Tel Aviv / Herzlyya

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824 25 Otober 1995 8:15 PMAt the Wednesday night prayer meeting, the Lord gave me this Prophecy and told me to speak it out: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv will go to War! Tel Aviv will go to War! (over)
Israel’s Prime Minister was killed a week and a half later on 4 November 1995 in Tel Aviv. (Yitzak Rabin)
1110 29 August 1997The Lord Jehovah took me in the spirit, into outer space to the place where He first introduced Himself to me. From there, He showed me the Toronto trip I went on. He also showed me my trip to Israel and the camping trips – He showed me the process of my training. He showed me the things that had happened and they were very revealing. The Power of God was incredible! (over)
1266 20 March 1999 3:24 PMOn the way to Stockholm, Sweden on the ship I sensed the same Angel of Death I sensed in Helsinki, Finland. I sense that the Angel of Death is going to travel along the same path as the ship I am on. This is a very strange feeling in the spirit, almost as if one could taste death on this route. I actually sense I was laying-out the map or path for this Angel of Death to travel on. It reminds me of Israel’s Passover during the time of Moses, where the Angel passed over the Israelites that had placed blood around their doors and the entire first born of the Egyptians died. (over)
1324 05 May 1999 1:35 AM During prayer I asked the Lord again when should I leave for Israel. The Lord said, “July 19, 1999.” (over)
1328 11 May 1999 3:30 PMHello Reymundo – I felt like going down and giving you a Big Kiss! For your spirit chose correctly. I did not want you to go to Amsterdam. Though, all the visions were correct, I did not tell you to go! I need you to rest for the Israel trip. I hope this little test did not upset you, but I need you focused and sharp. I really enjoy working with willing vessels, who ask Me first, before they go out. Oh, another thing, I have been telling your future wife that she is the one. Let’s see if she is a willing vessel. Also, there are many people in the Body of Christ, who I have blessed 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hundred times and I have told them to support My Prophecy Ministry, monthly, and you have not received their support. These are unwilling vessels and what I give – I can take away. These people only want, and they do not know how to give – so I am going to take away “All” that I have given them. They are going cry and cry and they are going to cry, but ALL belongs to Me and I can do what I want with what is Mine. Reymundo, the world has not changed. For these people love their material things more than their God. Time hasn’t changed a thing and their reading of the Bible has not helped them – for they have another god. Get ready, for here comes your wife with the Love of your God in her heart. You really do need some help, My little son. Here comes your helper, My willing vessel. And here comes the removal of My Blessings from the unwilling vessels, Satan’s vessels – indeed! So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)
1342 16 June 1999 9:30 PMVision: Then the Lord gave me a vision of a cantaloupe (melon). Then as I watched the cantaloupe, I saw the Lord remove a slice from the whole cantaloupe. Then immediately the majority of the cantaloupe disappeared and all that was left was this slice.

Prophecy: Then the Lord said, that our Israel Mission trip was a slice and only a part of all that was going to take place in Israel.

1344 23 June 1999 10 PM 

During prayer with Carl about the Israel Mission trip, the Lord said, Anoint the first point of the 300 km when you arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel.

1345 25 June 1999 Letter to the e-mail list:
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I have been trying to prepare myself for the upcoming Israel Mission trip the past week. I have been praying, reading the Bible, and spending quality time with the Lord everyday, and trying to keep my focus. It feels like I am inside a spiritual military foxhole with bombs and bullets flying over the foxhole. The spiritual warfare has been intense the past few weeks, but the past few days this inner-strength has been coming upon me. Yesterday, even my throat, which has been giving me trouble, began to cough madly for about a half an hour, and when I was finished coughing my throat seemed to be healed. The pain just left. And this spiritual inner-strength keeps getting stronger and stronger the more I read the Bible. I will be leaving on July 10 th , so I have about two weeks left before I head off for Finland and then to Israel on the 19th . I keep seeing this strange vision, as if I can see myself in this spiritual foxhole – I take a long DEEP breath – and jump over the embankment and run as fast as I can with my swinging sword. I have no idea what is out there in the spirit, but the Lord said to go – so I am going. I wish I could better explain myself in what I see, but there are no words to explain it. I have no doubts of not having enough money or where we are to stay. The only thing I can think about is where will I Anoint the ground, but even that – I know the Lord will show us. For He has already given us the first place (outside of Tel Aviv the first day). So I guess all that is left to do is to jump over the embankment, swing that sword and LET THE LORD DO THE FIGHTING!
Yours in Christ, ray


We will still need a prayer cover during this Israel Mission trip. God bless.

1346 26 June 1999 11 PM 

During prayer with Carl about which hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we should stay at. The Lord said, “Seek and you will find!”

1396 06 August 1999 We were leaving the beach at Herzlyya (north of Tel Aviv). I was glad we were leaving, for I was having a problem with lust. As a matter of fact, we were all having a problem with all the beautiful women in Israel. Well, Carl and Mark wanted to go in the water at the Mediterranean Sea. So we went to the seashore. I stayed off the beach with the backpacks and our belongings while they went off towards the beach. Later, when we were in the car and driving off the Lord spoke to me. The Lord said, “Thank you Ray.” I said to the Lord, “What for? What did I do?” And the Lord said, “Just thank you!”

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