New York

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03 February 2000
7 PM

New York
Then the Lord showed me a vision of a communications tower that physically extended high into space from New York onto Europe, and the third leg looked like it was placed in Africa, but I am not sure. I did not see where the forth leg was placed, because the vision happened so fast.
11 September 2001
10:15 AM

New York
Reymundo, this is the catastrophe (The World Trade Center Buildings, Pentagon and airplane crashes) that I told you, Eva and Michael to pray about last month. Please keep praying for these Brothers and Sisters.

Michael stopped by for a visit last month and during prayer the Lord said to us, “Pray Reymundo, for there is going to be a catastrophe some place in the World, and there are going to be many Christians who are going to get hurt and die. Please pray for them.”

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