PROSTITUTE (see also BABYLON /  Witch-Craft – MY OWN VIEW
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56 19 May 1992
1:15 PM

The Prostitute – Please note that after mentioning  prostitute and  lonely conniving witch,  Israel is mentioned (see also #254 where papers signed in the White House office – Ray sensed the name Israel) – also note 3-piece army (east, north, south) – places near Israel and who are against Israel = Syria, Jordan and Egypt ? – in time of wolf – prostitute is seen as the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) – my own view

Ark! Ark! ark! (Non-understandable tongues.) English: Oh My Lord. Oh My Lord. Oh My Lord. I am, I am, I am. For the Ram, the Goat, and the Prostitute, will come together. The Goat is the animal that will be the downfall of the enemy. For the Goat will feel secure in a time, and then it will fall.

The Prostitute will enslave, will capture the Hearts of the Innocent. The Prostitute will be the coming of the end. For she will seduce the Valid, the Strong, and the Mighty for she is a abomination to the Elect. For She beguiled the Leaders of Nations. She beguiled the Leaders of the World. She brought them down to the Pit of Hell, and there She will be thrown with all her followers.

For she is a conniving witch that misleads, and misguides anyone at any time for any reason. She’s a lonesome witch, who loves praises and loves to be honored, but those who follow her will be thrown into the Pit of Hell. For all the days that are in Heaven, beware, beware of the witch that will ensnare you forever.

There is going to be a three-piece army, which will invade the Holy Land from the East, from the North, and from the South. The invasion will take place in the time of the wolf, for the wolf is a cunning animal. Arm yourselves, arm yourselves: Be prepared, for the wolf and the Lamb will meet at the appointed time.

When and how, only I know, for Jehovah knows all, for Jehovah will warn before the sound of the Bugle Blasts on Heaven, on Earth. For you are My Children and I love you.

Beware of the three-piece army. Each piece can sting like a scorpion, each piece can devour like a lion, each piece can destroy with such destruction that the world has never known. Be strong, be faithful, reach for Jesus, for He’s invincible, for at any time, for at any place, He will be at the Place and the Hour that I chose, for the refuge that you have begun looking for in Christ Jesus.

1278 22 March 1999

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