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18 July 1990
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In the next image, I could see the Earth as you see it from outer space. It looked so beautiful with its white clouds and blue green water, I could even see the patterns. I don’t know from where Jesus Christ came from, but He was standing next to me as I watched the planet Earth. Then all of a sudden the planet disappeared and all I could see was black space. I remember I argued with Christ because the planet just vanished into nothing. He showed me the planet two more times and each time it disappeared into nothing. This really upset me for I kept arguing with Him..

24 June 1992
1:27 AM

I saw a head of a Lion with a green mane. Now, I see a head of a bull.
23 January 1993
1:41 PM

I see a big speed stop light with the red, yellow, and green lights. The Lord says: “Stop, Look, and Listen.”
31 January 1993
10:51 AM

The pig that made everything dirty is going to begin to run with the branches that don’t believe the Word of God. He is going to munch on the branches, and he is going to fill his stomach with everything green of the branches. My Son is going to stop the pig, yes with the spear. The coyote that thinks a lot of himself, My Son is going to stop him with his foot on top of his head, until his eyes stick out. All the snakes that think a lot of themselves with their fangs pointed, He is going to cut off their heads, and they are going to move like worms cut in the middle.
26 January 1993
12:10 AM

Yes, it is the truth. All that is green is going to become red. All that is blue is going to become green. All that is yellow will become the color of a grapefruit. Yes, this is the truth. All the colors are going to change. All of carbon, all that is black is going to become white. For I am going to clean everything that is dirty with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Wake up, and study. I will show you. This is the Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit, My Sons and Daughters.
11 October 1993
10:30 AM

I keep seeing this demonic face. I see his whole body and it is wearing a bright green dress. It looks like the dress my special female friend wore to a wedding a few years ago. I can see this demon standing outside on my deck looking into the house through the glass sliding door. I am also seeing things that I can not identify.
20 January 1995
12:34 PM

After prayer I had a vision of four stems of grapes they were kind of green, but they were full, fat and full of juice. They were all connected to this one vine. And as I am speaking into the tape recorder I can see them spinning almost like a merry-go-round. They are spinning very slowly. And I can actually see a hand spinning them around by this single vine or stem that holds the four bunches of grapes. That’s all.
01 March 1995
12:07 AM

I had a vision of a knitted net with a closely knitted mesh, but there were different colors of yarn with spots of gray and green, black, white, a yarn of different colors that blended together. 
27 February 1996
8:15 PM

I was shown this flying saucer flying in the air. Then I saw this kitchen faucet, but the pouring spout was facing up instead of down. The next thing I saw was this faucet spout as large as the saucer, but underneath the saucer, and when faucet was turned on; the flying saucer was pulverized.. I found myself in the spirit an in the air and following another flying saucer flying over this green valley. Then somehow there appeared two of them flying side-by-side. As I watched them; they flew together (into each other) and became ONE saucer of the same size. Then out of nowhere the Lord’s Fist came down from heaven with a POWERFUL FORCE and hit this flying disk dead center and knocked it straight down out of the sky.

The Lord showed me this unusual looking hairy black Spider with its body split open. Then this blue-green turquoise colored body appeared from the center of the split body skin.

03 April 1996
8:30 PM

Then the next vision appeared. I saw a horizontal black rod about a foot long in the air, and on this black rod there were two almost round large yellow onions hanging upside down and side by side by their roots. Then twenty minutes later during praise and worship, I saw the rod being removed and the two onions fell to the ground. As they fell, they began to grow once they hit the ground. I could see the green stems growing from the onions as they laid on top of the ground. Then two white flowers grew from each onion. Then as I watched in the spirit, I saw the Lord’s mouth open and with His tongue He began licking the two onion stems with the flowers. It looked very unusual seeing this, but it reminded me of what a mother cat does with her baby kittens. It looked Loving and gentle as He stroked each onion.
31 July 1996
11:18 PM

It’s strange as I speak into this tape recorder; I keep seeing this black creature and one of its large green eyes staring at me in the spirit. I don’t know if it’s good or bad – but I am being watched in the spirit…, but I am going to proceed and document the trip.
29 August 1998
3:35 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of some fabric. It could have been a flag but I am not sure. There were three horizontal bands of color that covered the material. The top band of color was red and it extended down to almost the middle, next was a narrow white stripe, then a wide band of green covered the bottom.
07 April 1999
11:20 PM

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of four rows of soldiers wearing blue/green Beret (hats) as they were lined up side by side.
25 July 1999
4:25 PM

Then I saw a rainbow shaft coming down at an 80-degree angle. The rainbow was visible in the northeast part of the sky. It was red on each end and greenish blue in the middle. Carl and Mark could not see this either.
16 February 2000
9:50 PM

I had a vision of a Lion sitting at the edge of a cliff and looking down at the jungle below. I could see a deep green valley that had overgrowth all over the place. As I watched the Lion, he just laid still, looking down into the valley. Then I asked the Lord, “What does this mean? What is the Lion doing?” So the Lord showed me the valley, and there were all kinds of trees and tall grass, and undergrowth, and overgrowth. As I looked closer, I saw the head of a wolf hiding behind a bush. All I could see, was the wolf’s head, with red eyes staring at the Lion. Then the Lord showed me the Lion again, sitting on the edge of the cliff. (over)
17 February 2000
8:20 PM

I saw two green plastic water hoses. Then, when I saw the ends of the water hoses, I could see two showerheads screwed on the ends. Then the image changed and I saw the two water hoses filling two paper bags that were tied to the hose ends.
18 February 2000
12:10 AM

I had a vision of 3 rings. One had a black stone, one had a green stone and one had a red stone. 
26 October 2000
1 AM

During prayer the Lord showed me a beautiful little area between two small sloping hills. I could see the green grass and some tall trees in the background. Then  suddenly, the ground began to shake and the ground separated in different directions, leaving a large crack in the ground. Then I saw this crack move under a curved creek or stream.
23 March 2001
10 PM

The Lord showed me a green Olive, and then the same olive without a pit.
The Lord said, “Spiritual blindness is like an olive without a pit.”

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