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1991 (fall of)
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Then the Son of Man will come, as a White Horse Galloping through the sky. Listen to Me, My Children. Listen to Me, My Children. What will happen, will happen. Listen My Children, the Son of Man, the Son of Man, the White Winged Horse, the White Winged Horse, but you will see a Red horse, and a Black Horse, and a Pale Horse.

09 July 1992
8:53 AM

I see this large white horse, the same one I saw before; strong looking and very full bodied but it’s hard to explain. There is a bright light with nobody riding this horse and I am looking up at it. It’s on a cloud and I see this other creature that looks like the airplane SST with its pointed nose and broad wings. I have no idea what it is. It’s grey in color with big broad wings and claws. It’s making a kind of squealing sound. I see these Warriors on white horses running side by side. They are attacking this flying creature on their horses. It’s funny because they are flying in the air. I don’t know what’s keeping them up. They have this creature surrounded. They are throwing things at it. These white horses with Soldier or Warriors are attacking this flying creature. They must have done something because the creature is falling to the ground, if there is a ground. It’s going down, wherever down is. I do not see a planet or anything below. I see them riding off. Everything looks so calm, just as if it’s an everyday occurrence. There is no cheering. I do not understand this stuff.
15 August 1992

I see

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