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18 July 1990
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This vision of a clear sheet of glass made me even angrier for after seeing a nuclear explosion I was shown something that didn’t make sense.

The next thing I was shown was the ground. As I watched the ground it opened up and a large crystal came up. It was about one foot in diameter and about eighteen inches high with a bright white cone on top.

This crystal with a cone on top made no sense either, but then this crystal changed into the United States Pentagon Building.  Next image was an ice cream cone.

Then the ice cream cone changed into the continent of South America.  From South America to Africa.  From Africa to Texas.  From Texas to Italy.  Then Holland was shown as a windmill.   Egypt was shown as an Egyptian Sphinx

11 Septemer 2001
10:15 AM

Reymundo, this is the catastrophe (The World Trade Centre Buildings, Pentagon and airplane crashes) that I told you, Eva and Michael to pray about last month.  Please keep praying for these Brothers and Sisters.

Michael stopped by for a visit last month and during prayer the Lord said to us, “Pray Reymundo, for there is going to be a catastrophe some place in the World, and there are going to be many Christians who are going to get hurt and die.  Please pray for them”.

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