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Note that 9 figures surround Uncle Sam (USA) – the 10th is Japan (#876 and unite with other 9  – attack (Babylon) in 1 hour (see also Statue of Liberty) – (see tiger #55, 90, 1158, 1195  – you will find that the tiger is manifesting itself on the land and property – with spears and arrows (USA)? – the bear did not give his permission and tiger was deceived by hog and is conquered (the 1st kingdom subdued?) by USA  – see bearhog/pig #1195 below – notice also Babylon & Prostitute – she sits on 7 mountains – have power over 7 countries/kingdoms – see Rev 17:9 – When looking at the #’s below it seems like Russia/bear/boar/hog/pig is the No 1 kingdom of the beast – my own view

17 May 1992
1:19 AM

I believe that Russia is 1 of the 7 kings/horns (after 3 of 10 subdued) – in #1195 it says that the bear is NOT THE LAST ONE and thus not the anti-christ  but the devil himself in the flesh (the 8th) – see Rev 17:11 –  notice : the day between the hog and the Lamb (Jesus – Prince of Peace, King, Lord) – the hog is a leader of  Russia – in other words he will be fight in the war against Jesus with the other kings – Russia is working closely with the beast – my own view – see also  Jack Barr’s site for his interpretation

Russia will eat the hog. The internal organization will eat the hog. For the Power and the Glory is Jesus Christ; For the Power and the Glory is Jehovah; For the Power and the Glory is the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Trinity, is the God of all. The hog will be eaten by the Russians. The day between the hog, the Lamb, and the coming of the Ritual will light up the sky. For the Ritual will be Blasphemous to your Holy Father, to your King of Kings, Lord of Lords. For the Ritual will be an abomination to all the Heavenly things that are Pure and Good, and Righteous, but it must happen. I must allow it, to bring a close, to bring to end, what must be, what must be, for the scenario of the War will be complete. And the Prince of Peace and the Heavenly Angels will finally be in the place that I chose in the hour, and in the place that I chose thousands of years ago. For the coming of the end will be exactly as I said it would be. Everything will be done in the order and in the manner that I so Destined it. The parrot and the sword will come to an end on that day. For the parrot is a blasphemous thing that I will not allow. Watch for the parrot, the parrot that repeats and repeats the blasphemy. The parrot will be the end of the end. Watch for the parrot. So I said it, so it will be done, for Russia is the hog, for Russia is the hog. Come to Heaven My Saints. Come to Heaven where there is Peace, Tranquillity forever. So saith, Jehovah. So saith Jehovah, for it will be complete when My Son slays the dragon, once and for all.

17 May 1992
9:45 AM

Russia, the Beast
I do not believe that Russia is the beast (anti-christ) – he is working with the beast – please look at other prophecies about Russia (hog/boar/pig), especially #90 – own view


Nuclear Explosion
The Lord says:
“The Cat and the mouse will live together. Russia the Beast.”
A ball is thrown into the air. Then the ball explodes.
30 May 1992
3:23 AM

For you know certain things in the Bible, like the rising up of My Son, and the return of My Son, but I am explaining details for your benefit. For this time of Tribulation will occur, as it has been stated in the Bible. All of Germany will unite. Russia will reassemble, reorganize. The false prophet will be risen from the Middle East, and he will unite with the beast at the appointed hour in time. This false prophet from the Mid East, Middle East, is going to use the power of Satan to deceive. He is going to create miracles. He is going to do things that you’re going to consider wondrous, great.
11 June 1993
10:10 PM

It has arrived, the pig, the rabbit, the dog, the elephant, the coyote, the tiger, and the Match. DON’T FORGET THE MATCH! For I am going to burn everything that is evil, all that is of the devil. Put everything down, write it with the Mind of God, with the Mind of everything that is Good. It has arrived. For it is Mine. For it is Mine. For it is Mine. (Non-understandable tongues?).
10 October 1993
4: PM

Hammer and a sickle – old Russia – this means that Communism is again reigning – could this sign be the mark of the beast / showing to way of killing people?- see also #592 & 1234 below – my own view

I see a vision of a shield that has the colors of the United States flag. I saw an eagle earlier, but I can’t tell if there is an eagle on top of the shield, but I can see the Stars and Stripes. (five pointed stars on top of shield)

I see a candle on top of a base inside of a pyramid made of rods

I see a
hammer and a sickle.

19 September 1994
12:43 PM

I am viewing a bridge from the water line. This is a high bridge and I see a bear wearing a red sweater riding a bicycle, pushing a scooter or something like that as he moves across the bridge from the right to the left from my position. (over)
28 September 1994
12:08 PM

Hammer and a sickle – old Russia – this means that Communism is again reigning – see also #373 above & 1234 below – my own view

Show Me Moscow and I will show you the pit of hell. For the things in Moscow are going to change for the worse. For the devil is still there hiding in-between the rocks. But people of Moscow do not worry for your God is there, the Shining Light, the Light of Heaven. Listen to the sound Words of the Bible. Listen to your Father Jehovah. Listen to your Christ, Jesus. Listen to the Holy Spirit. For the reorganization of Russia will begin. It will be violent. It will be complete. For the devil is going to come from underneath all the rocks, from the sewers, from the alleys, and he is going to create an uprising – the uprising of the devil – the uprising of all that is of the devil. But those of you who have Bibles; those of you who have the Word of Jehovah; those of you who have the Heart of Jehovah, stand fast, spread the Word – spread the Word of your God, to your neighbors, to your enemies, while you can. For the hammer and the sickle will be used on the people. Remember Moscow people! The hammer and the sickle, the devil in the rocks, be strong, be brave. Focus on Jesus Christ for the end is before you. For the hammer and the sickle will come fast and hard. This is the Word of Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit – a Word of warning to My Body in Moscow. Peace and Love My Children – for the day of Armageddon is here. Remember Noah. Noah obeyed, for Noah Loved the Father. Trust in Jesus. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Here comes the devil to Moscow. (over)

20 November 1994
3:05 AM

I want you to do what I tell you tomorrow. For tomorrow (21 Nov 1994?) will be the judgment of the leadership of the Body of My Son. For the hog and the beast will come together.
06 October 1995
8:30 PM

Then the next image that I saw was of a lion, of a pig, and of a ram. The lion had red eyes.
04 December 1990
See also : #8 regarding 9 places taken away from devil – own view
A conversation with Jesus Christ.
Ray: “Where are they? Where are the nine points that you told me about?”
Jesus: “Mt. Diablo, Hong Kong, Samara (Russia), Italy, Iraq.
Ray: “Lord Jesus Christ those are only five points. You said there were nine.
Are you there?”
Jesus Christ: “Yes, I am here.”
Ray: “Where are the other four? (a long pause) Why aren’t you answering?
Where are the other four?”
Jesus Christ: “Washington D.C, South Africa, Brazil, Amsterdam (I believe it’s
Amsterdam. The tape is bad here and I could not understand it, but I had Amsterdam marked on my map.)
Ray: “Why did it take you so long to give me the other four names?”
Jesus: “I was not sure whether I should tell you.”
Ray: “Why?”
Jesus: “For you are not to know everything. You are not to know everything, but I decided to tell you because people will ask you. For the land belongs to God now, except for Iraq. That is the only place that is left.”
Ray: “But you told me that there were two places.”
Jesus: “I know I told you that there were two places, but the second place has been cleared up.”
Ray: “Where were the thirty, the thirty people that you wanted to save? Which place?
Jesus: “Two were in Brazil and twenty-eight people in Iraq. The people in Brazil are safe now. But by Tuesday (today is the 4th of December) within 7 days the fate of Iraq with be settled. My people will be free, but the property of My Father was liberated on December 2, on Sunday, on schedule. But the evil one had power and control over the governments and the surrounding area was not safe; like in the other places (7 places). But Brazil is safe now. Iraq will be safe after Tuesday.”
Ray: “What is your opinion of the United States?”
Jesus: “The United States of America is the land of opportunity, but the land of sin. It is an abomination to My Father for many evil and wicked things will occur between Mt. Diablo and Washington DC before the liberation. Things will change. The evil one is in the air. The war has begun and My Angels, My Arch Angels are beating the tar out of Satan’s evil once and for all. It will be sometime before the war is over, so tell people to be good, to pray to the Father, the Great I am, to the Son, Me, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit will show you how. For all THREE ARE ONE and ONE GOD, who created the whole universe.” Ray: “I asked you about aliens from other worlds. Are there any living things in other planets in other worlds besides the earth?” 
s: “Like I told you earlier, the evil things you see in the sky that move so fast are from Satan. Satan and his evil ones are the creators of the space aliens. For the Lord, the Great I am, created only man in his image, but man was spoiled by Satan. Satan has dominion over the earth, but after the war he will be in shackles, in hell, until he is released for the final battle. He created the space creatures so people would chase them and treat them as gods. He wants people to treat the aliens as gods because they are satanic beings. It is – another one of his tricks to fool the stupid and the blind. WOE – to man who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Great I am, and the Holy Spirit.”  
y: “Are you still there Lord Jesus Christ?” 
s: “Yes.”
Ray: “Did Jesus Christ walk in the flesh?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Did He die for our sins on the cross?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “After the third day did He ascend into Heaven?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Is He seated at the right Hand of the Father?”
Jesus: “Yes.”
Ray: “Does Jesus Christ deserve all the Honor, and Power, and Glory and has He all the Authority and Dominion now and for ever?” 
s: “Yes.”
Ray: “Does it bother you when I test you?”
Jesus: “No, I want you to test Me, over and over. For the evil one will try to
mislead you Ray. He is afraid of you… …He is afraid, but he is going to send others to mislead you, to attack you, but you are in the Father’s Hands and in My Hands, and nothing, nothing will ever pull you from them. And Satan knows this. For he is a doomed evil spirit.”
Ray: “About how much time do we have before the end of the battle in the stars? I mean – in the Heavens or in the sky or wherever terminology you use?” 
s: “It is the battle of the sky. Heaven is involved. The earth is involved.” (That is all I am aloud to type. over)
20 January 1999
5:20 PM

Notice that the Lord tells Ray to pray over Europe and Russia just after mentioning the lady with red hair and Russia (Europe referring to the lady with red hair- usually a woman refers to a church – Russian Orthodox church or the RCC/Vatican in Rome, Italy – my own view

I have been feeling very, very depressed and under such spiritual attack, I have not been able to do a thing since I decided to go to
Russia and visit the lady with red hair. So I prayed to the Lord for help and the Lord said, “The lady with red hair and Russia are the same, but different. One represents a woman and the other represents a country and both represent the woman with red hair. Reymundo, I want you to go and pray over Europe and Russia. That is why you are under such spiritual attack. The devil wants to stop you!” (over)
12 February 1999
10:00 PM

Hammer and a sickle – old Russia – this means that Communism is again reigning – could this sign be the mark of the beast?- see also #373 & 592 above – my own view

I am going to turn this world inside out and kick it like a football. I am going to bury man’s church like that grave I showed you earlier, and you are going to wish you had a flower to place on it. Most of the Body of Christ thinks I am playing games, but the players have their scripts. The things are ready for the coming of the hammer and the sickle. The day of theology is finished! The day that the blood flows in the streets is here! The army in Heaven is prepared! The army on earth is getting ready.

Babylon – see also Prostitute
Then the Lord said to me, “Do you want to hear some more! Neighbor will betray neighbor. Mother will betray child. Parents will eat their children for food. Some of you will wish that you were dead, but I will not let you die. The Ark of the Covenant is ready! The hammer and the sickle are ready! The fall of Babylon is ready! But that’s enough for tonight!”

18 March 1999
The Lord gave me Chapter 9 of the Book of Job in the City of Vyborg, Russia. The Lord also told me not to anoint the train station there.
Many people believe the bear is Russia and in this Russian train station there were many pillars holding up the roof. After reading Job Chapter 9, I noticed it mentioned the word “pillars” and the word “bear”. (over)
20 March 1999
9:30 PM

During prayer I could spiritually sense this same wide red line I sensed behind the train while going toward Russia. This same red spiritual line was moving behind the ship heading for Stockholm, Sweden. After I sensed this happen – there appeared an odor of flesh flowers. This flower odor also appeared after lunch on the ship.
12 April 1999
3:07 PM

See #1295 – Italy/Rome
The Lord placed in my spirit that the same thing He had said about
Rome, He was going to do to the Russian Orthodox Church. (over)

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