It was definitely not a cat. It had no definite shape that I knew of. All I could see was something that looked like a dark shadow. It stopped at the center dividing island and when I got close to it from the far right hand lane it jumped in front of my car. I felt the car run over it and it got away, but to my surprise it went back under my car for some unknown reason. So I hit it directly and hard twice. I felt the wheels of the car go over it twice! I pulled my car to the side of the road and got out of my car to see what I hit. When some person appeared out of nowhere and told me to get back in my car. He said, “You will never find it, it is gone – it ran away!” This whole occurrence had me a little startled. So I took this man’s advice and left the scene of the accident. As I drove away, I began to wonder, from where did this person come from. For there was no one around that I saw, and he was so intent that I not look for it. To this day, I have never seen a living creature that looked like this; except for the dark spirits that have attacked me in Then, this man appeared as fast as the creature had disappeared my bedroom on several occasions. . Very strange and it was not until this afternoon five days later, that it all came together. It was not flesh and blood that I hit on the road that night. But who was the man, who saw it all, and where did he come from? (over)
09 May 2000 6:30 PM

Then my prayer language began to get louder and louder and I began to see strange things. Then the Lord instructed me to raise my hands into the air and to keep praying. I felt like I was in some kind of spiritual war, but I was not sure because of the strange sounds coming from my prayer language. I could also sense this incredible Power flowing through my body as I prayed.
Then I saw what looked like two dinosaurs opening their mouths, but I do not know, if they were evil spirits, but as I watched, their heads were cut off. Then the Lord instructed me to get up from the bed and to stand facing east. So I got up and faced east and prayed. Then the Lord instructed me to face south and pray. Then again I was instructed to face west and pray, and finally I was to face north and pray this very unusual prayer language.
03 June 2000 4 PM

Then I saw this bird looking creature trying to chew this figure of a man without success. The bird chewed and chewed, but it did not effect this man.
12 June 2000

Not demonic
During prayer at the Brazilian Bible Study, for the South America Mission Trip, the Lord showed me a
long sword with the dull edge pointing up. As I watched the sword, I saw this small worm or caterpillar at the end of the handle. Then I noticed this worm or caterpillar began to move along the dull edge and as it moved the edge of the sword became razor sharp. This slow moving worm did not stop until it reached the end of the sword and the sword was left completely sharp.

Vision: Then I saw another sword with its dull edge pointed up. Then I saw another small bug at the end of the sword near the handle, but the bug looked different. It reminded me of a turtle, but it wasn’t a turtle. It had a hard looking shell covering its body, but the head and legs did not look like a turtle’s head and legs. Then this small little creature began to move along the dull edge of the sword and as it moved the dull edge of the sword became razor sharp.

29 June 2000 8:45 PM

Visions while praying for street prostitutes (South American Anointing Mission trip):

The Lord showed me a
skeleton of a large serpent (the bones were all attached), then a vision of a dinosaur skeleton.
14 January 2001 8 AM

I sense the Lord trying to show me something about my personal history, the world’s future or the Christian Body’s future. Maybe all of the above. I just cannot understand what He is trying to say. He has made me watch many history programs on television lately, from dinosaurs, wars, and weather changes, to politics. I am at a lost at just what it is He is trying to say. I can strongly sense something going on in the Spirit, but I do not understanding Him. I read in the Internet that another earthquake hit Central America that was felt all the way up to Mexico. I also heard a news program yesterday, that the climate of the world is warming up. All that I can say is – this has been a very strange week.  
18 January 2001 7:00 PM

During Eva’s worship time, the Lord began to speak to me and give me visions and Words.
: The Lord began by giving me a vision of a dinosaur walking away from me.
Prophecy: And He said, “Man is going to go like the dinosaur. This planet has outlived its usefulness.”
Vision: Then the Lord showed Himself building this New World, which was about three to four times larger than the Planet Earth. Then the Planet Earth disappeared.
This made me feel so helpless and sad, that I wanted to cry. It also made me understand the importance of my work with the Lord, and how I must move forward at all costs. (over)
19 February 2001 3:00 AM

I saw a vision of a white horse raising its front legs into the air and kicking as I saw thousands of dark creatures moving in front of the horse. I asked the Lord, “Why am I here? (South America) The Lord said, “Because there is a spiritual war within the rectangular area that you saw in South America. I said, “Why is there a spiritual war there? The Lord said, “Because of the red army.” I said, “The red army!” The Lord said, “Yes the red army.” Later the Lord said, “Because of the conference.”
23 July 2001 1:30 PM.

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 2001 1:30 PM.
6 October 2001 at 8:20 PM.

Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 October 2001 at 8:20 PM.
14 November 2006 at 5:31 PM.

Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 November 2006 at 5:31 PM.
3 January 2011 at 1:32 AM

Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 January 2011 at 1:32 AM
Israel Mission Notes 2012
Israel trip from 7 August 2012 to 17 August 2012.
Vision: A creature in the shape of a man holding up a body.

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