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1358 19 July 1999 7:10 PMVision: Then the next vision was of a man wearing some sort of covering over his loins (his private parts) with his chest bare. He was laying flat on the ground on his stomach. What was so unusual to me was he was looking down this deep wide and dark cliff or embankment. As I looked and stared at this man he was stretching as far as he could to see downward. I could not see his face, but I could see he had long dark hair, and I could only see the back of his head. This sounds strange, but in the spirit I sensed it was Adam from the Book of Genesis. But he was in the sky or in the Heavens looking down through outer space towards earth. This place was not really a real cliff, but a place (maybe Heaven) where one could look down at all the twinkling stars of outer space.
Vision: Then the next image was of a male penis. Then the imaged stopped. Prophecy:
Then the Lord said, “All good things come from the Lord!” (over)
Note: The Lord was letting me see Adam looking down at today’s time on the planet earth. As if God was letting Adam see all of the things his seeds had accomplished. I felt so privileged to see and experience this, that I thought about it for hours and hours and remembered how the Lord showed Moses the Promised Land from on top Mt. Nebo.
From the KJV Bible:
Deu 32:48
And the LORD spake unto Moses that selfsame day, saying,
Deu 32:49 Get thee up into this mountain Abarim, unto mount Nebo, which is in the land of Moab, that is over against Jericho; and behold the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel for a possession.
Some questions I have: Why was God letting Adam see this? Adam was there at the beginning of creation; is Adam going to see the end of the planet? This vision gave me goose bumps. (over)
1367 22 Hykt 1999 12 NOONI figured that the hardest place to Anoint would be the areas in Jordan, for we needed visas to get into the country and a car to move around undetected. So, we decided first to go to a tourist agency at the beginning of our Mission trip to find out the cost in getting a private tour. When the tour agency started asking us questions on why we wanted a private tour and the reasons for this trip (for he had cheaper tours, where more people went), we answered him the best we could. We had to watch our wording, for everyone in Israel is worried about terrorists. After we received the price for our private tour, we decided to leave the agency to pray to the Lord about this tour package. We went to an outside café and we prayed.  And the Lord gave me this Word: “Anoint only Mt. Nebo”. “The rest is just worthless pagan desert.”
So we prayed again to be sure if we should take the next available private tour. And the Lord said, “When you pluck a feather from a goose, does it jump?” So we understood the above as a yes and we purchased the private tourist package from the tourist agency.
1370 24 July 1999 1:30 AM During my prayer time I kept thinking about what the Lord had said about Mount Nebo in Jordan, that it was the only place left to Anoint on the perimeter. I did not feel right about this, for it left a big hole of about 1/3 of the perimeter not Anointed. All that was on my mind was the importance of this trip and correctly completing it. I frankly did not trust the Word (that Mt. Nebo was the only place left on our Mission trip.) I prayed and prayed, but I kept getting these lying spirits saying this and that. It got so bad – that I did not know what to do. I was at a total loss. So I prayed to the Lord and asked, “What will happen if I Anoint some places up north near Shekhem“. The Lord said, “Nothing will happen. Yo u do not have to! There are no more spots except Mt. Nebo.”
Then I heard some other voices say this and that, again and again. So after about 45 minutes of this I was getting very sleepy, so I said to the Lord, “Well, if nothing bad will happen – I believe I will Anoint them anyway
. Just to be on the safe side and I hope you do not get mad at me!” And the Lord said “If you want to!“ Then I heard some voices say that I did not have to. I did not want to come all the way to Israel and make a mistake and leave Israel without completing my Mission. So I kept repeating the same prayer over and over until the Lord said, “To prove it is I speaking to you. Look at the moon and if the moon is not full when you get back from Jordan, then it was not I, Jehovah, speaking to you. Then you can go and Anoint the areas near Shekhem.” So I said, alright, but if nothing will happen if I Anoint the places near Shekhem, I will Anoint them now, since I have the time and check the moon when I get back from Jordan. Will this upset you and will you guide me on this, perhaps extra Anointing trip? The Lord said, “Alright! – But you will see that the moon will be full when you get back from Jordan!” I cannot understate how difficult it was for me to hear the Lord during our stay in Jerusalem. I remembered, when we walked up to the Western Wall for the first time on this trip I felt the same thing I did the first time in Jerusalem a year or so ago. I could sense the same Dome of protection around me, but everyone seemed to be exp eriencing some kind of religious experience. But I felt totally “Nothing”! I could see people kissing the Western Wall, praying, and placing little prayers on pieces of paper and sticking them in-between the cracks of the bricks of the wall. I felt so numb that I might have not of been there. It was so strong that my body and spirit could feel this emptiness in this part of the Old City of Jerusalem. Something was not right here, but I did not know what
1375 26 July 1999 3:50 PM|4:10 PM|4:15 PM The Lord said to me, “You have to surrender your heart”.
Vision: Then the Lord gave me a vision of an arrow tip with a white ribbon tied to it (just behind the sharp tip).

Prophecy at 3:50 PM:
The Lord kept saying to me while walking up Mt. Nebo, “Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera”.
Occurrence at 4:10 PM:
Once we had walked to the top of Mt. Nebo, we checked out the church on the top of the mountain and proceeded to look for a place to Anoint the mountain. We did run into a small problem for there were security guards around the church grounds. Finally, Mark and I found a safe place to Anoint and Mark asked me where? I really did not know which spot to Anoint, so I said a short prayer and prayed to the Lord as we walked the church grounds, for I did not want to make a mistake. This area was behind this small wall behind the church. We quickly Anointed the ground without the security guards catching us. I certainly did not want us to get caught, but I knew we had to Anoint the Mountain that day. For our tourist guide had no idea what we were doing in Jordan. This was only a transit stop on our way to Petra four hours away. What made me so nervous was those security guards, they seemed to be facing everywhere!
At 4:15 PM:
The Lord said, “It is done!”

1386 31 July 1999Vision: Then I saw some circumference calipers drawing on the map of Israel and Jordan. I could see them make a circle and go over the area we had covered and some kind of Dome went up over this circle. Then I saw a man and a woman dancing gracefully over this platform. It reminded me of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing in one of their movies in modern dress. I was led to believe it was Jesus Christ and His Bride. In this area where Jesus Christ and His Bride were dancing, I also saw a carousel with many people on it.

Prophecy: Then later the Lord said the word, “Assad”, and then the word “push, push”.
Note: A few days later a ruler named Assad from the Middle East died.

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