Ship(s) / Submarine(s)

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254 17 December 1992 9:59 AM

Please read whole # on Ray’s site or go to White House 
This has to do with America – see also #262 – “War of America with world” 
I hear and I see sirens like you would hear in an air raid. I see an enormous, enormous nuclear blast. I see the ground shaking. I see buildings and roofs flying all over the place. There was this enormous flash the sound is incredible. My God it’s enormous! I see these fighter jets flying in the sky. I think they have the star with the circle on the tail end of the plane. I see planes landing on an
aircraft carrier (Non-understandable tongues?) I see helicopters. I see jets with their wings collapsed, they are folding them and lowering them into the carrier. (Non-understandable tongues?) I see missiles coming out of the ocean and flying into the sky. My God, I think I am seeing the new War.

856 23 January 1996 10:00 PM

See also Babylon & Statue of Liberty pages – “in one hour” – my own view
Then I had a vision of a submarine propeller underneath the water.
Then I saw a missile come from underneath the water and shoot into the sky. Then there was this large explosion in the sky. The explosion lit up the sky as an expanding circular light. As I was viewing it from underneath just before the expanded light filled the whole sky, I saw an image of the Statue of Liberty directly beneath the center of the circular light. What was so strange about the Statue of Liberty was it’s height, it was miles high into the sky (right up to the light).
Prophecy: Then the Lord said, “In one hour.”

1127 28 November 1997 8:35 AM

View on Ray’s Possible Confirmations page –  attack on USS Cole – See also #1311 re Saddam Hussein and terrorist and #233 re Arab (Bin Laden), bandanna, etc (view on Ray’s Possible Confirmations page) – This is a DEFINITE CONFIRMATION
Then the Lord gave me a vision of ship, but on this ship there was another ship. It was a vision of a ship within a ship. (over)

See also : #1357 below

1357 29 July 1999 1:15 AM

I believe this has also to do with th

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