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06 June 1992
12:50 AM

The Hornet will increase in strength in Japan, when it develops Nuclear Weapons. For the righteous will encounter resistance on the day that the false prophet bewitches the Japanese, for the power of Satan is god, the false prophet, for all of the world will be dominated by.
08 July 1992
7:34 PM

I saw a group of black shadows or figures around this illuminated white table. They were cutting up the world into pieces and sections. The next thing I see is an airplane and the airplane is flying toward Japan. The Lord said it was the Wolf flying to Japan for a conference of sorts.
23 January 1993
1:22 PM

Japan not mentioned here, but see # 149 referring to the conference – note that the beast also attended this conferece and yet we do not know who he is – own view

Yes Ray, the hour that was revealed to you in the earlier Prophecies will be established, the hour of the beast.
The conference that the beast recently attended was a complete success. All the beetles that attended the conference were happy, are rejoicing. For the food they ate was of the devil. They are satisfied at the present time with the meal they had. The Maggots of this world will multiply, will increase, the revelation to the world will become focused when the beast ( ? ). All that will happen is that the beast will reveal this great plan, this manifestation of his own intellect, which really became a union between him, and the devil.
The airplanes will fly, the beetles will build, the sky will rain, and the world’s focus will be turned in a false direction, for the beast is going to manipulate the media in a direction that will be contrary to the Word of God. (This reminds me of the parable about the oranges (orange {fruit} #’s are included in the colour page under the heading “orange” – own view)
14 March 1996
3 AM

The Lord showed me the map of Japan with a castle at the northern part of Japan.
Then the Lord said, “Japan is one of the ten horns (kingdoms) of the Antichrist from the Book of Revelations. Japan will unite with the other nine and attack Babylon (see also Statue of Liberty – my own view) in one hour. (over)
07 December 1996
11:30 PM

The circular waves :  it is when something (like war in this case) is started/set into motion in 1 place and it becomes bigger and bigger Рmy own view

During prayer the Lord showed me the planet earth from far out in outer space. As I watched, I saw all kinds of large worms coming out from the interior of the planet.
I also saw a body of land that looked like Japan, and near the water I saw circular waves motions. The kind that resemble a pebble hitting a still pond and creating circular waves. It also reminded me of the circular light that goes around a radar screen, but it was coming from the water. I believe it was a hurricane.
30 August 1998
5:00 PM

During prayer the Lord gave me an image of the flag of Japan. (over)
03 October 1998
6:00 PM

Look! In one part of one ocean there is going to be a war with many flames, with many bullets. And this war is going to start another war, and this other war is going be in the land of the Japanese. That is how the flame of the devil is going to begin. All direct, all pointed at all that is bad. I am not going to tell you who is going to win. You are going to have to wait! But it has started the war of the ocean – to the point! Here comes the ships. Here comes the soldiers. Here comes the sailors. Here comes all – to start the flame of the devil!
08 January 2000
1:30 PM

Letter to the e-mail list:
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I got sick on New Year’s Eve and just today I felt well enough to send out this message. I have had many hours of being alone this past week praying and thinking of this New Year. I have tried to stay focused on the upcoming
South America Mission trip and I have concluded just to go and let the Lord open the doors that need to be opened. My problem is; I am one of those people who wants to know “Why” these places have to be Anointed. Well, during my prayer time with the Lord, the Lord began to speak about going to Japan also and when He started to speak about Africa fear came upon me and I felt so overwhelmed, I quickly changed the subject with the Lord. I have not set a foot in South America yet and the Lord speaks about Japan and Africa. Well this was too much for me. All that went through my mind was, “Are we that close to the end?”

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