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17 May 1992
1:19 AM

Russia will eat the hog. The internal organization will eat the hog. For the Power and the Glory is Jesus Christ; For the Power and the Glory is Jehovah; For the Power and the Glory is the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Trinity, is the God of all. The hog will be eaten by the Russians. The day between the hog, the Lamb, and the coming of the Ritual will light up the sky. For the Ritual will be Blasphemous to your Holy Father, to your King of Kings, Lord of Lords. For the Ritual will be an abomination to all the Heavenly things that are Pure and Good, and Righteous, but it must happen. I must allow it, to bring a close, to bring to end, what must be, what must be, for the scenario of the War will be complete. And the Prince of Peace and the Heavenly Angels will finally be in the place that I chose in the hour, and in the place that I chose thousands of years ago. For the coming of the end will be exactly as I said it would be. Everything will be done in the order and in the manner that I so Destined it. The parrot and the sword will come to an end on that day. For the parrot is a blasphemous thing that I will not allow. Watch for the parrot, the parrot that repeats and repeats the blasphemy. The parrot will be the end of the end. Watch for the parrot. So I said it, so it will be done, for Russia is the hog, for Russia is the hog. Come to Heaven My Saints. Come to Heaven where there is Peace, Tranquillity forever. So saith, Jehovah. So saith Jehovah, for it will be complete when My Son slays the dragon, once and for all.
06 July 1992
4:53 PM

I just had another vision of those flying insects. I don’t know what they are. They have golden jaws, teeth, fangs or something. The fangs are yellow or gold in color. I see millions of them. I mean swarms of them. You can hardly see the sky and they are flying. They have big wings, two in the front and two in the back. They have large wings, about as long as the body and they make a humming sound. It’s incredible. I can still see them in the spirit. They have little antennas too. I see a different one also, which has a single beak like a parrot. The others have two flanges curved like the fangs of a rattlesnake, but they are golden in color. This other one has a single beak, but it’s not gold. It’s neutral in color, but with a single beak. It reminds me of a bee, but it isn’t a bee. That’s all!

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