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1252 16 March 1999 

The Prophecies, Visions and Occurrences from #1252 through #1319 were received on the European prayer mission trip. During this time I met Eva and Irene for the first time in person. Eva came with me on the Western Europe part of the trip, and Irene guided me on the second part of the Mission, she showed me Kiev, Ukraine. I noticed that Eva and Irene did so many of the same things that I began to believe that the Lord gave them both the same script. They both took care of me like a mother hen takes care of her chicks. They both handled the money, most of the food, and made most of the travel arrangements (taxis, trains, buses, ships, etc.). I have to admit, I had a hard time submitting and being humble, but I just kept telling myself, “The Lord is really in charge. So Raymond, just keep your mouth shut!” The whole Mission trip went so well, that I give the Lord all the praise! In Turku, Finland on Easter Sunday, April 4, Eva gave me a tour of this old Presbyterian Church, and as we walked out onto the street, we walked by a high Bishop of the State Presbyterian Church giving an interview to a television station. Then almost one week later, Irene gave me a tour of a Russian Orthodox Monastery the day after their Easter. And I found myself surrounded by soldiers, people, and television reporters interviewing their Patriarch for their television station. But on this occasion suddenly my prayer language began to pray. Another thing I found strange, Eva told me she liked, loved, or cared for this man and she showed me his picture and he had very large feet. Then on the same day as Irene and I walked toward the Monastery she began to tell me (without reason) that her ex-husband had very, very large feet. This reminded me of the picture Eva had shown me. On many occasions they both said almost the same things during walks and dinner. Like I said earlier, they were as if, they had studied the same script. This was very strange indeed! Another thing, which struck me funny, was during this whole European trip and after spiritual warfare, I was always thirsty for Seven-Up or Sprite. At times after spiritual warfare, I could not drink enough. For I felt like I was going to physically die if I did not drink some. Then, when I got home this hunger for Seven-Up and Sprite left me. Very strange!! I am sorry to say, I did not tour (sightsee) in Europe, and only toured in Turku, Finland a little, but I did see a lot of Kiev, Ukraine. So I praise the Lord again for what I did see. There was heavy spiritual warfare on a few occasions, but the Mission trip went well overall. Praise the Lord again!  

1255 18 March 1999 8:30 AM

During prayer the Lord showed me, in the spirit, a wide red line develop behind the moving train I was on. This wide red line seemed to follow behind the moving train while we were going to Helsinki.

1256 18 March 1999 10:30 PM

At the beginning of the European Mission trip, while walking to the hotel through the City of Helsinki, Finland, the Holy Spirit fell upon me. I was instantly startled for out of nowhere, I felt like, I was part of the Angel of Death, as I walked through the dark snow covered city streets. This made me just want to cry.
An hour later:
The Lord gave me a vision of a heart, and there was this long rod or sword extending over this heart. Then, this sword looked like half of it had been heated for it became bright red, and the sword was plunged into the heart with a great Force. Vision:
Then I was given a vision of this nose, which looked like it had been sliced perpendicularly off of a face. (over) Then at the hotel the Lord said that I was at the right place at the right time and not to worry, and just to obey and follow His instructions. (over) 

1264 20 March 1999 2:15 PM

A day or two earlier the Lord had told me to go to Mariehamn and to pray there. So when we got to Mariehamn, Finland, the Lord gave me a vision of a telephone with the hand held receiver sitting the wrong way on the body of the telephone. (This was a French looking telephone.) Then the Lord said, “Mariehamn is going to have to wait for the telephone to ring”.

1266 20 March 1999 3:24 PM

On the way to Stockholm, Sweden on the ship I sensed the same Angel of Death I sensed in Helsinki, Finland. I sense that the Angel of Death is going to travel along the same path as the ship I am on. This is a very strange feeling in the spirit, almost as if one could taste death on this route. I actually sense I was laying-out the map or path for this Angel of Death to travel on. It reminds me of Israel’s Passover during the time of Moses, where the Angel passed over the Israelites that had placed blood around their doors and the entire first born of the Egyptians died. (over)

1342. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 June 1999.
1345 25 June 1999

Letter to the e-mail list:
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I have been trying to prepare myself for the upcoming Israel Mission trip the past week. I have been praying, reading the Bible, and spending quality time with the Lord everyday, and trying to keep my focus. I
t feels like I am inside a spiritual military foxhole with bombs and bullets flying over the foxhole. The spiritual warfare has been intense the past few weeks, but the past few days this inner-strength has been coming upon me. Yesterday, even my throat, which has been giving me trouble, began to cough madly for about a half an hour, and when I was finished coughing my throat seemed to be healed. The pain just left. And this spiritual inner-strength keeps getting stronger and stronger the more I read the Bible. I will be leaving on July 10 th , so I have about two weeks left before I head off for Finland and then to Israel on the 19th . I keep seeing this strange vision, as if I can see myself in this spiritual foxhole – I take a long DEEP breath – and jump over the embankment and run as fast as I can with my swinging sword. I have no idea what is out there in the spirit, but the Lord said to go – so I am going. I wish I could better explain myself in what I see, but there are no words to explain it. I have no doubts of not having enough money or where we are to stay. The only thing I can think about is where will I Anoint the ground, but even that – I know the Lord will show us. For He has already given us the first place (outside of Tel Aviv the first day). So I guess all that is left to do is to jump over the embankment, swing that sword and LET THE LORD DO THE FIGHTING! Yours in Christ, ray
PS: We will still need a prayer cover during this Israel Mission trip. God bless.

2059. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 September 2011 at 5:16 PM

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