Mt Tabor (Mt of Transfiguration)

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1391 02 August 1999 7 PMThe three of us headed for Mt. Tabor (the Mount of Transfiguration). We found the church at the Mount of Transfiguration locked up for the day. So we prayed and had Communion at a picnic table outside of the church.
Vision: During our prayer, I saw in the spirit a column of circular flames 1 1/2 ft. in diameter, six to seven feet high, I could see this flame spinning as it stood over a small area near the picnic table.
Prophecy: Then I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Come” “Come, and bring the bottle of wine and Anoint around the column”.
Vision: Then I saw an upside down symbol of the letter “Omega”.
Vision: Then this flaming column changed into a cross.
Prophecy: After we had Anointed the ground around the flaming column the Lord said, “Leave the bottle there”.
Prophecy: During this time the three of us were holding hands in a circle around where the spiritual flame stood. The next Words that the Lord said shocked me so much that I decided not to tell Carl and Mark, but I was so convicted that I decided to tell them anyway. So I took a deep breath and told them what the Lord had said, “I’m going to take one of you”. For a long time later no one said much and everything went in a quiet mode. We were all wondering what the Lord had meant when He said He was going to take one of us. We talked about it later, but this uncertain feeling fell upon all of us.

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