Nazareth / Church of the Annunciation


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1393 04 August 1999 3 PM We were visiting Nazareth at the Church of the Annunciation – this was suppose to be the place where Gabriel told Mary that she had been chosen to be the mother of Christ. As I sat in the Church and watched the Communion service, I heard the Lord’s voice say, “I asked you to come and you did not come!Then there was a short silence. Then once more I heard, “I asked you to come and you did not come!” The first time I heard the Lord, I thought the Lord was speaking about Carl. For Carl had left Mark and I in the Church and went out on his own. So I turned my head and looked for Carl, but I could not see him in the church. All that was on my mind was that the Lord was seeking Carl, for Mark was sitting near me in the church. Then when I heard it the second time I sensed something was wrong. So I began to examine my thinking and I asked myself, “Is the Lord asking me to go somewhere?” Then I knew in my heart and spirit – The Lord was speaking to me! By this time I was worried and began to ask myself, “What does the Lord want from me?” And when my eyes fell on the last few people that were in line to have Communion – I knew the Lord wanted me to have Communion there The only problem I had was that the Communion service was almost over, and they were having Communion behind this secured area, which was secured at the beginning of the Mass. They also had a priest by this locked gate, which led to the Communion area and the Altar. I kept asking myself, “How am I going to get inside this secured area to have Communion before the last person gets to the Altar?” So I got up as quickly as I could and headed for the entry gate. I said to myself, “Go, I will worry about that locked gate when I get there!” So I went to the priest and asked to be let inside the Communion service. He gave me an unusual look, but he did let me inside. Well, I was the last person in line or very near the last person in line to have Communion. Once I had taken Communion my body and spirit were relieved. I guess, I got caught-up in the moment (being a tourist), for I had lost my connection (focus) to the Lord and was almost disobedient. I cannot describe how fast my heart was beating as I approached the priest at the small gate. I kept asking myself, “Are you going to jump over the gate to have Communion if the priest does not let you in?” Boy, was I glad when that Communion service was over! This showed me how I have to stay focused while I am in Israel. This occurrence really worried me! (over).202
4 PM
We prayed near a high place on a hill in Nazareth. Carl and Mark had gone exploring and I stayed in the car. When they returned they told me, they had found something that looked demonic, or not of God, on this high place. So we prayed to the Lord for instructions and the Lord gave me a vision.
I was given a vision of a round hole in a chain link fence. Then the Lord said, “Go!” (leave)

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