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46 05 May 1992

Yes, the Ball, the Ball is coming. It is coming so fast. Here comes the Ball, that will close the world. Why? Why? It’s a secret that I am not going to tell you, in one manner or another. Because the time is short, the time is short of whatever is going to be. When there is a knock on the door, you’re not going to know who’s there. You’re going to get scared, because there’s the devil looking for you, like a dog looking for a bone. The dog is coming now, the dog, with his bare teeth and a stink in his mouth, for your flesh. That’s the way it’s going to be, if you don’t wake up. The face of your heart is asleep, because all you think about is the world, but the world is not going to save you. You need God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. The  Father is everything, and He knows everything. You’re going to remember what I am telling you. Here comes the Ball straight. It’s going to Hammer you on the Head with the star of the devil. And you won’t be able to remove the star. The devil is going to eat you. What a shame, what a shame, My Sons and My Daughters, with Love, with Love, I am telling you the Truth. What a shame, here comes the Ball, with the star (Non-understandable tongues)? Of Jesus (Non-understandable tongues)

55 18 May 1992

This star is referring to devil – this is the time when thrown out of Heaven – this cannot be referring to the “rapture”, because we will meet Jesus in the clouds and this cannot refer to Jesus’ 2nd coming, because this star is landing when the Peace Treaty is signed – my own view

For the Lamb will conquer the Goats, for the hour of day and night will be completely covered with blood. For the blood of Abel will be spilled to the end of the time, of the sword in the Valley. For why, for why, for why is the coming of the hog upsetting the Multitude of Christians. For
the star will land at the valley, where the Deer and the Goats partake in the Peace Treaty. (Non-understandable tongues?) 

73 04 June 1992
1:48 AM

Not sure whether this is referring to Jesus or the star of the devil landing in the valley where Peace Treaty is made or the mark of the beast

Hear Me! What I mentioned earlier of
the world, of the star, of the sky, of the world is going to start, the 30th of July in the New Year, but the year of God, of Christ, I cannot tell you. But the 30th of July is going to start the date of the war with the Pig.  And you can mark that date on your Calendar on July 30th, of July.

102 12:51 AM

Message to Ray – not sure if this is referring to Jesus coming for His Bride or the devil (star) landing in the valley or the piece of a star – my own view
Ray, certain things on this Planet have to happen, as I said, in a certain manner, in a certain way. All you have to do is obey My Word, Trust Me, Pray to Me, with your Whole Heart, and Soul, and you’ll be okay. None of the arrows, none of the stones will hit you. Everything I promise you will occur, the hour and the time has been placed and set. The same goes for the Star that’s coming. The same goes for the Beast, the Mark of the Beast, the Wars, the Blood.

108 24 June 1992
1:27 AM

Referring to the Mark of the Beast – my own view
There it is in front of your nose My son. What I was telling you about your wife. There she is. You can touch her, you can kiss her. For she is ready.  But look, the time has arrived of the
Cross, of the Crooked Cross. It has arrived. For what I say is the truth. You have to watch the Crooked Cross. The Star is going to come, and its going to hit the world like a Hammer, and the Star is going to be, because the pig, and the dogs, are going to run after everything that is, and what they want in this world. Here comes the Star with the Hammer. For what I say, your God, the Father does not Lie. All that is Straight, and is Clean, is your Father’s. (Non-understandable tongues?)

So beware of the Beast. Beware of the Star that will hammer your hand, and your forehead without mercy. For once you have this Star, you will never see My Kingdom in Heaven with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Star will be painless. It will not hurt. It will be implemented with a tool that will Hammer it in place. So beware of the Hammer with the Star.

110 25 June 1992
10:34 AM
Will put on all star/light pages – not sure whether this is referring to Jesus or devil in this case

The Star will arrive at the appointed time, for the Star is on its way. The time for it to come will amaze and astonish the whole world. For the Heavenly Host will be appearing when the Commerce and Oil Finances of the World will be at its peak. The sound of the trumpet will sound in the Heavens and on Earth. For the closing of the trap on the devil will be complete. The Saints that Preserve and that stay Clean and Righteous will meet My Son in the Cloud. The hour is at Hand. The day will be a wondrous and triumphant conclusion to the long and awaited return of My Son. The Angels that have been fighting the War in Heaven are exuberant and are impatiently waiting for the new arrivals. So beware of the False Prophet, the Antichrist, and the Worship of the Beast.

145 07 July 1992
1:18 Pm
It seems that this is devil (star) – thrown out of heaven – when he lands in valley where Peace Treaty is made – I also think that a few things will happen at one time, eg rapture, false prophet crowned as head of Islam, anti-christ will attend this coronation – my own view 
Come My Children, come My Children, and listen to your Father.
The Star is on its way. It will strike, and hit the atmosphere with such force that you will know that the end is upon you. The train of life, the train of life will deliver you, if you focus on My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Power of the Holy Spirit. He will cleanse all evil, eradicate all that Satan has touched. For the hour is here, for the day is here. For the moment that the Christians have been looking for will come, upon the Star striking the atmosphere. So saith Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe.
150 09 July 1992
12:45 AM

Referring to 1) when devil is thrown out of Heaven 2) Mark of the Beast – my own view
How are you My son? You’re very tired but you’re doing your job well. As I mentioned before, it’s going to happen; the star is going to come and the star of the devil is going to hit people on the head; on the hand. Watch yourselves. Saints watch out, for here comes the star of the devil. You have to run and hide, for the star of the devil will send you to the place I am sending the devil. I don’t want to send My Sons and Daughters there when the war is finished.

This is your God, the Father of the World, of Heaven, with My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit telling you to run and hide from the star of the devil. All that is from the devil is evil and is not from God, of Heaven, of the Stars, with My Son and the Holy  Spirit.

Hear Me! Hear Me! This is your Father of all the World, of Heaven, of the Stars, of all that is and all that’s going to be. Hear Me! Hear Me! You have to start RIGHT NOW! NOT TOMORROW, RIGHT NOW! Did you hear Me? You have to run after your Brothers and Sisters. For it’s easy now and farther on it will be harder. You have to help them. You have to tell them the Word of My Son, your King of Kings. The time has arrived that you’re going to be frightened, for the devil has hunger. He is going to want to eat you with his bullets of his devil soldiers. Hear Me! Hear Me with your ears for the time of the devil is here.

227 22 October 1992
7:38 PM

This is a bright star – I believe this is referring to Jesus (devil is not a bright star) – also proof  then that Jewish Star, which is a 6-ptd star is not same as Jesus, Star of David – will put on both light/star pages

I saw a bright five-pointed Star with a crown of thorns around it, approximately one fourth down from the top.

236 27 November 1992
11:37 PM

This is demonic and refers to pentagram
I was having Communion with a friend, when all of a sudden I started having a vision of tables with white tablecloths. They were placed in a circle, enough tables to seat thirty to fifty people. They had torches burning at each table. The people were in all white uniforms and hoods like what the Ku Klux Klan wear. They were all standing behind their tables in a circle chanting, or something, and in the center of this large circle of tables there was a drawing of a star with a circle around it. I stopped having Communion, and I got up from the table where I was, and went in the living room and started to pray, because the Lord said they were praying against me. The Lord said “Go back and finish having Communion with your friend.” Then after Communion the Lord said, “Now go pray against them.” So after we finished Communion, my friend and I started to pray on the living room floor against this ceremony. I don’t know how long we prayed against it, maybe twenty minutes, but after this time of prayer each person that was around this circle of tables got up in a single file and went out the door. They got up and walked out in single file, in the direction of the arrow. This whole event didn’t last very long. Then the Lord revealed to me, the reason for my fasting and praying for two days. I guess He knew they were going to pray against me at twelve midnight, that evening. It’s unbelievable to me this whole occurrence, the vision, the revelation of what was going to happen. I didn’t have a clue to the reason of my fasting and praying, but I obeyed that quiet soft little voice.

254 17 December 1992
9:59 AM

I am having a vision of someone signing a paper and they’re using a golden pen. I don’t know what they’re signing, but I think it’s political. I believe it has to do with power. ? I see people standing around this desk watching him sign. I am having a vision of a star and a second vision of a star with a circle. Two stars, one is overlaid, over the other. I am seeing things, but I am not receiving them. Something is blocking My comprehension of what they are. It’s hard to explain.
There is a big window behind this desk. It has squares with curtains. The curtains are gray blue in color and are behind the man that’s writing with the golden pen. I don’t really know, but I believe it’s the White House in Washington, DC. I am seeing something unusual and hard to explain. I see a circle with the U.S Eagle with the stars around the circle. Then it changes into a Satanic pentagram.

There are three couches and I have the impression that it was the room that President Kennedy used, for I just had an image of him sitting on one of the couches. The walls are white and there are double doors leading in to the room. There are other large windows to the left of the fireplace as you’re facing it with two glass doors leading to the outside grounds. I just don’t know if it’s the White House, but I believe it is. I can see and hear the people talking. It must be a government meeting of some sort. These people have government written all over them. I can’t understand what they are saying, but their behavior leads me to believe that they are witnessing the signing of something important.
I keep seeing this star. This five pointed star
Now I see a six-pointed star.

I hear and I see sirens like you would hear in an air raid. I see an enormous, enormous nuclear blast. I see the ground shaking. I see buildings and roofs flying all over the place. There was this enormous flash the sound is incredible. My God it’s enormous! I see these fighter jets flying in the sky. I think they have the star with the circle on the tail end of the plane. I see planes landing on an aircraft carrier (Non-understandable tongues?) I see helicopters. I see jets with their wings collapsed, they are folding them and lowering them into the carrier. (Non-understandable tongues?) I see missiles coming out of the ocean and flying into the sky. My God, I think I am seeing the new War.

287 06 February 1993
8:46 PM

Islam, Islam will be the way of the future. The antichrist, the false prophet will eat Islam, will digest it, adore it, will live it. Remember My Words. Islam will be the way of the devil, will be the way of the antichrist. Islam. Remember the Words. So saith Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, the way, the manner of the future, of the devil. Islam, and the star capital of the devil. Islam. So saith Jehovah, so saith Jesus Christ, so saith the Holy Spirit. My Children, My Saints, My Sheep, My Lambs, be careful. Be wise. Be strong. For Islam is there. For Islam will try to destroy My Sheep, My Lambs. Do not worry. Do not fear. For the Power and Glory of Jehovah is there, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Like a thief in the night. Beware of Islam. (Non-understandable tongues?) 

338 16 August 1993
9:30 PM

During prayer I had a vision of a Six-pointed Star, then a Five-pointed Star.

348 10 September 1993
9:30 PM

Referring to devil – God cut his wings – became dragon – my own view

I saw a vision of an angel with beautiful long wings. The wings look like they are made of feathers. I am seeing the angel from the back. I can see the wings hang five to six feet below his body as he is in the air. Now I see a pair of scissors appear from nowhere and cut off the bottom of the wings at ground level or at the level of his feet. The next image is of a dragon with a number of heads and each head is going in every direction.
Now I see a ring of smoke, the kind people blow when smoking, but this ring of smoke is extremely large. Large enough for a battle ship to go through. I can see different sized ships go through a ring, maybe four to five ships, but each ship went through a separate ring of smoke. Then I see a five pointed star go through a ring of smoke.

371 01 October 1993
6:27 PM

The calamity will hit the stars when the beast acknowledges the Ark as the idol of God. The anger and the fury of the devil… watch the calamity of the stars, the beast will fall straight and hard, so saith the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Be careful that you don’t fall with the beast for if you fall, and you are a follower of the beast, you have no place to go but the Pit. Watch, look and listen. The signs are there, the calamity is there, the Ark will be there at the appointed time, so saith Jehovah. 

373 10 October 1993
4:00 PM

I see a vision of a shield that has the colors of the United States flag. I saw an eagle earlier, but I can’t tell if there is an eagle on top of the shield, but I can see the Stars and Stripes ( five pointed stars on top of shield)

I see a candle on top of a base inside of a pyramid made of rods.
I see a hammer and a sickle.

377 14 October 1993
7:15 PM

During prayer at church I saw a black earth with a white (5ptd) star on top of the planet with a large candle on top of it. 

392 05 January 1994

See also – God sending piece of a star
I see a five-pointed star with one of its legs missing.

393 14 January 1994}
3:30 PM

See also – God sending piece of a star
During prayer in tongues I had a vision of a five pointed star standing on one of the five points.

451 ? May 1994}

I see an enormous star levitated off the ground with a platform or stage below it with white hooded men on the stage.

503 29 July 1994
4:28 PM

It fell France fell with the hand of the devil. She fell with all the people that believe in the devil. France fell, for the finger of the devil is strong. All the ones who are deaf and blind the finger of the devil will point them to the pit. The moon will become dark in the day of March because the devil made his finger hard in the people of France. Did you hear Me people of the world? Did you hear Me blind and deaf people. Look at the moon. It will become dark in the day of March with the force of the devil, because France made herself blind and deaf to the Word of God. It has arrived the star of the devil at France, in the manner of the devil. Yes, because if you eat all that is evil you become evil. Then the finger will point you toward the pit with the force of the devil.

I am pointing you toward Heaven; I am telling you the correct way. I am telling you to open your eyes and your ears. Watch the moon, watch France, watch the finger of the devil for the star of the devil has arrived. What a shame! What a shame! That you are deaf and blind, but don’t say that I didn’t tell you. I don’t want you to tell Me that you didn’t know. For I am telling you with My Lips clearly and to the point. Look at France, at the manner of the devil, then you are going to have to choose the manner of life, the manner you want to live. My Son, the King of Kings with the Holy Spirit are going to help you, if you want help.

601 30 September 1994
8:00 PM

I saw a five pointed star laying flat on the ground with something holding it down on each of its five points. As I watched the center of the star it started to oscillate up and down. As if it wanted to rise into the air on its own, but it couldn’t; because it was held down on its five ends.

958 01 September 1996
4:33 PM

I want to make this note here : when you look at the bright star (Jesus, Star of David (see prophecies above called Star – Jesus) – NOT the Jewish Star of David, because it has 6 points) it is also called a 5-ptd star – the 5-ptd star of the devil (also called pentagram) you will note that is a 5-ptd star turned around – so the top part of the star changes from 1 pt to 2 pts – God calls it the star of God, because God created EVERYTHING, including satan

It is over there.
The star of God is over there. It is over there, but you have to arm yourself. Arm yourself! Arm yourself with the Word of God, for the corral has arrived – the corral that the devil is going to use. I tell you the Truth and all to the Point – the corral of the devil is already here! The soldiers and all that is bad and filthy are going to arrive, but the star of God is going to arrive too. You believe it is the Star of Christ, but it is not – it is the star of the world – yes, the star of the world. Yes, it is the star of the devil! That’s why, you have to read the Bible. That’s why, you have to seek out your sons and daughters, and your brothers and sisters of Christ – for the devil has the corral READY!

He is going to seek you out, for he is angry. He is angry because the day has arrived – the day I am going to lock him up. Did you hear Me? Yes, look for the turned star. Yes, the turned star will tell you that it has arrived – the corral of the devil. That’s all that I want to tell you.

1033 24 April 1997
6:00 PM

During prayer, I saw this five pointed star, and in the center of this star was the image of the planet earth.

1042 07 May 1997
8:13 AM

Shasta! Shasta! Shasta! It has arrived; all that I have told you about the mountain Shasta. It has arrived the flame, the earthquake, the star of Shasta, the mountain of Shasta. Hurry run and hide yourself if you can. For here comes the rocks of Shasta. The mountain that is going to lose all that it has with the Force of God, with the Force that is going to clean all that is filthy, with the Force of God. Hurry – if you hear My Word – run, and hide yourself. For it has arrived, the star of Mt. Shasta. The devils that live in the town of Mt. Shasta are going to be the first who are going to see the Force of God. For God is going to hit it like a fly. Yes, I am going to hit them – like a fly! For they believe, and have the nerve to do filthy things. They believe they are god.

1193 25 August 1998
6:30 PM

The ham (or bacon <jamón>) [I believe this is the pig], yes Reymundo! Look at the ham! The ham is ready! Oh, Cadahá [I believe this is the church of man.] (I cannot spell the Spanish slang word “Cadahá” < but it means: a woman or girl who is not mean or bad, but not a nice woman, a wild woman or she is out of her mind>), how is it going! How is it going! Look! The point is coming with the Force of God. My Hand is ready to hit all that is filthy. Here comes the star. Here comes the earthquake. Here comes the blood of all that is bad. Yes, yes, yes. 

1397 07 August 1999
1:25 PM

Israel anointing trip
I had a vision of the Star of David with its six points and as I watched it – the Star changed into a 5-pointed star.

1433 13 December 1999
12:15 AM

Yes, but do not worry about him in South America. For you are going and you are going to return before he uses the force of the devil. But My Sheep have to know that God, who made the world, the stars – that He has not forgotten the Sheep from South America. For here comes the hammer with the star of the devil. Yes, Reymundo, here comes the hammer! Here comes the river of blood. Hurry now, rest and sleep and I will tell you more in the coming days. (over)

1458 17 February 2000
12:45 AM

Then I saw a vision of a star with a circle around it.

1466 22 February 2000
3:05 PM

Note order : Son, Star, Force of God 
Yes, the devil and this man are hand in hand, but remember, here comes the Rock.
Here comes My Son. Here comes the Star. Here comes the Force of God, to the point. All will go well, but the blood will run like a river, to the point. The elders (important men) are going to be frightened, for the bad man is going to come so rapidly that they are not going to know what to do. It has arrived, the day of the bad man with the flame of the devil. 

1481 30 March 2000
6:25 AM

Not sure which star this is referring to – my own view
I am, I am the Fisherman. I catch all of the fish that are Mine. Yes, My son, I am the Fisherman, with the Flame of the Holy Spirit – I take My fish with the Hand of God. Yes, all is going to go to the point, with the Love of God. I am not going to leave any fish that are Mine. Yes, My son, the Love of God has arrived. To the point, I tell you the truth. All that is going to happen to this world, is going to be clear and to the point. But all of the fish are going to be in My Hands and nothing is going to happen until the date that I have chosen, comes. Did you hear Me, with your ears, with the heart, with all that is of God? Yes, My son,
here comes the climate, here comes the gun, here comes the star, here comes the devil. Yes, all is clear, all is to the point. Hurry, sleep and rest, and I will call you on another day. (over) 

1521 02 July 2000
9:30 PM

At a Protestant church in Sao Paulo during worship, I had a vision of a US flag with stripes, but a satanic pentagram had replaced the stars in the upper top left-hand corner, in the square part of the flag.

1526 05 July 2000
6 PM

11:30 PM

While we were at Brasilia’s communication tower on the top view platform, the Lord said, “Pour the oil in the direction of the sun going down.” Then Carl showed me a round, cylindrical tank (It looked like my earlier vision of a tank being cut into a cross).
Then the Lord said, “The tank is a sign, pointing towards the direction of the sun. That is the direction of the Anointing on the tower.” (Toward the west)
While praying for our trip to Buenos Aires the next day, I had a vision of a five pointed General’s star (it was slightly raised) on a flat surface (I could not tell the actual size of it)

1551 29 September 2000
1:27 AM

I believe this star is referring to the devil – my own view
Then the Lord showed me telescope to look at the
Then the Lord said, “
Look to the sky, look to the sky for you will see the star coming very soon.” (over)

1608 03 April 2001
11:45 AM

I believe this star is referring to the devil – my own view
I want you to take this into your heart; there will be a time coming in the near future when the peace will be broken.
The star will come, the fighting will begin, the end is around the corner. The Fox has begun his deadly journey to the pit, the horse will help him! Remember the dragon. Remember the end of this world!

1619 04 May 2001
9:15 PM
I believe this star is referring to the devil – my own view
Be strong! Be brave! For the Power of God comes upon His Sheep, His Lambs.  Do not worry whether you live or die.

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