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(MY OWN VIEW – READ Gen 13:13 ; 19:1-11 /  Lev 18:22 ; 20:13 / Deut 23:17 /Judges 19:22 /  Is 3:9 / Ez 16:25 /
Jud 1:7 / Rom 1:26-27
923 03 July 1996
1:30 AM

But the things that you do not see are the TEARS OF GOD of the things I see – that I CRY ABOUT.

….. And there are men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women.

944 19 August 1996
2:01 PM

Here comes the day that the bridge is going to fall. The bridge of San Francisco is going to fall with a Force that people are going to seek Me and you know what? I am not going to hear them, for there are men in San Francisco that want to get married with other men and there are women who want to get married with other women. How filthy is the mind of San Francisco. If you tell Me the name of San Francisco, it is revolting and nauseous to Me (Spanish: Me dar asco).

That’s why I am not going to save anyone that has the mind of the devil – for it is nauseous to Me. They believe they are going to find wives and husbands in the manner of the devil, and all that they are going to find is the pit. I am not playing and I don’t care if they get mad. How filthy are the spirits and minds of the City of San Francisco. They believe that they know a lot – We are going to find out how much they know when I bury them with the dirt, with My Hand. And I am going to hit them. If you have male and female friends in the regional area of San Francisco, in the city… oh, oh, oh, cry for them. Fall onto your knees and pray with tears, for I am going to hit them. For when I get Mad – something happens.

1037 29 April 1997
9:01 AM

I see, and I hear people who are lesbians welcomed in the White House with opened arms. I see, and I hear the revolting things that these women do. I see, and I hear the revolting things that homosexuals do. Yes they are having fun; they are having pleasure, but there will come a time I will strip them naked before Me; and I will show them their Shame! This Country – and other Countries that have lost all their Morals, all their values are going to see the Wrath of God. But the leaders who allow; who encourage such acts; I am going to stump them with the Heel of My Shoe, and grind their heads into the ground. Any leader, any person, who encourages such a thing will be hearing from Me. I created a beautiful man in My Image. I created a woman for his partner, so the both could become one. With the help of the devil, with the help of the wickedness of man; they made dirty; they made evil; what I made beautiful in the beginning. People of the world must be really blind to believe that I do not see these things. But I tell you as My Name is Jehovah, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Power of the Holy Spirit; your President or any President who allows such things will see the Heel of My Shoe. We are not playing games. This is not a fun and game thing! But there is a win and lose situation. The union between a man and a woman is sacred. It was made for a man and a wife, with the husband at the head, in union with his wife, both of them working as a unit. Why is that so hard to understand? But I tell you people of the world; that the time of your fun and games is almost over. For My Heel is ready too. With one Breath – things will begin to happen, and I will begin to clean this filthy little planet that you call earth.

1226 17 January 1999
1:15 AM

Note: This prophecy is speaking about a church in Sacramento, California, where I believe 80 pastors from different denominations from around the United States gathered to celebrate the union between two women in a unlawful marriage.

Yes, Reymundo, when I saw the people gathering in Sacramento, in the church; bringing in people of the life style of homosexuality and promoting it in the house of God made Tears fall from My Eyes. I weep and I weep and I weep. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)

1504 15 May 2000
7:15 PM

During prayer the Lord showed me a vis ion of a pink dunce’s cap.
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a segment of The Jerry Springer Show, that I saw the other night. The segment I was shown was about two women. The first woman was pregnant and married for only 10 days and was leaving her husband to be with this second woman. The second woman was also married and she was leaving her husband to be with the first pregnant woman. This second woman had two children. 
Then the Lord said, “I will put a stop to this sin and lifestyle!”

1605 21 March 2001

The Lord gave me a vision of a dark looking man with long black hair. I believe he was speaking somewhere, and I also believe he is a homosexual. I am not really sure, but he showed that kind of mannerism. (over)

1650 16 September 2001
2 PM
I know that many people are going to be frightened with these Words. But for many years, you (Reymundo) have been telling people of the world to repent, to clean their minds, their hearts. But they do not hear Me. All that they know is to kill My Children before they are born. And they know how to sleep – men with men, women with women. And they tell so many lies, that no one believes the Truth. And the same thing goes for the pastors of the church of man. So many lies and they seek the money with the heart of the devil. Tears come from My Eyes when I see these things, but they have to do what they believe, and I have to clean up what I have to clean up, to the point, to the point. But all that I have to do, I am going to do with My Heart, with Love. For I know that man is not going to clean himself, and I have to clean him. It has started, THE END – The end of ends! People are not going to believe you, Reymundo, but it is the Truth.

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