Saber-Tooth Tiger / Tiger

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Note that 9 figures surround Uncle Sam (USA) – the 10th is Japan (#876) and unite with other 9  – attack (Babylon) in 1 hour (see also Statue of Liberty) – see tiger #55, 90, 1158, 1195 – you will find that the tiger is manifesting itself on the land and property – with spears and arrows (USA)? – the bear did not give his permission and tiger was deceived by hog and is conquered – see bearhog/pig #1195 my own view

Notice also Babylon & Prostitute (church) – she sits on 7 mountains – have power over 7 countries / kingdoms – see Rev 17:9 – Perhaps Leviathan, Prostitute (Babylon – church), She-bear and Lady with red hair is the same?? – own view

See also Leviathan / She-bear

07 May 1992
2 AM

The French Doors will open at the sound of the Bell. And the Bell will ring when the Cross in the sky will show you. Paris will not be Paris. The sign of the Hog  and the Saber tooth Tiger will cling to the Hornet. Woe be to the world. Woe be to the world, to the blind, to the deaf.

The Orange Bowl will be delivered, at high noon, on the day that the Cat climbs in the basket with the Mouse. 

Here comes the pig.

I’ll show the State of Israel in the Mighty Powerful Way, the Song of David.

18 May 1992

The day of the hog is here, the day of the saber tooth is here, for the fangs of the saber tooth are sharp, to rip apart. Come, you faithful students of the Bible, for the wisdom and the knowledge of the tiger, with his teeth, will manifest itself, on the Land and Property of the people that have spears and arrows (USA). But the defenses of the people, with the spears and arrows (USA), will conquer the saber tooth tiger with its fangs. For the hog deceived the saber tooth tiger. And the saber tooth tiger saber tooth tiger with its fangs. For the hog deceived the saber tooth tiger. And the saber tooth tiger saber tooth tiger with its fangs. For the hog deceived the saber tooth tiger. And the saber tooth tiger saber tooth tiger with its fangs. For the hog deceived the saber tooth tiger. And the saber tooth tiger saber tooth tiger with its fangs. For the hog deceived the saber tooth tiger. And the saber tooth tiger fell without having a chance to retaliate. It was not aware that the support would never come. For the deliberate act of the saber tooth tiger to go to an area that the hog, the boar do not agree.
12 June 1992
12:55 AM

I love you Ray. Since you can’t sleep, let’s talk. Let Me tell you a little bit about the War, the War of the future. The Saber tooth Tiger will be conquered but the Beast and the Boar will use a series of spies and counterspies to manipulate Governments. In such a manner that there is more corruption going on underneath the tables with these Political Officers who ran these Governments that you could ever have comprehended. When he gets control of the oil and the finances he will use this leverage and this blackmail. He will use anything that he can to get his way and he will get his way.
9 July 1992
8:50  AM

I see a tiger’s face with bright red eyes staring at me.
I really do not understand what’s going on but I can see things in the Spiritual World. I surely cannot understand why or there meaning. I see this creature. I thought it was a
Ram because its horns were curled and curlicue like a snail. They are really thick horns. This creature has a thin face and slender like a deer, but thinner than a Ram’s head. I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on. My mind is at a loss.
11 June 1993
10:10 PM

Arm yourself with the Word of God My Little Son. It has arrived, all that I have told you, all that’s going to happen with the Fever of everything that is Good, all that is of God, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is your Father with the Word of Heaven. It has arrived, the pig, the rabbit, the dog, the elephant, the coyote, the tiger, and the Match. DON’T FORGET THE MATCH! For I am going to burn everything that is evil, all that is of the devil. Put everything down, write it with the Mind of God, with the Mind of everything that is Good. It has arrived. For it is Mine. For it is Mine. For it is Mine.
02 February 1998
1:10 AM

See#1599 where dragon eats tiger and then # 1629 (serpent  = Al Qaeda = tail of dragon)
My son, My son, My son,
the hunger of the tiger is big. Yes! The hunger of the  snake is big too! The both of them are pointed. The two of them are waiting! The two of them are waiting for the devil. But they believe they can awaken the things of the world, but all is beneath My Finger. I tell you to the point. I tell you the things of God. 
17 March 1998
3:34 PM

Then the Lord said, “The tiger and the woman (USA) will clash and fight until the end and the determination of the fight will be determined by the sitting sun. (over)
28 August 1998
1:25 AM

Why? Why? Why is the tiger angry? The tiger has no business for being angry. Yes, Reymundo! The tiger is mad! He wants to lick the blood, but the bear; the bear says no! And when he says, “No”, it is, “NO”! For the bear has the strength. He has all that he needs to tell the tiger, NO! The bear has the hunger of all that there is. But the bear is not the last one! NO! But the tiger wants to be the last one. Look! The day of the tiger has now arrived, the day of the bear, the day of the flame; the flame of the world. I know! I know! I know! (over)
29 July 1999
1:15 AM

I believe the Saber-tooth tiger is Saddam Hussein (Iraq) – see also rat / fox / horse / dog / dragon – Bin Laden (believe he is responsible for USS Cole incident – #1357 – large propeller & small boat) and also #1127 – ship within a ship – see also serpent  in #1629 (Al Qaeda) that changed into tail of dragon – my own viewVision:

I see a large propeller, the kind you would see on a large ship. The next image is of a small boat with its propeller spinning in the water. (over)
Then the Lord said, “The saber tooth tiger has bitten the tail of the rat.”

24 February 2001
2:30 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a red dragon wearing a crown and eating a tiger headfirst.
28 May 2001
3:00 PM

During prayer time I saw the profile of a tiger’s head. It had its mouth wide open. From where I stood I could see in between its fangs and out on the other side through its open mouth. On the other side there was a curved body of a serpent, but I don’t know if the body was attached to the tiger’s head or not. The serpent’s body was sliding over this sharp Rock, and as it moved over the Rock, the Rock cut into the side of the serpent’s body leaving a large deep cut. Then my eyes focused back on the tiger’s head and I noticed it had changed into a dragon’s head. And then as I focused back on the body of the serpent that I could see through the dragon’s wide, open mouth, it had now changed into a tail of a dragon.
12 September 2001
7:23 PM

The Lord said, “The tiger is here!” (over) – look at fox, rat, dog, horse, dragon & serpent also – my own view
15 October 2001
10:25 AM

This is not referring to tiger – added because of #1147, 1357, 1599, 1629 – Al Qaeda is Bin Laden’s organisation –  my own viewVision (13 Oct. 2001):

The Lord gave me a vision of a mountain with a ring around the base of the mountain.


The Lord said, “Al Qaeda is the tail of the dragon.” (over)

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