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11 June 1992
3:20 PM

I had a vision of three explosions. Large ones, I do not believe they were nuclear. The Lord said, They will go off in Bangkok. I guess that’s all.
08 September 1994
6:14 AM

Yes, Reymundo! It has arrived, the little things of little minds. The crowns of Europe are going to stop. Yes! The post of the devil is going to become larger in the coming months and more pointed. For the devil has begun to run with a fever. What I told you about Korea and Canada is correct. But things are also going to start in Thailand. Watch Thailand! For the fever of Thailand is going to start. Yes! Yes! In the countries that had the CAUSES of the devil are going to start. Watch the things of North America. They are going to go crazy. (for rest of North America go to Subject List – Other countries)
24 February 2000
12:40 PM

This whole # shows to an earthquake in Bangkok, Thailand – own view

During prayer the Lord placed in my spirit a strong sense that an
earthquake was going to happen.
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a large wineglass, which was as tall as a 20 floor (story) office building.
Then the Lord said, “The wineglass will fall in Bangkok, Thailand.
Then the Lord showed me a large knife, which was also as large as a 20-story office building, slicing the ground. I could see the ground parting or separating as if it was human skin. (over)

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