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NUMBER (WORD & FIGURE) / 1, 1st, 2, 2nd, etc

1106 30 July 1997
17:03 AM 
3 (Horses pulling 1 Chariot)

I saw a vision of Three (3) Horses pulling one (1) Chariot.

1134 17 December 1997
8:30 AM

9 x (Lord said : Merry Christmas)

The Lord said, “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.” (Nine (9) times)

1140 28 December 1997
7:28 AM 

Genesis 14:17-20
Mark 12:42
Acts 5:1-10
10 % (Tithes – church)

The Lord showed me a Christmas tree and said, “Even though this Christmas tree is nailed onto a wooden cross. It is like the body of Christ, “The church of man”. It has no roots”. (over)

The church of man asks you to give ten percent (10 %) because it said in the Bible, that Abram gave to Melchizedek ten percent (10 %), but I tell you giving is good. They are going to love hearing that, but I am also going to tell you. Giving is also like the little widow who gave the two coins. And giving is like Sapphira. It is going to be everything in the middle. (In-between)

1164 03 April 1998
10:00 AM

7 (swords – digging/craving surface of planet)

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of the planet earth. In this vision, I saw Seven (7) Swords moving side by side digging or craving the surface of the planet.

1166 14 April 1998
9:45 AM 

100’s / 1 000’s (black birds) – see also Counterfeit Mary #774 = difference between Mary, mother of Jesus and today’s Mary who “appears” all over world and she is also worshipped by many – my own view

The Lord gave a vision of a Madonna (mother and child). As I watched this vision, I saw hundreds (100’s) or maybe thousands (1 000’s) of black birds flying in the air. They looked like one black moving cloud, as they moved from the right to left. Then the next vision was of another Madonna (Mother and Child), but this one was a little smaller.

Then the next image was, of a grave with a gray headstone. In front of the gravestone (where the dirt covers the body on the ground), looked black or charcoal in color.

Then the next image was of another Madonna. The face looked like it was not there. There was no face, only a black shadow where the face should be. Then the next image was of another grave next to the previous grave (grave with gray headstone). Except this other grave had a pure White headstone, and it had many, many beautiful fresh colorful flowers (every color you could think of), were in front of it. It was so beautiful and clean. Then the image stopped!

1174 03 June 1998
9:15 PM 

10 (virgins – remember) – read Matthew 24

Remember the antichrist. Remember the false prophet. Remember your arch enemy, Satan, the devil. Who has his fangs focused at your throat with pleasure to lick your blood. Remember the Bible. Remember My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the days that will befall this little planet will be the worst than man has ever seen. Remember! The end is before you. Remember the ten (10) virgins. Remember the watch tower. Remember the seeds that fell on good soil. Remember all that is before you! The weather will change more. More people will die by earthquake, by changes in the weather. Remember the birth pains of change. Remember My children, I will never desert you, but the fulfillment of prophecy is coming to bear. The focus of the devil is going to become more clear in the coming years, but remember no matter what happens I am with you. Remember plant the seeds! Plant the seeds! Remember that mustard seed. Remember the mustard seed.

1186 06 August 1998
8:30 AM 

100 fold (advertising Prophecies – like salmon – spawn)
200 fold (advertising Prophecies – like salmon – spawn)
300 fold (advertising Prophecies – like salmon – spawn)

I had a Word from the Lord describing advertising the prophecies. The Lord said, “The Prophecies are like Salmon swimming up stream to spawn, fighting the obstacles and the elements of the earth, of the world. But once they reach their destination and they spawn; they produce hundred, two hundred, three hundred fold. And the movement of the Salmon are the Christians, the believers, who push, who help, who advertise, the Prophecies as they fight the world to reach the spawning grounds.” 

1188 06 August 1998
8:00 PM 

1 (satellite – sign in the sky)
6 (satellites extending from 1 satellite branched out – 3 each side)

The Lord gave me a vision of a satellite. Then the Lord said that the satellite would be a sign in the sky.
Then I saw this same satellite, but it had branched out and it had six (6) other satellites extending from it. It reminded me of an insect for it had three satellites attached on each side.

1190 16 August 1998
8:30 AM 

10 (virgins – remember)

For when the antichrist closes the trap will be the beginning of the end. Remember the Ark, remember the antichrist, remember the Ten (10) Virgins. Remember the END IS BEFORE YOU – that the power and the vengeance of Satan will control, will liquidate, will dominate, will destroy the planet, as you know it today. The envelope will seal on the 6th of December in the year that will be revealed as the false prophet predicts and establishes his position in the world and the domain of the evil territorial spirit of Satan. Remember My Words! Place them in your heart for the false prophet has the key to the abyss and that key he wears around his neck hanging over his heart.”

1192 20 August 1998
8 AM 

Read Matthew 24
Read Revelation

10 (virgins)
5 (which 5 of virgins are you?)

Remember in all of those prophecies where I mentioned the fly. I do not think you have enough wings to fly away from My Hand. For I will swash you like a fly with the rest of the goats! Remember the ten (10) virgins, which five (5) are you! The part of the Body that is not going to make it! – Or the half that is going to be at the wedding supper. Remember My Words! Remember My Hands! For I am dead serious on the things of God! If you want to play church I will send you to a place to play church at. If you want to seek My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, if you seek Me, Jehovah, if you seek the Holy Spirit, I will send you to the wedding supper with a bright new White Garment. Remember My Words, remember the Bible, remember the wrath of God, remember Matthew 24, remember the ten (10) virgins, remember the Book of Revelation, all that is before you. I have clearly stated it. I have clearly had it written, so don’t come before Me telling Me you did not know! When you tried to stone My Reymundo. When you tried to run after the devil for the luxuries of this planet, of the world. For I do not forget a thing, I read your heart. I know you better than you know yourself. So be it! So be it! So be it!”

1197 29 August 1998
3:35 PM

3 (horizontal bands – fabric like flag)

The Lord gave me a vision of some fabric. It could have been a flag but I am not sure. There were three (3) horizontal bands of color that covered the material. The top band of color was red and it extended down to almost the middle, next was a narrow white stripe, then a wide band of green covered the bottom.

1211 04 October 1998
8:20 PM 

3 x (devil going to hit South America)

My son, My son, My son, it has arrived, the clothes have arrived, My son. They have arrived the cold of the world, the cold of Heaven. You are going to have to put on the clothes. The devil found a manner to hit people of South America. With his closed hand, he is going to hit them three times. Beginning on the day of the 1st of March. It has started, the fight of the devils, the fight of the men, who are very bad, that run the countries of South America. But here comes the day of the climate where everything is going to freeze. Yes, it has arrived! Get your clothes for it is going to be very cold in the days that are coming. The Tent of God is going to start on the day of August. Yes! Yes! Yes!

1213 01 November 1998
8:43 AM

1st (to pray for yourself)
2nd (to pray for family)
3rd (to pray for friends)

You will
pray! First (1st) for yourself. Then for your family. Then for your friends that need to hear the POWER of prayer.

So, if you want to climb on the Ark, and you are awake and you are conscious; pray at seven (7), pray at three (3). Twenty-four hours (24) a day – That is three (3) in the morning, seven (7) in the morning, three (3) in the afternoon, and seven (7) in the evening. I am not saying that you have to wake-up at these times to pray, but if you are awake and you remember this prophecy, I am asking you to pray; for yourself first (1st), then your family, then your friends. If you cover them with prayer, I will honor your prayer. But it has to be everyday until the coming of the Lord. Remember My Words, this is the Father, Jehovah with the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit.

1218 19 November 1998
10:30 AM

3 (fish)

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of three (3) fish; a large fish, a medium size fish and a very small fish. The small fish lived in the anus of the large fish and it kept coming in and out of the opening of the large fish. It went in for hiding and protection. Then I saw the larger fish catch the medium size fish with its mouth, but the caught fish just swam out of the larger fish’s mouth because the larger fish had no teeth. The Lord placed an impression in my spirit that this event had to do with the language of the Body of Christ.

1224 15 December 1998
8:00 AM 

3 x (Ray to curse Bay Area 3 x)

The Lord woke me up and told me to go to a high place in the Bay Area and to curse it three (3) times. (over) At 11:30 AM the same day, I cursed the Bay Area from a high place. Fifteen minutes later, the Lord gave me a vision of a wedding band with an image of a nuclear explosion coming from the center of it.

1231 07 February 1999
4:30 AM

1st (Bear eating rat head 1st)

I had a vision of a bear eating a rat – head first (1st). (over)

1234 12 February 1999
10:00 PM 

4 (corners of white sheet – being held – centre black ball)

The Lord gave me a vision of a large white sheet being held at each of the four (4) corners. There was a big black ball in the center of the white sheet, and the black ball was being thrown up, and down by whomever was holding the white sheet from its corners.

1241 22 February 1999
12:45 AM 

3 to 4 x (bigger planet than planet earth) – see also #2 & #18 Jan 2001

The Lord gave me the same end time vision (#2. Vision) from 1990.
Then out of nowhere a new planet appeared, but this planet was three (3) to four (4) times bigger than the planet Earth. It had a bright white light on the outside of it with a dark center.

1242 25 February 1999

Millions (of lives be saved by Ray’s obedience)

The Lord revealed to me, through this Bible study, the importance of being obedient in going to Europe.
For in my heart I truly know that  millions of lives are at the center of me being obedient. So please pray that I will have the spiritual strength, and the funds to complete this European Mission, and the following mission to Israel sometime this summer for the Lord. And may we all jump onto the Lord’s Train.

1260 19 March 1999
8:00 AM

Number 44
Number 48
Number 5
– see #1278

The Lord gave me the number 44 then the number 48. (over)

The Lord showed me the
number 5.

1261 19 March 1999
4:07 PM &
8:24 PM 

7 (mascots from America – Smoky the Bear – with shovels)
(jets on top of an aircraft carrier – white in colour)

Vision (4:07 PM)

The Lord gave me a vision of a
row of Smoky the Bear fire prevention mascots from America. They all had shovels, about seven (7) of them. All in a row and walking in one direction. (over)

Vision (8:24 PM)
The Lord gave me a vision of four (4) Jets on top of an aircraft carrier and they look white in color.

1278 22 March 1999

Number 5 (represented 5 days) – see #1260 – if this means years – counting from 1999, then it must be 2003 – my own view

he Lord said, “Prostitute, prostitute, prostitute. The day of Hosea is here!”

The number 5 represented days.

1284 25 March1999
10:25 AM

3 (nuclear bombs go off in Rotterdam)

During prayer the Lord showed me a nuclear explosion as we approached Rotterdam. I saw three (3) nuclear bombs go off in Rotterdam. Leaving Rotterdam, I had a vision of a horse wearing a mask.

1307 07 April 1999
11:20 PM

4 (rows of soldiers wearing blue/green berets)

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of four (4) rows of soldiers wearing blue/green Beret (hats) as they were lined up side by side.

1317 17 April 1999
10:30 PM

Isaiah 3:13-26
Isaiah 4:1-6
3 (pipes)
4 (pipes)
6 (more wives – LORD going to give Ray – over 1 promised – got Eva as wive and married her in February 2000)

I also want to mention Mark 12:25 & Luk 20:34 – 38 here : it tells us that only those who died in Christ will not be given out in marriage, because they are as angels in Heaven – own view

A vision of three (3) pipes and on top of the three (3) pipes there were four (4) pipes. Then the Lord said he was going to give me six more wives over the one he had promised years ago. Then I said to the Lord, “That is not possible!” Then the Lord gave me the following scriptures from Isaiah. Then the Spirit of God just moved and moved and moved over me and would not let me go. I was left totally bewildered and very cold with chills. Then I asked the Lord, “Is this you Lord?” Then the Lord said, “It is I – Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
So be it! So be it! So be it!

1330 13 May 1999
6:45 AM

2 (sides of coin – GOD)

For the
coming days are going to be hard, are going to be pointed, are going to be a time of cleansing. Some of the Words I have given you will shake you, will rattle you, will confuse you, but they are of God. Some people see Me as Love, Love, Love, but there is another side of the Coin. The side that says – God can rebuke those that He Loves – God can discipline those that He Loves – God corrects those that He Loves. You have to turn the Coin over and see the FULL reality of God. Many of the churches of today only teach you one (1) half of the Coin. I will show you the second (2nd) half of the Coin with the Love of My Heart, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. All will be directed – all will be separated – all will be pointed either to the abyss or to Heaven. You are going to go through one of the hardest times that there has been.

1363 22 July 1999
1:55 AM 

3 or 4 (year old red-haired girl – Israel)
18 – 24 (years old – same red-haired girl)

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of a little red haired girl that I saw at the Western Wall. She was about three (3) or four (4) years old. She was playing with a little boy – actually they were playing in an area, which was restricted for only men. Well, at first I saw the little red haired girl as she looked today. Then, as I watched this little girl, she grew-up before my eyes, in the spirit. She became this beautiful young woman, perhaps between the age of 18 and 24 years.
Then the Lord said, “Nothing is going to happen until this little girl grows-up!”
Note: I do not understand what is supposed to happen when this little girl grows up. That’s all.

1369 23 July 1999
1:30 PM

Number 9

Israel anointing trip

Number “9“.

1373 25 July 1999 During Israel anointing trip – Please read all #’s (Israel)

6 or 7 (horses drinking out of trough – white liquid like milk)
6 x (Lord said : Ark of the covenant)
6 x
(Rays to Lord : I love you (yes) when asked if he loved Him

Then I had a vision of six (6) or seven (7) horses drinking out of a trough with a white liquid inside. This liquid was white in color like milk.

Then some time later I heard, “Ark of the Covenant”, six (6) different times. 
Then I heard the Lord say, “Do you Love Me!” six times. And I said, “Yes! six (6) times.” Then the Lord led us to the next place to be Anointed and we went home early.

1378 28 July 1999
8:30 PM

3 (strand rope – is hard to break)

I was really feeling sick this evening and Carl and Mark prayed for me and the Lord said, “It was the enemy who made you sick because you were so bold in Anointing the walls of El Siq. Because of your boldness all of their god spirits got mad”. Then the Lord said, “A three (3) strand rope is hard to break”.

1380 29 July 1999
7:40 PM

3 – 4 ft (diameter water sewage pipe)
6 (engine rocket blasting off – engines place in triangular form)
7 (eggs hatching open)
90 degree
(angle – open – safety pin)

The Lord showed me a vision of a three (3) to four (4) foot diameter water sewage pipe. As I watched this sewage pipe it was overhanging an embankment and it looked like ice cubes or diamonds were coming out onto the ground.

see space station / satellite – my own view
I saw a vision of a six-engine (6) rocket blasting off. And a vision of rocket engines placed in a triangular form, and they blasted upwards

I saw a vision of seven (7) eggs hatching open. (over)

A vision of an open safety pin at a 90-degree angle.

1385 30 July 1999
7:45 PM

4 (Angelic beings protecting Ray, Mark & Carl)

While Mark, Carl and I were sitting down on the grass outside the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, I saw four (4) Angelic beings standing, one in front and one behind, and two sitting next to us, as we were talking about scripture and resting. I felt like we had our own bodyguards.

1386 31 July 1999

Number 4 (symbol)

Israel anointing trip
I saw a symbol of the number “four” (4), (with an opened top). Then, this number “four(4) turned into an anchor, the symbol that was above the Garden Tomb. This Garden Tomb is outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The Garden Tomb tour guide said this was a symbol carried into the tombs by the followers of Christ.

1397 7 August 1999
1:25 PM

6 ptd (Star of David changes into 5 ptd star)
(Star of David changes into 5 ptd star)

5 ptd (star – Star of David (6 ptd) changes into)

I had a vision of the Star of David with its six (6) points and as I watched it – the Star changed into a 5-pointed star.

1398 7 August 1999
6:30 PM

Number 11

The Lord gave me the number 11.

1404 09 August 1999
9:20 AM

Number 33

During prayer, the Lord gave me the
number, “33“.

1408 25 August 1999

30 (large candles on sculptured cake)

The Lord showed me a
sculptured cake (it looked like a mountain) with 30 large candles (1½ inches in diameter). (over)

1416 25 October 1999
11:45 PM 

1 x / 2 x / 3 x (warnings given to Judas Iscariot in this ministry)

I saw a vision of a serpent moving on the ground. (over)
(Non-understandable Tongues)
I have warned you once (1 x)! I have warned you twice (2 x)! I have warned you three (3 x) times! I am going to warn you one more time! If you mess with My Prophet, Reymundo – you will see the back of My Hand without mercy! I have shown Reymundo “Your End” – hanging from a tree! Do you get My Point? Do you understand what I have said?

Refer also to:
– my own view
1415. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 October 1999 at 11:30 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of someone hung by the neck and swinging in the air. Although, all I could see was from the knees down to their swinging feet, I knew this person was tied around the neck with a rope.
Then the Lord said, “The new Judas Iscariot will hang also!”

1419 11 November 1999
1 AM 

3 (people – man, high-rise house – wants to kill)

There is a man that lives in a high rise house. The house is very high, it almost touches the sky. He believes a lot of himself. He likes to look down at the cars that go here and there. He believes he is god. Right now he is making a plan to kill three (3) people. For he believes he can do what he wants. You know what, Reymundo? I am going to stop him. I am going to stop him with My Thumb. Because there is only ONE God and I am HIM, with My Son, with the Holy Spirit.

1424 20 November 1999
11:45 PM 

3 (strand rope – pulled on 1 end by pair of Hands)

I saw a vision of a three-strand (3) rope in the horizontal position being pulled on one end by a pair of Hands. I can see the rope being stretched, but I cannot see what is pulling it on the other side.

1452 16 February 2000 

4 (short wings like clover – dragon fly)

During Communion prayer, I saw a vision of a dragonfly that had four (4) real short wings that almost looked like a clover.

1460 17 February 2000

Number 3

Then a vision of a top hat. On one side of the top hat there was the
number 3.

1475 06 March 2000
1:30 AM 

3 (holes in bottom of sole of right shoe)

During prayer the Lord said, “Thomas, Thomas…” over and over for about 3 minutes and during this prayer the Lord showed me a vision of the German swastika (cross). 
Then I saw the
bottom of a right shoe with Three (3) Holes in the bottom of the sole.

1485 05 2000
8:40 PM 

3 (black shadows – beheaded by golden pick)

I saw a golden pick swing horizontally at three black shadows and they lost their heads. 

1493 15 April 2000
3:20 AM 

3 (triangular ocean waves – come together – rise up to 1 point)

Then I saw these ocean waves. As I watched these waves, I could see Three (3) Triangular Waves come together (like three walls) over and over. They would come up from the water surface, and when the Three (3) Waves came together they began to rise up to a single (1) point over and over.

1495 15 April 2000
4 AM 

4 (hairy elephants – walking down trail)

I saw four (4) very hairy elephants, their hair almost came down to the ground, and it looked like the hair parted down the middle of their backs. I could see them walking down this trail.

1496 18 April 2000
6:45 PM

Trinity (3 are 1) (relationship with each person of Trinity) 

Then the Holy Spirit said, “If you have developed a personal relationship with the Son, Jesus Christ, or the Father, Jehovah – You have developed a personal relationship with Me. I am One (1) Part of Three (3) Parts, and We Three (3) Parts make On (1) Part. Study John 14:9-10, for this applies to the Holy Spirit also. 

1504 15 May 2000
7:15 PM 

3 (chains – side – wooden board)
3 (padlocks – 3 chains with 3 padlocks)

Then I saw Three (3) Chains hanging over the side of a wooden board and on the end of each Chain there was a padlock. Once again, I saw Three (3) Chains with Three (3) padlocks.

1515 28 June 2000 4th (floor
7th (floor)

When we got to the hotel, California, in Rio de Janeiro, Carl was placed on the fourth (4th) floor and I was placed on the seventh (7th) floor.  We were both very tired so we slept.  Then after a few hours of sleeping, I awoke and began to pray.
Then the Lord said, “I have placed you on the seventh (7th) floor to proclaim My Glory through prayer”.

So I prayed and I prayed and I prayed, to the Lord to proclaim His Majesty and His Greatness.  I do not know for how long, but it was for a long time.

1522 03 July 2000 4 (corners and centre of school – to be anointed)

On our visit to Maanaim School outside Sao Paulo, a Brazilian Christian preschool, elementary and middle school, for poor school children for the ages 3-14. The Lord gave me this Word upon arrival in the school lobby, “Anoint all four (4) corners and the center of the school.

1561 07 November 2000

7 to 2 (America – Election – Bush going to win)

The Lord said, “George W. Bush is going to win by a call of 7 to 2.”

Since the Lord had just told me the results would be 7 to 2. I said to Doug, I believe Bush is going to win by a high number of 7 to 2. Then later, when ruling came in and Court ruling was 9 to 0, for George W. Bush, and it was thrown back to the Florida Supreme Court. This left me at a total lost! For I had no idea it was going to come back to the U.S. Supreme Court, and that they were going to give their final decision in favor of George W. Bush on a 7 to 2 decision

1562 22 November 2000
8:30 AM

Ray’s 4 dreams – re election – Al Gore – please read the whole #

1564 7 December 2000
8:30 PM
View drawings on Ray’s website

I see it as follows: the arched doorway with different chains = door to Heaven (chamber of Bride) – refer to different vessels as mentioned in Bible) and the tunnel refers to doors to hell – my own view

1/3 (from top of arched doorway – golden chain)
4 (sections separated by golden chain, silver chain, rope)
4 (pie sections – tunnel cut up into – dome cover over it)

During praise and worship the Lord gave a vision of an arched doorway covered with a black curtain. But on the outside of the doorway I could see a golden chain going horizontally across (about one-third (1/3) from the top of the doorway). And below the golden chain, I could see a horizontal silver looking cable (about in the middle of the doorway). Then I saw a regular rope (below the silver looking cable) going horizontally across this doorway and about one-third from the bottom of the floor.
Then I saw a tunnel going into the ground with the curvature of a banana. This tunnel also had a dome cover over it.  This dome was dut up into four (4) pie sections that could open up independently.  As I watched these dome sections kept opening and closing over and over.

1571 6 January 2001
8:15 AM

12 years (dates & numbers told by God through Ray)
1st (certain things to happen)
Numbers (to remember)

Beware My Children, there will come a day, when you will not be able to buy Bibles or Prophecies Books. For the end will come swiftly. The beast is ready. My Angels are ready. Remember the dates and the numbers. I have been telling you through Raymundo, for almost 12 years now, and many are beginning to see the pattern of Jehovah.  This is right and true.  My Seed will spread, but the devil’s seed is stronger in numbers. But the Power and Love rest in Jehovah. This is what I want you to do! I want you to buy yourself a bible if you do not have one, and read it until you know it well.

My Peace I give you, but there are certain things that must happen first (1st). So be it! So be it! So be it!

1572 7 January 2001
3:31 PM

Number 5 (in 5 years’ time – 2006? – my own view)

I saw a vision of a nuclear explosion.

The Lord said the number : 5.

1575 14 January 2001
8 AM

Number 2
(Salvadorian National Guardsmen killed 4 Catholic nuns)
4 (Catholic nuns – killed by 5 Salvadorian Guardsmen)

The Lord gave me the
number 2.

Occurrence and Dream about plastic tickets followed after this.
This having hair then not having hair was so real that it woke me up, and then the Lord gave me the number two (2). This made me remember that a few days ago the Lord had given me the number 5. I am bewildered right now, and I am trying to figure out what the Lord is saying or doing with me. At first, I thought the number two meant my finances. For this ministry is broke and it has been this way for some time. Saturday I received a $2000 property tax bill, which I did not pay the first or the second half of last year’s taxes. I am several months behind in paying for the web sites and our water is going to be turned off in 48 hours, for the lack of payment. But the Presence of the Lord has been so strong lately, So I am not too worried.

omments and Vision:

The Lord began this prophecy by showing me a news article I had seen yesterday of five Salvadoran National Guardsmen killing four Catholic Nuns back in 1980. These are the names of the four women that were killed – Maryknoll Sisters Ita Ford and Maura Clarke; Usruline Sister Dorothy Kazel; and lay missionary Jean Donovan. They were abducted, raped and shot to death on Dec. 2, 1980.
(Note the date, ten years before I went up Mt. Diablo on Dec 2, 1990)

Five Salvadoran National Guardsmen were convicted of the crime in 1984. Later, three of the guardsmen were released after only serving part of their 30-year sentences. The Salvadoran authorities did not press charges against the military’s leaders. The military leaders are Former Gen. Jose Guillermo Garcia (the Salvadoran defense minister) and his co-defendant, former Gen. Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova (the director of El Salvador’s National Guard) who both now live in Florida.

The case was in the United States federal court, where the two men have lived in retirement for about 10 years. A jury in civil court on November 3, found that the generals were not responsible for the slayings. They were tried under the 1992 Torture Victim Protection act. In December 28, 2000 a federal judge refused to grant a new trial in the case of two former Salvadoran generals.  

1578 18 January 2001
7 PM 
3 to 4 x  (bigger planet than planet earth) – see also #2 & #1241

Then the
Lord showed Himself building this New World, which was about three (3) to four (4) times larger than the Planet Earth. Then the Planet Earth disappeared.

1582 30 January 2001
8 AM

Number 4

The Lord gave me a vision of a bright White Light reflecting on a calm ocean. Then I saw a White Light move across the landscape and over cities. Then the Lord showed me the number “4“. (over)

1590 07 February 2001
12:45 PM
Millions (of people touched by Ray’s ministry)

Reymundo’s ministry that I have placed him in charge of is growing leaps and bounds. He has no idea of the millions and millions and millions and millions of people he has touched. And yet! – at this point in time, he has a difficulty paying his electric bill, his taxes, the simple day to day things that everybody takes for granted at times. But the mark My little Reymundo has done is changing the world, changing attitudes, destroying theologies, awaking the church with the Power of My Word. Most of the time he doesn’t know what is going on. But blind obedience is precious to Me.
1597 19 February 2001
9:45 AM

Number (devil’s mark)

I saw a person sinning.
Yes, yes, My Reymundo. What you saw was correct! That was the devil’s spirit entering that person, and the
number you saw was the devil’s mark.
That person lost their salvation at that point. Some people believe once saved always saved. But that is just not the truth. People have to truly repent or their salvation is lost. Remember, I can read the inter heart. I can tell – when the person is not sincere, when they say they are sorry. Complete repentance is what is needed after sin. Many people believe they can say they are sorry, and that’s all there is to it. These people are only fooling themselves. For My Eyes and Ears see and hear only the truth. So people keep sinning – and see where you will find yourself at judgment. Remember hell or heaven – which will it be – you evil doers.
Being good is not enough to get you into heaven. Are not non-believers good to each other and they are not going to heaven. Good is following the Law of God. That is – what is GOOD, and that leads you to salvation.

1599 24 February 2001 4 (wall candle holders with 4 lit candles)
4 (lit candles – 4 wall candle holders)

Then the Lord showed me a row of four (4) wall candleholders with four (4) lit candles. I could see the flames on top of the candles, but the smoke was coming from under the candle holder base.
1612 20 April 2001
9 PM

See also “Dates”
(day – of tribulation – anti-christ – lake of fire)
1st (few hours – beginning of 1 000 yearsl)
1 000 years (beginning of – People will sing Spirit Song)

During worship at Carl’s Bible study, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and gave me a vision of the future.

What I saw was the last day of the tribulation, where the antichrist is finished or thrown into the lake of fire. Some people would say the first day (This was clearly shown to me to be the first few hours) of the beginning of the one thousand year period. I could see many people standing and looking toward the sky at this White Light. I could also see smoke or fog of some kind on the ground and rising into the air, and there was destruction all around these standing people. Everything was in dead silence except for these people singing this song.

Then the Lord said, “At the beginning of the thousand year period people will be standing and singing this song”

Then the Lord showed me that the song was the “Spirit Song”.

Spirit Song (by John Wimber)

1619 04 May 2001
9:15 PM 
3 (bones laying on top of each other – wishbones)

Then the Lord showed me Three (3) Bones laying on top of each other. Then the Lord said, “Wish Bones!”
1643 23 July 2001
1:30 PM


You are at the end of this timeline of this little planet. I tell you and I tell you and I tell you, but only a few will know that I am telling the TRUTH. But that few are millions and millions and millions and millions of people. But that few is still a small number compared to the over all number of people that are on this planet. I am going to take My Remnant, those who hear My Voice, those that cry when they hear My Voice, those that weep in the heart. For I know and they know that they belong to Me. They have struggles like everyone else. Many are still blinded, but slowly, but surely I will open their eyes to show them the TRUTH. Through the Bible, through Prayer, through Communion, through seeking My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Some have money – Some do not have anything, but money is not important. The only thing that is important is what is in their heart in how they relate to the other brothers and sisters.  

1650 16 September 2001
2 PM
10 (Commandments – remember)

Remember the rainbow, My Promise. Remember the things of the Bible. Remember the Ten (10) Commandments. Remember to Love thy brother. Remember that the devil is with you too! Remember your Father Jehovah, no matter what happens. No matter what comes your way, Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be there with you. The Holy Spirit will be there with you. Remember My Words, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. But We have to clean up this planet, and We know that you will not clean up yourself. So be it! So be it! So be it!

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