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14 October 1993
2:40 PM

I see a white egg with an arrow through it.
09 June 1994
4 AM

A vision of an egg with thousands of hairline cracks on the eggshell.
28 July 1997
1:20 AM

A vision of an egg standing on it’s point with blue and white rings around it. (over) 
27 January 1999
9:20 AM

A vision of a chicken sitting in a nest keeping some eggs warm with a wedding band in its beak.
09 February 1999
9:30 AM

Then the Lord showed me an eagle. As I watched the eagle, the eagle turned its head and with its beak it moved my hand under its behind and the eagle laid an egg in my palm. Then the Lord said, “The egg means new birth”. (over)
28 March 1999
3:12 PM

See also #1524 below & #188 on Ray’s website – own view

Now I see something that has the shape of an egg. This object is half-white in color and the other half is dark gray. Then this egg looking object tips up and stands on its end, and a single drop of “something”, drops onto the earth.
I saw a large flying object hit the planet. (over)
This makes me wonder if it is what fell off the large egg looking object?

28 June 1999
1:30 AM

Carl and I were seeking for low cost hotels in Jerusalem with air conditioning because of the extreme heat during the summer months in Israel. The only ones we had been able to find were in the Muslim section with no air conditioning. So Carl suggested we pray about it and seek the Lord about the hotels in East Jerusalem. Then the Lord said, “Why do My Sheep have to stay with goats?” Then later, we prayed again about two other hotels one Christian and one Jewish. 
Then the Lord gave me a vision of an Eagle’s nest with some eggs inside.
Then the Lord said, “
I want My Eggs in My Nest!” (over)
29 July 1999
7:40 PM

An image of a headband with a large diamond as large as an egg and it was illuminating light. (over)

I saw a vision of seven eggs hatching open. (over)

16 February 2000
7:00 PM

The showed me a vision of an old man. He was wearing a hat. On top of the hat there was an upside down metal bucket. Then I saw on top of the hat a chicken, and the chicken laid an egg. I sensed the man was Uncle Sam of the United States.
05 July 2000
11:30 AM

See also #1294 above and #188 on Ray’s website – own view

Then I had a vision of a very large, clear egg shaped thing – it was gradually being filled with blue fluid.

05 February 2001
The Lord gave me a vision of a white egg with arrows being shot at it. But the arrow tips were made of those rubber suction tips that stick on glass. I could see several arrows stuck on the surface of the egg, but the eggshell was not broken. (over)
06 October 2001
8:20 PM

Then I saw a large looking egg shape about four to five feet high.  This egg shape was pointing down on the surface of a lake or pond.  This egg was red-orange in color and it looked alive for it looked like it had blood vessels or veins on it.  As I watched, I saw a pair of large Hands come out of the water and they pushed the egg under the waterline.

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