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04 December 1996

During praise and worship the Lord showed me a White Candle in the middle of this circle of people bowing toward this White Candle.


Vision: Then I saw a black bird that looked like a crow and it was hugging a bird from the tropics; the kind you would find in South America or Africa. (over)

Then I had an image of a frog sitting on a rock. Then the frog jumped into the water and swan away, until it could not be seen. Then quickly another frog jumped into the water right behind the first frog.

Then the Lord said, “Even frogs have the brains to go into hiding when they are in danger.

07 September 1998The Lord gave me a vision of a skeleton of a fish. As I watched the skeleton of the fish in the water it began to swim. I could see the bones (its ribs) moving or swimming in the movements a frog makes. I am not a swimmer, but I believe they call it a breaststroke. This was a very strange vision! (over)
03 February 2000
7 PM
During prayer at seven o’clock these visions came like a slide show. It was while binding and rebuking spirits, that I had seen these visions.
Visions: A wolf – changes to a bat – then a frog – then a bear. The bear was tied around the shoulders and was pulled up. Then another bear replaced that bear, and it had a brown head and chest. The bear’s head looked like an American bear, but it also looked like a panda bear, or had the colors of a panda bear. A strange looking bear. Then the ground (the spiritual ground) began to shake.
17 February 200
12:45 AM
The Lord showed me a bull’s head with long horns and a pair of black lungs. I believe it is something demonic.
Vision: Then I saw a vision of a star with a circle around it.
Vision: Then I saw a frog that stuck its tongue out and caught a fly.
Vision: Then I saw a crown, the kind a king would wear. The crown had a little cross on top of it.
Vision: Then a vision of a claw of an eagle or some kind of predator bird.
September & October 2011 

Prophecies and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on  September & October 2011

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