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31 14 January 1991

Hear Me! Hear Me! Hear Me! Hear Me! It has started. It has started My Sons and Daughters. Read the Bible. Read the Bible, and it’s going to tell you what I have said is the truth. For it is in the Bible, in the Bible, in the Bible. Read the Bible, and you are going to be frightened. You are going to be frightened. There are going to be many earthquakes, many storms, many signs, many signs, the ocean, the ocean is going to move up and down, up and down. Look at the ocean. Look at the ocean, and the ice, and the ice of the oceans is going to move. It’s going to move, the ice of the ocean, the ice of the North and the South, of the South. The ice is going to move because I said the signs, the signs are going to be. Because I am your God, I am your God, and what I say is going to be. Because I am your Father. I am your Father. Look at the signs. Look at the signs My Sons and Daughters, the piece of the star is now coming. It is coming now. It’s coming, the time, that I said to your fathers’, fathers’ fathers. For I said the Truth and the Truth is going to be. For I am the Only God of everything, of everything that was and is and is going to be. For I have always been, before anything existed, with My Son and the Holy Spirit.

And all the ice of the north and in the south will move. It’s going to move. The ocean will go up and down, and up and down, the whole world will move. You won’t comprehend. You think it will be one way and it won’t be. It’s going to do something else. You’ll get frightened for everyone, all the Presidents, the Kings, the People, the Governors, everybody that thinks they know it all, they too are going to get scared.

33 21 January 1991

But remember, remember the violent things that are going to happen to this planet. The climates of the planet are going to change. The tides of the ocean are going to go up and down. They are going up and down and not like you’ve been used to. I mean they’re going to go high, higher than mountains and lower than the valleys that you have on the planet. The ocean is going to rise, it’s going to go down. All the ice in the North and the South are going to move. They’re not just going to move slowly. I mean they’re going to RAM. They are going to ram continents. They are going to ram continents with such force you’d never believe such things could happen.

220 02 October 1992
9:40 PM

The ice of the north will begin to move which will cause the water of the oceans to shift. The land that’s near the water will be under water. For the waves that will hit the continent are going to be larger than the mountains you have on the Planet. Look at the water! Look at the wonders and signs that are going to befall this Planet. Look at the ice of the north. For it will begin to move as the axis of the Earth shifts. You people believe you know it all. You people believe you’re gods. I will show you who is God. I will show you what God can do. Prepare for the Day of the Water. For if you live near the water you will see the Force of God. You people, who are followers of Satan, will be the first to taste the Power of God. For your God Jehovah will avenge His Name. He will strike down every altar of the enemy, every altar of Satan.

The power of man is nothing. Repent, this minute, this second if you want to save yourselves. For I will not see anymore, and I will not hear anymore evil, for the Day of Judgment is here. Look at the Sky. Look at the Stars. Look at the Heavens. Everything you see, My Spoken Word Created, and you have the audacity to blaspheme against My Name, and glorify Satan. I sent My Loved Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth to Die for you, and what do you do? You build altars to the devil; to Lucifer and you mock the Creator of the Heavens, of the World. Remember the ice of the North. Remember the Day of the North.

Summer will not be summer. Winter will not be winter. The day of Darkness will befall you. “When the Fig Tree changes its leaves.” The Power of Jehovah will be revealed with the Force of the Holy Spirit. The Root of the Fig Tree, the Root of the Fig Tree will be Watered by Jesus. When the temperature of the Planet rises, the ice of the north will melt and will begin to move. Bury your head in the Bible. Bury your head in the Word of Jehovah. Study and learn, for the mountain of water is on its way. Listen to the Word of God.

588 27 September 1994
5:11 PM

A white ice skate on top of the planet earth. The ice skate is as large as the planet earth on the North Pole.

808 03 October 1995

See also #1130 (message to Mark)

The Lord showed me an iceberg.  The Lord said, “You see this iceberg?” I said, “Yes.” “Do you see the TOP OF IT?”, He said. I said, “Yes.” He said, “That is the Body of My Son that people know. Look under the water. That’s the real church, the part that’s underwater. I am going to awaken it. I am going to direct it, and I am going to use it with the Power of the Holy Spirit, with the Power of Jehovah, with the Power of My Son. This is the Great I am I am, I am I am, I am I am.”

866 27 February 1996
8:15 PM

I saw this wall of ice and it seemed to be moving.

1130 02 December 1997
5:45 PM

During prayer as I was driving home from a small job, when the Lord said to me, “Raymond, tell Mark, that he has moved from the exposed iceberg to below the waterline.” Then the Lord showed me the iceberg of Vision #808.

1380 29 July 1999
7:40 PM

The Lord showed me a vision of a three to four foot diameter water sewage pipe. As I watched this sewage pipe it was overhanging an embankment and it looked like ice cubes or diamonds were coming out onto the ground.

1504 15 May 2000
7:15 PM

Then the Lord showed me a large Knife, a hundred feet tall, coming down over and over on top of some ice. I sensed it was either the North or South Pole.

1521 02 July 2000
9:30 PM

Later during Communion, the Lord gave me a vision of a submarine underneath the water, and I saw it crashing through a wall of ice.

1564 07 December 2000
8:30 PM

Then I saw a snow cone with blue ice with a red straw.
Then the Lord said, “Get it!” (I believe the Lord meant: “Do you understand it!”)

1590 07 February 2001
12:45 PM

What a shame! What a shame! That man and the devil has corrupted what was made for good, but I have many, many, many true believers there. That nobody even knows – that they are there. They are in their prayer closets. Most of them are not in church. They are under the waterline, remember the iceberg. The church that so proudly seeks itself in the authority of My Son – is blind – is stupid and is going to be wiped clean. But the underground church, the church of prayer warriors, the church that obeys My Word, the church who listens to Me with an open heart, the church who loves Me to the end – is LARGE!

But not large as the evil, the evilness, that is in this planet. For they are marching down the narrow road. Wide is the road that most people will follow, and a lot church people are on the wide road. So the next time you church leaders kick out somebody from your church, remember, that person you are kicking out might belong to Me. And the tables will be turned, when I kick you out of the Wedding Supper if you even get that close. There going to come a time in a point where I am going to see you eye to Eye, through My Son, through the Holy Spirit and you will not be able to fool Me. You can make a lot of money on the planet now in the Name of Jesus Christ, and your blind dumb sheep will follow you to the pit.

1650 16 September 2002
2:00 PM

So be it! So be it, My Children until the next time. Be strong, Be brave – and I MEAN BE STRONG AND BE BRAVE! Protect yourselves if you must, but use the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, and the Love of the Holy Spirit to help your brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. And I mean the True Body, not man’s church. What was under the water? Remember the Iceberg, it is going to be awaken with the Power of God, with the Word of Jehovah, with the Word of Jesus Christ, and with the Word of the Holy Spirit. And I Truly Love you My Children, My Lamb, My Sheep. So be it! So be it! 

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