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Jack Barr
31 14 January 1991

And all the ice of the north and in the south will move. It’s going to move. The ocean will go up and down, and up and down, the whole world will move. You won’t comprehend. You think it will be one way and it won’t be. It’s going to do something else. You’ll get frightened for everyone, all the Presidents, the Kings, the People, the Governors, everybody that thinks they know it all, they too are going to get scared.

41 26 April 1992

The world, the people, the Presidents, and all the people who live in the¬†World, are going to be frightened, because I’m the Father of everything – The Father of the World, of the Heavens, of all that is and is going to be. I am. I am. I am, going to do everything that I said, years ago, years ago, years ago. For I have been telling you, for years, years, and years. You’re Deaf and Blind and you don’t Hear Me.

The day is now coming, that I said to you. You have to get ready because the devil is loose, and is going to do everythi

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