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09 May 1994
9:40 AM

A vision of statues all over these country hills. I asked the Lord, “Are those statues of God?” The Lord said, “No! those are the statues of idolatries.” Then the vision stopped. They were white statues placed all over this countryside. Almost like…. lots of garbage. So I asked the Lord again, “Where is this place?” The Lord said, “In America, in the United States, all over America.”
23 August 1995
2:30 AM

I saw a vision of the Statue of Liberty riding on the back of an OPEN truck or train going through a dark tunnel. The head and torch were sticking up high as the Statue of Liberty went through the dark tunnel and it’s head and torch were cleanly knocked off the body. So the Statue of Liberty went through the tunnel without a head or torch. (over)
15 January 1996
4:00 PM

I was high above the ground in the spirit, when I looked down and saw a white flag pole without a flag. I could see the round ball on top to the flagpole.

Then the image changed into the Statue of Liberty. As I viewed it from above the crown, I could see the Statue of Liberty chewing on an apple. (over)

23 January 1996
10:00 PM

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Then I had a vision of a submarine propeller underneath the water.

Then I saw a missile come from underneath the water and shoot into the sky. Then there was this large explosion in the sky. The explosion lit up the sky as an expanding circular light. As I was viewing it from underneath just before the expanded light filled the whole sky, I saw an image of the Statue of Liberty directly beneath the center of the circular light. What was so strange about the Statue of Liberty was it’s height, it was miles high into the sky (right up to the light).

Then the Lord said, “In one hour.”

17 March 1996
8:00 PM

A vision of an automobile spark plug with the wire end pointing down (ceramic part). And on top of this automobile spark plug (the spark part), I saw a small Statue of Liberty. (over)
21 March 1996
7 AM

I saw the torch of the Statue of Liberty (the real one). What was hard to believe was – I saw someone climb up to it with a ladder. He climbed onto the rim of the torch and started planting some flowers around the flame part. (over)
04 July 1996

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