Nuclear – America Specific

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9 September 1992
1:20 AM

Be patient, be strong, be wise, the day of the Fox will surprise everyone, for the Fox is out of the hole and loose looking for information and data on anybody and everybody so saith Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of the Stars, of everything. Beware of the Fox! The day of the Fox will appear when the missile will be shot into the Province of Iraq (Non-understandable tongues?) So saith Jehovah.
17 December 1992
9:59 AM

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I hear and I see sirens like you would hear in an air raid. I see an enormous, enormous nuclear blast. I see the ground shaking. I see buildings and roofs flying all over the place. There was this enormous flash the sound is incredible.¬† My God it’s enormous!

I see these fighter jets flying in the sky. I think they have the star with the circle on the tail end of the plane. I see planes landing on an aircraft carrier (Non-understandable tongues?) I see helicopters. I see jets with their wings collapsed, they are folding them and lowering them into the carrier. (Non-understandable tongues?) I see missiles coming out of the ocean and flying into the sky. My God, I think I am seeing the new War.

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There is another nuclear blast, I see the eye of a Lion. I see people terrified with fear, they’re running and hiding. They’re confused and don’t know what to do. They’re crying. They’re screaming. There is total chaos. They don’t know where to run or hide. I can see this steady marching of this army and they are marching without a wasted movement, approaching this town. The people are going crazy. They’re screaming and praying to their God.

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These people know they are going to die. I see them praying. I see them crying. Women with their kids and husbands with their wives in each others arms totally and completely terrified. There is rubble all over and all kinds of noises, sounds, and bewilderment. (My God, do I need to see any more, please release me!) (Non-understandable tongues)

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I see another nuclear blast, I can see it from the sky looking down. It’s enormous, but I mean it’s enormous! I don’t know where it went off.

09 September 1993
7:30 PM

A vision of the San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, then another nuclear explosion goes off. It was enormous.

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