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1394 05 August 1999 10:30 AM|11:10 AM|1:05 PM Vision at 10.30 AM:
During prayer I had a vision of Megiddo. I saw it, just as it was two years earlier on my first trip to Israel. Then the Lord said, “Anoint it (Megiddo), to prepare the ground, the end is before you!”
Vision 11:10 AM
Then I saw a golden spear driven into the ground where we had Anointed the ground and I saw a dove on the top of the handle.
Vision: Then I saw a baby in a womb. The baby looked like it was being viewed with a sonogram and the baby was moving inside the womb. (See Ron Viesmann’s e-mail regarding Eva and new baby on the way)
Occurrence at 1:05 PM
We Anointed a spot at Megiddo next to a wall in the vicinity of three palm trees in the middle of an area that overlooked the Southeast. This location looked exactly like my vision I had seen earlier. The only difference was that a new wall had been built near the three palm trees. We Anointed it and the Lord said, “Yes, it’s the right place. Yes, it’s the right place. It is done.

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