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288 06 February 1993 10:55 PMPlay the Flutes, hit the Tambourines, be Joyful and be Merry, for the end is before you. Sound the trumpets, make all kinds of noises. Throw your hands up into the air, jump and twirl, land on your feet, be Happy, be Joyful for your Savior is on the way. The Ark is in place, the Angels are in place. Beware of the Mark of the Beast. The stone will be planted in the hole of the rock of the wall on the East Side. The Rock will be planted on the East Side of the stone wall. Where the chariots used to run  by. Sound the trumpets. The gate will be opened, when the beast has his belly full of the Blood of the Body with the vengeance of the devil. Beware of the Mark. The devil has an immense appetite for the Blood of My Son. When the hole is filled in the wall on the East Side. Look for the stone. (Non-understandable tongues) The east wall where the gate will be opened. Come to witness the event, My Israelites. Come Home! For your Father is waiting. Come Home from the north, from the east, from the west, from the south. Come Home, Children of Abraham, Come Home! For the day is near. Remember My Promises. Come Home, My Children for the end is near. When the Leaves of the Fig Tree Change. When the Leaves of the Fig Tree Change.
1066 23 June 1997 6:56 AMI am, Reymundo! I am what you see; what you touch. Everything that is; that was; that is going to be. The Ark will be established again. Like I told you earlier in another Prophecy, but remember the beast. The anti-Christ will be established as I told you earlier in another Prophecy too. I can feel your anxiety of going to Israel. I can sense your doubt. I can sense your strengths. I can sense your amazement. But look, just do as I say, and everything will be done at the right time, at the right place. I have chosen you to open the Door to the next event that will happen in the spirit world. The human mind cannot comprehend or understand what you are about to do. But  All the Power, All the Forces of the universe are going to be watching what you do, on that day, on that hour, at that minute. You will sense some things that you have never sensed before, but trust Me. All will go right! All will go well! For the Hand of Jehovah is upon you through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Power of My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I will send All the money, All the strength that you need in the coming months, in the coming years. You will never understand while you are alive; what you will do or what you have been doing. But that is of no consequence, the important thing is that you OBEY! I know things are hard. I know you are bewildered, but I – My Son, and the Holy Spirit are with you every step of the way. I know – I know you are concerned about your health – I know! But do not worry for all will go well. I have not forgotten your promises, and I have not forgotten Mine. You will sense the Power of the battle between Good and evil, but My Heavenly Angels will make a path wide and straight to the appointed place of the anointed altar. Nothing will happen that was not destined to happen. Remember the Ark. Remember the Ark, the Ark of My Covenant. Remember the Ark. So be it. So be it. So be it. (over) 
1087 27 July 1997 3:30 AM

I remembered that I had prayed earlier to the Lord about my old feeling body and my white hair. Well, two interesting things happened when I got home. My mother called me early Sunday morning to see if I got back safe and she told me she had a VERY, VERY vivid dream during my Israel mission trip. She told me that one night she had  this dream of seeing me in my twenties an that I looked very young. She said what caught her attention was my hair – That I had such a full head of very black hair, with a big wave on one side. That –  then she knew I was safe from the bombing they had in Jerusalem. She said it was so real that she awoke my dad and told him her dream, and that she could not go back to sleep that evening.

Then when I was home my brother Ted came over and late that same evening we were talking, and he said, “You know Ray, I had a vivid dream when you were in Israel. I saw you in this dream and you were a little baby, and someone was holding you in his arms, but what was so unusual; you had a full head of dark brown hair with a wave to one side. The dream was so realistic it woke me up.” What are the odds of two people having the same kind of dream. 

A short note my daughter Cynthia gave me after reading my comments notes.
July27, 1997 at 8:00 AM
My father (Ray) telephoned me, direct from Israel, to inform me that there had been two bombings in Israel a few hours earlier. He told me that I would hear about it from the news media sometime that evening. He also told me that he had been at the place where the bombs went off, and had left that bombed area two days prior. That morning, I phoned my grandmother to let her know that my father (Ray) was okay, and not to worry, because the news media was informing the world about the bombing. My father was concerned that the news would give my Grandmother grief. When my Grandmother and I were talking that morning, she told me that she had a clear dream of my father, the night before. My Grandmother told me in her dream that she told my father, that she was very worried about him leaving the country. Ray (my father) told her (in her dream) not to worry Mother, I am okay I’ll be fine. I m here for you. Please don’t worry. I am coming home. (My Grandmother told me that his looks were like when he was young, when he was newly married to my mother). She was shocked to see him so young. And his hair was very dark. After her dream, she felt much better. And her dream gave her great comfort. (She told me this in her own words).

1107 03 August 1997 5:20 PM

My People of Israel – listen to My Words. This is your God, the Father of Abraham, the Father of Isaac, the Father of Jacob. Why! Why do you do such ungodly things before My Eyes? Many of you claim to know – God. Many of you claim to know – the Word of God. WHY! Doesn’t the scriptures say you shouldn’t make an Altar of stone worked by man’s hands. And yet for years and years, I have watched you pray at the Wailing Wall, and you place your little prayers, your little notes in-between the stones. What foolishness! Don’t you know the Word of God? How the Altar of God should be made! Why do you do such blasphemous things? You have created an Altar using the ways of man. You pray to a stone wall, which can do nothing. You say you are waiting for the Messiah, yet you do not follow the Laws of God! So – I am telling you this minute, this second – STOP YOUR FOOLISHNESS! Now – and build Me My Temple, and do it correctly. For the foolish things of man will amount to nothing! I will tell your elders, your leaders in the coming months, in the coming years, where to build My Altar. Where to build My Temple. So STOP these foolish things of praying to a wall which can do nothing! How many centuries have you used idols? When will you ever learn? There is only One God – Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Though you do not believe in the Trinity, it is a FACT! So be it! So be it! Those who listento My Words will be on the side of God. Those who do the things of man will be on the side of the serpent. Nothing has changed since the time of My Son. You still follow the law according to man. You turn your head, you turn your back on the ways of your God – then you get into trouble. You expect your God to bail you out. You are running out of time! The time of the Temple is here! You have the specifications. You have the know how. Remember the Ark of the Covenant, the time of the Temple is here! (over)

Comments: The Lord gave me the scripture Exodus: 20:25
From KJV Bible:
Exo 20:22
And the LORD said unto Moses, Thus thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, Ye have seen that I have talked with you from heaven.
Exo 20:23
Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold.
Exo 20:24 An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee.
Exo 20:25
And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.
Exo 20:26
Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon

1240 22 February 1999 9:35 AM See also #1249 & 1305

Letter to the e-mail list:
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I relay the following prophecy with a joyous, but with a heavy heart. For those who have helped me with the funds in the past, I am going to ask you again to pray heavily and pointed to our Lord Jesus Christ for the direction of this matter. For I do not have the funds for this either. For those who have studied the Bible deeply will understand parts of the following prophecy. Also, I believe this is going to happen sometime soon after I return from Europe, but I am not sure when. God bless you all, and may the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all. Yours in Christ,
Prophecy: The Lord said, “Reymundo, I want you to go to Israel, to the City of Jerusalem, and to Anoint a perimeter around the City.” (over)
1249 06 March 1999 10:20 AM

See also # 1240 & 1305
During prayer I asked the Lord about the perimeter around Israel
, that was to be Anointed in the upcoming Israel Mission trip, and the Lord said,
“ 300 Kilometers”.

C (perimeter) = 3.1415 R
Circumference = 2 (3.1415) Radius
300 Km = 2 x 3.1415 x Radius
300 Km = Radius
2 x 3.1415
47.747Km = Radius (From the City of Jerusalem)
1 Km = .6214 Mile
29.669 miles = Radius (From the City of Jerusalem)

1320 22 April 1999 8:15 PM Get ready! Rest! For I know that you are sleepy, but all is going to go to the Timing of God. I am going to tell you the day you have to leave. I am going to send you, the money. I am going to send you, the prayers of the saints. I am going to send you, the Angels. For I have already placed the date that it is going to happen. All that you have to do is, when I tell you to jump, you have to jump! When I tell you to stop, you have to stop! When I tell you to move, you have to move! It is very easy, isn’t that right, Reymundo! It is very easy! But do not worry. I told you I was going to send you the money, when I sent you to the countries (Europe). I told you I was going to protect you, and I protected you! Isn’t that right! But now I have to send you to the other place, the old town, the town of God. But I will tell you more in the coming days. I will tell you more for I know that you are tired. I know that your mind cannot think right now. Your body has to sleep, but remember, what I have promised you, what I am going to give to you. With the Heart of God, I tell you the Truth. It has arrived the Day of God. Tell people, that they have to pray. That they have to read the Bible. For here comes My Son with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of the Angels, with the Word of God. Remember, rest, My son. You have done your job very well and to the point. It has arrived all that is of God. The End. Yes! Yes! Yes! (over)
1346 26 June 1999 11 PM 

During prayer with Carl about which hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we should stay at. The Lord said, “Seek and you will find!”

1347 28 June 1999 1:30 AM 

A goat was used as sin offering / also sent into the wilderness as scapegoat
A lamb without blemish and no broken bones was also used and Jesus became that same Lamb as a sin offering (One and Only) for all people – own view

Goat : eg : Lev 4:21-24 (many times in Leviticus) / Lev 16:10
Num 7 / 2 Chron 29 / Ezra 6:17 & 8:35 (12 he goats for 12 tribes)
Ez 43:22, 25 ; 45:23
He-goat (person) : Read Daniel 8
Jesus : Is 53 /  Heb 9:12 ; 10 / Eph 5:2 /
Sheep & Goats : Matt 25:32, 33 /Zech 10:3 /
Judgment : cattle & cattle, rams & he-goats : Ez 34:17

Carl and I were seeking for low cost hotels in
Jerusalem with air conditioning because of the extreme heat during the summer months in Israel. The only ones we had been able to find were in the Muslim section with no air conditioning. So Carl suggested we pray about it and seek the Lord about the hotels in East Jerusalem.
Then the Lord said, “Why do My Sheep have to stay with goats?” Then later, we prayed again about two other hotels one Christian and one Jewish.

Vision: Then the Lord gave me a vision of an Eagle’s nest with some eggs inside. Then the Lord said, “I want My Eggs in My Nest!” (over)
I suppose this means : seek for a Christian hotel – own view

1353 07 July 1999 2:30 PMWhile reading Isaiah Chapter 66, the Lord said, “Go to Israel and Anoint the perimeter around Jerusalem. For you are preparing the ground for the New Temple.” (over)
The Book of Isaiah Chapter 66
1359 20 July 1999

Notes from the Israel 300 km Anointing Mission Trip
The Lord would not let me use my tape recorder to record the prophecies and visions during our Communion times or while we were traveling in the car. I tried recording a vision once during Communion prayer and the Lord told me to turn off my tape recorder. Though the Lord did let me tape-record some prophecies and visions during my late night prayer times in my Hotel room.

Well, since Carl had been taking notes on the Mission trip, he began to document the Israel Mission trip for us. The data below will be from Carl’s Notes. The rest will be from my tape recording and from what I remember. God bless you all!

Occurrence: We arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport and we proceeded to get our rental car. Once we picked up the rental car we found out it was a very small car, and not the size we had ordered, and the ignition did not work. So after a delay of an hour or so, we were off to find the first perimeter Anointing location. It seemed like we drove and  drove and all we were doing was getting lost.

Prophecy: Then the Lord gave me a Word, “Seek the Light or Look for the Light.” So we began to look for all kinds of lights, from streetlights to the light of the sun. Then after what seemed like another hour or so of driving, we found a park next to an animal shelter and a church. We believed the Anointing site was on the church grounds, but we were not sure, and it was locked up and we could not find anyway inside. So we got back into our car and drove to the park behind the church and walked toward the fence separating these properties and prayed to the Lord for direction; for we were totally lost as to where the ground needed to be Anointed. Then during prayer the Lord said, “X marks the spot!” And as I looked at our feet I saw a large X in the spirit between our feet, and I said, to Mark and Carl this is the place.
So we Anointed it and I saw a King’s Crown in the spirit.
Prophecy: Then the Lord said, “Now, quickly leave this place!”
Prophecy: Then later the Lord said, “That a spiritual spike was driven into the ground where the “X” was shown on the ground at this first spot.” (over) After this I was startled, for Carl had said earlier, he wanted to stay at the park for a little while so he could sleep. For he was having a hard time staying awake after the long airplane flight. He was the only one that was authorized to drive the car and we still had to drive to Jerusalem to our hotel, which was about 1+ hours away. But to my surprise Carl began to take pictures after the Anointing and all that was on my mind was what the Lord had said, “NOW QUICKLY LEAVE THIS PLACE!” I noticed Mark’s face and it looked like he wanted to leave too. Well, we got into the car and drove away as quickly as we could with Carl still needing sleep. About an hour or so later Carl began to have a problem staying awake as we headed for Jerusalem. Finally, we had to stop outside of Jerusalem for Carl could not keep his eyes open any longer. If Mark had not stopped him, we would have drove over those road spikes they place on the exits so cars will not enter that way. It was a good thing Mark noticed the spikes for we would have ruined the two front tires of the car. By this time the sun had gone down and it was dark. I really did not believe we were going to find the hotel that night. For Carl was having trouble staying awake and it was late and we did not know the city. I have no idea how Carl and Mark found our hotel that night for the street signs made no sense in Hebrew. But we found this small 18-room hotel on this very small one way street that was as wide as someone’s driveway. All I can say is – “The Lord was looking out for us that first day. Praise the Lord!!!”

1366 22 July 1999 During my prayer times in the City of Jerusalem, I was having a very hard time focusing on the Lord, but I could sense this invisible Dome of protection around me. The Old City of Jerusalem was in walking distance from my hotel, and I could sense this incredible war in the spirit over the City during my nighttime prayers. Every night I would read the Bible before I went to sleep and this helped a lot. I was reading the Book of Jeremiah, and the more I read Jeremiah, the more I wondered what happened during Jeremiah’s time. Realizing that Jerusalem was surrounded when this happened – it made me wonder even more! I have no idea if Jeremiah sensed the same spiritual warfare I was sensing every night, but the whole City seemed to be in an uproar and mad at Jeremiah. The other prophets that were saying the opposite of what Jeremiah said, must have believed that what they were hearing was from God also. The frightening thing was that Jeremiah was the only one who was hearing the Lord clearly. This made me more determined to stay focused! Every night I had demonic spirits tell me this and that until I was beginning to doubt, which was the Lord and which were the devils. I prayed and I prayed, and I tried to focus the best I could, but I felt like I was on this roller coaster that went racing up and down. Then out of nowhere, I realized what the Lord was doing with me. He was showing me how strong the demonic forces are in Jerusalem and how they fooled the other prophets in Jeremiah’s time. These are very strong and powerful lying spirits and now, I could see how the other prophets got fooled. They must have really believed they were hearing from God too. So I prayed to the Lord, “How am I to tell it is you or tell the difference between you and them, with all of this interference from these demonic spirits? And how can I even trust your Voice now? I don’t even know the next place to Anoint. How can I proceed?” Then the Lord said, “Seek and you will find!” All I could say in return was: “Lord, – I am a fish out of water here! If I make a mistake, do not say I didn’t warn you. These deceiving spirits are very, very good, and I can truly say I am walking on water now! I can truly see how the prophets of Jeremiah’s time got fooled. The more I read the Book of Jeremiah, the more I understand his obstacles in the spirit. I am going to need some confirmations if I have some doubts.” And the Lord said, “Don’t worry, We are  with you!” I said to the Lord, “Please don’t get mad if I test and test and re-test your Word during my stay in Israel.”
I might add that I knew the importance of my Mission in Israel and walking into all of this unusual powerful spiritual warfare, was frightening. But yet, I could still sense this Powerful Dome of protection around me. It was as if a nuclear bomb could have gone off in my lap and it would not have hurt me. I could really sense this protection very tightly around me, but yet – these demonic forces could still speak to me. This is very strange stuff! 
1367 22 July 1999 12 NOON The Anointed areas:
We left the tourist agency and proceeded toward Tel Aviv to begin the Anointing on the 30-mile perimeter from the Old City of Jerusalem. We stopped at Yavne and the Lord said, “Anoint here”. This was in a park neighboring a synagogue. Then we drove by Qavat Malakhi and the Lord said, “Move on!” When we arrived at Qiryat Gat the Lord said, “Fine
Then we drove past a park and the Lord said, “Keep moving!” Then we drove into Uzza and the Lord said, “Seek and you will find!” Then the Lord led us to another park, which had a large water tank and synagogue and we Anointed an area in the park. Then we drove towards Edn Dhahiriya. We were about 8 Km into the West Bank and past the military checkpoint, and I was a little nervous because we were driving a rental car, (which was clearly labeled on the side doors). We were told by the rental agency not to drive the car into these areas, for it was dangerous (Muslim Cities in the West Bank). Well, we drove in this forbidden area until the Lord said, “Do not go much further!” So we did a U-turn at the next intersection and I poured the Olive oil as quickly as possible onto the ground from the back door of the car.
For it looked like many workers were returning home from work and we did not want any trouble if some of them saw us Anointing the ground. And there were soldiers out there with REAL guns. So there we were, three Christians, Anointing a small Muslim area for the Lord. I don’t really believe they would have understood what we were doing. They were more likely to believe we were terrorists. So we left the area as quickly as possible. I remember Carl once said that the Israelis and the Jordanians would find it easy to believe he and Mark were terrorists, but that I didn’t fit the part. (I wonder if he was saying I was too old and out of shape? <Smile>)So then we drove on highway 31, and away from the potential trouble. Then as we were driving the Lord said, “Pull over and park in a safe place!” So as we drove looking for a safe place to park – the Lord said, “What goes up comes down!” So we kept driving looking for that safe place to park the car, then as we were still driving, the Lord said, “Shake the dust off your shoes!” I saw a watermelon stand in the distance and I suggested we stop and buy a watermelon for it looked like a safe place to stop. So we purchased a watermelon and we shook the dust off our shoes when we climbed in the car, as the Lord had told us to do. By this time it was about 9 or 10 PM, and Carl was getting sleepy, so we stopped at a resort hotel at the Dead Sea about 5 miles south of Massada. It  was very, very hot at this place, so we rested a little and we prayed, and the Lord said to move on. So we began on our late night drive again and as we proceeded toward the next Anointing spot, I heard a demonic voice say, “You don’t have to stop here!” “You quack!” Then when we reached our destination I heard a demonic voice say, “You don’t want to do this!” So we stopped the car at the side of the highway and I opened the back door and Anointed the ground in the Name of the Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I remember Carl and Mark had gotten out of the car and I guess they were going to take pictures or something, when I heard the Voice of the Lord say, “Now – leave here quickly!” I told Carl and Mark what the Lord had said and we drove away from that place as quickly as we could. Then some time later the Lord said, “Thank you good and faithful servants!” This was a very strange drive back to our hotel. We were all tired and Carl was still a little sleepy as he drove the car and it seemed like we would never get back to our hotel. Then I heard another demonic voice say, “Slow down and stop. Take a break!” For some reason the demons wanted us to stop and the Lord wanted us to quickly leave. We drove for another hour or so and we stopped at a gas station and rested a little before we reached our hotel. It was a very long day, but we covered a lot of area and Anointed three or four spots. 
1370 24 July 1999 1:30 AM During my prayer time I kept thinking about what the Lord had said about Mount Nebo in Jordan, that it was the only place left to Anoint on the perimeter. I did not feel right about this, for it left a big hole of about 1/3 of the perimeter not Anointed. All that was on my mind was the importance of this trip and correctly completing it. I frankly did not trust the Word (that Mt. Nebo was the only place left on our Mission trip.) I prayed and prayed, but I kept getting these lying spirits saying this and that. It got so bad – that I did not know what to do. I was at a total loss. So I prayed to the Lord and asked, “What will happen if I Anoint some places up north near Shekhem“. The Lord said, “Nothing will happen. Yo u do not have to! There are no more spots except Mt. Nebo.”
Then I heard some other voices say this and that, again and again. So after about 45 minutes of this I was getting very sleepy, so I said to the Lord, “Well, if nothing bad will happen – I believe I will Anoint them anyway
. Just to be on the safe side and I hope you do not get mad at me!” And the Lord said “If you want to!“ Then I heard some voices say that I did not have to. I did not want to come all the way to Israel and make a mistake and leave Israel without completing my Mission. So I kept repeating the same prayer over and over until the Lord said, “To prove it is I speaking to you. Look at the moon and if the moon is not full when you get back from Jordan, then it was not I, Jehovah, speaking to you. Then you can go and Anoint the areas near Shekhem.” So I said, alright, but if nothing will happen if I Anoint the places near Shekhem, I will Anoint them now, since I have the time and check the moon when I get back from Jordan. Will this upset you and will you guide me on this, perhaps extra Anointing trip? The Lord said, “Alright! – But you will see that the moon will be full when you get back from Jordan!” I cannot understate how difficult it was for me to hear the Lord during our stay in Jerusalem. I remembered, when we walked up to the Western Wall for the first time on this trip I felt the same thing I did the first time in Jerusalem a year or so ago. I could sense the same Dome of protection around me, but everyone seemed to be exp eriencing some kind of religious experience. But I felt totally “Nothing”! I could see people kissing the Western Wall, praying, and placing little prayers on pieces of paper and sticking them in-between the cracks of the bricks of the wall. I felt so numb that I might have not of been there. It was so strong that my body and spirit could feel this emptiness in this part of the Old City of Jerusalem. Something was not right here, but I did not know what.
1386 31 July 1999 I  saw a lit lamp hanging from a building
Prophecy: Then the Lord said, “Look at the light, look at the light”.
Vision: I saw an enormous spoon, bigger than our room. Then something demonic climbed on the edge of the spoon and tried to eat or drink the contents of the spoon. Then the spoon was shoved into the mouth of the skull on Skull Mountain (The place where some people say, Jesus Christ was crucified).
Then the Lord said, “Come!”
Vision: Then I saw some circumference calipers drawing on the map of Israel and Jordan. I could see them make a circle and go over the area we had covered and some kind of Dome went up over this circle. Then I saw a man and a woman dancing gracefully over this platform. It reminded me of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing in one of their movies in modern dress. I was led to believe it was Jesus Christ and His Bride. In this area where Jesus Christ and His Bride were dancing, I also saw a carousel with many people on it.
Vision: Then I saw this large spoon come down and it bent into a 90-degree angle. I could see it go into a big ball of light. I sensed it was the Father, but I do not really know. Visions:
I saw a river, and in the middle of this river, I saw a reflector or barrier appear in the middle of the river and this stopped the flow of the water.
Vision: Then I saw the head of a horse. This gray-tan colored horse had a white colored forehead, between the eyes and ears down to the nose. This horse was like the horse in the Book of Revelation.
Vision: I saw an eagle flying towards me – its head and mouth were visible and within its mouth was a big, long solid black log. It flew over this vast chasm without any bottom, and it dropped the black log into the pit.
Occurrence: I kept sensing an earthquake so I began to pray about it.
Vision: I saw a normal gray post at 80-degree angle, with another pole bracing it. This vision looked like the gray post was falling down and another post was placed at a support angle to stop it from falling.
I saw a symbol of the number “four”, (with an opened top). Then, this number “four” turned into an anchor, the symbol that was above the Garden Tomb. This Garden Tomb is outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The Garden Tomb tour guide said this was a symbol carried into the tombs by the followers of Christ.
Then later the Lord said the word, “Assad“, and then the word “push, push”. Note: A few days later a ruler named Assad from the Middle East died.

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