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10 February 1991

Contra Costa Times
The Lord gave me this Prophecy during Sunday’s Church service. And
told me to place this Ad in the Contra Costa Times, I ran it for a month.

“I Love you My children,
Look up, Look up
For I love you, be strong,
I’m coming for my sheep,
my lambs.”

Feb. 10, 1991
Given to: Ray Aguilera
P.O. Box ——
San Pablo, Ca. 94806

I was strongly rebuked for placing this newspaper Ad in the Contra Costa Times with my own money by the associate pastors of the Four Square Church I was attending. I was ordered to have it removed from the newspaper immediately or I would not be allowed into Church again. Since the Lord told me to place the newspaper ad, I didn’t remove it as ordered and ran it for a full month.

30 March 1994
7:45 AM

Concorde / Contra Costa / Byron
I had the same vision I received about two years ago: Where these mountains of water hit a valley filled with suburban houses and totally destroyed everything. I can still see these mountains of water as if it was yesterday. This vivid vision did not have a location, but today the Lord revealed that it was the San Francisco Bay Area. The massive water hit Concord, California, in the county of Contra Costa, all the way to the town of Byron, some sixty miles inland. All that could be seen afterwards were the mountain peaks of Mt. Diablo and Mt. Tamalpais. They looked like two islands in the middle of the ocean. 

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