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18 July 1990

Vision: Then He showed me the country of Egypt by showing the Egyptian Sphinx.
Vision: All of a sudden I see three pyramids flying in the sky. I could see them from the bottom side.
11 April 1992

Vision: A vision of an Egyptian sculpture laying down. Then it was lifted right side up, but I could only see it from it’s legs down.
Prophecy: Egypt is resurrecting one of their old gods.
07 May 1992
2 AM

The French Doors will open at the sound of the Bell. And the Bell will ring when the Cross in the sky will show you. Paris will not be Paris. The sign of the Hog and the Saber tooth Tiger will cling to the Hornet. Woe be to the world. Woe be to the world, to the blind, to the deaf. (Non-understandable tongues?)
The fence.
The Orange Bowl will be delivered, at high noon, on the day that the Cat climbs in the basket with the Mouse. (Non-understandable tongues?)
Here comes the pig.
I’ll show the State of
Israel in the Mighty Powerful Way, the Song of David.
17 May 1992
9:45 AM

Vision: Nuclear Explosion
The Lord says: “The Cat and the mouse will live together. Russia (bear)  the Beast.”
Vision: A ball is thrown into the air. Then the ball explodes.
18 May 1992

Look at the sky for the Red Turtle is flying as fast as it can to defeat the Jaguar. For the Sphinxes of Egypt are in Red Blood for their Idols are an abomination to the living God.
16 June 1992
3:04 PM

Egypt not mention in this #, but I believe this refers to Egypt – my own view

Ramses, Ramses will begin to move on the front as the Crow flies west but the Beetle will remain behind for the Beetle is wounded and the Beetle will fall.

23 July 1992
12:15 PM

For the time of hiding will begin when the bear and the owl go to war in Egypt. Be prepared, tell your brother, tell your sister that the hour will begin when the bear and the owl go to fight in Egypt. Protect your Children, protect your wives, protect your family, pray to your God Jehovah with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul. For the day will be upon you like a thief in the night.
Vision: I see the lid of an Egyptian mummy case with the carving of the Egyptian or whoever is inside, with its arms crossed, as you would see in a museum.
06 February 1992
7:03 PM

I saw the word Egypt, but the letters were spelled unusual, the letters (fonts) used were different… Ancient….
06 February 1993
8:46 PM

This is your Father Jehovah with the Power, and the Glory for everything that is righteous, everything that is clean, with the Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. Remember the Star of David. Remember the symbol for Egypt. Remember the false prophet. Islam will be the way of the future. For the false prophet, the antichrist, the devil, and everything that is evil. So saith Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
23 June 1993
4:30 PM

I had a vision of open coffins laying side by side. There are many coffins, but the people that are in the coffins are wrapped with strips of cloth. Like what would be on an Egyptian mummy. Some are wrapped in dirty linen, and every now and then you would see one wrapped in bright white linen. That’s all.
05 September 193
9:30 AM

The Lord said, “Egypt will begin soon.”
25 March 1994
10:30 AM

I just kept praying and praying and praying until we drove onto the parking lot of the Mormon Church. My Christian Brother had some problem with the architecture and stated that it wasn’t the traditional Christian looking building and that it was more pagan and Egyptian looking than Christian. He went on and on explaining his views on the building design. So I just listened as he gave his views. He had brought a bottle of Olive Oil, and said we should find a place to anoint the temple for the Lord, and to pray for the location to anointthe ground.
02 October 1995
3:00 PM

A vision of the pyramids of Egypt with horses running fast in front of the pyramids in the desert. There seem to be hundreds and hundreds of riders.
30 August 1996
6:48 PM

I saw an image of a seated Egyptian statue. Then it lost it’s right hand and was left seated with only the left hand. (over)
02 January 1999
9:30 AM

I saw a vision of rocks from the sky or something that was really hot come down and hit each of the two eyes of the Egyptian Sphinx and others bombarded the old Egyptian statues. (over)
20 March 1999
3:24 PM

Not Egypt # – but reminded Ray of Egyptians

On the way to Stockholm, Sweden on the ship I sensed the same Angel of Death I sensed in Helsinki, Finland. I sense that the Angel of Death is going to travel along the same path as the ship I am on. This is a very strange feeling in the spirit, almost as if one could taste death on this route. I actually sense I was laying-out the map or path for this Angel of Death to travel on. It reminds me of Israel’s Passover during the time of Moses, where the Angel passed over the Israelites that had placed blood around their doors and the entire first born of the Egyptians died. (over)
18 December 1997
1:30 PM

Vision: Then I saw what looked like a metal medallion or broach with a figure of a cat on it. What was so unusual; it reminded me of the Ford Mercury Cat Logo that you see on their cars. This medallion was around someone’s neck with a gold chain. What I sensed in the spirit was – that whoever was wearing this medallion had something to do with this war or it was this company, but I am not really sure. But there was some kind of association with this cat and this war, I was seeing.
18 March 1999
4:45 PM

The cat will be cut loose. The owl will shriek. Remember the Bear. Remember the  owl. Remember the cat.
31 October 1999
6:29 AM

Prophecy: The plane fell because of the (Spanish word: “picado’s or pescado’s <fisherman’s>”) hard head and heart! (Note: It sounded more like the first Spanish word, “picado” .)

Comments: When I received this Word from the Lord, I was thinking maybe this is what happened with Payne Stewart’s jet-plane (the golfer) that went down a few days ago. But when I heard late this afternoon about EgyptAir flight 990 airplane that went down early this morning killing several hundred people, I began to wonder which plane the Lord was speaking about!

05 April 2000
8:40 PM

Vision: I saw a black cat with bright yellow eyes.
12 January 2001
9 AM

Prophecy: The Lord said, “Voice, the voice will come, when the cat jumps in the cradle.”


30 May 1992
3:23 AM

But what is going to happen, I am going to cut off his hands, with My Son Jesus. People are going to eat dogs, cats, and rats, and all the animals that they can get, or catch, because they are not going to have food. The Law is not going to be the Law. Because, the man that thinks that he’s king of the world, is going to be the law.
10 April 1997
12:27 AM

But there is going to come one day, Reymundo, that all these things are going to become nothing. For people are going to eat rats, dogs, and cats. And they are going to eat everything that is filthy. I have sent out My Word for many years, and no one helps My Prophets that I send out into this world. They suffer and they suffer, but they send out My Word for that is their job. I hear their tears, and it hurts Me, when I see the tears coming from the people I choose. For when they suffer – I SUFFER! For they know – and I know that the Word is not theirs. It is Mine!

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