Turtle / Red Turtle

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18 May 1992

Look at the sky for the Red Turtle is flying as fast as it can to defeat the Jaguar. For the Sphinxes of Egypt are in Red Blood for their Idols are an abomination to the living God.
06 July 1992
4:56 PM

I don’t know, but maybe this is the afternoon for Visions. I just saw another nuclear explosion with a real high mushroom cloud. I still see the ground shaking, and the flash. It’s incredible! I don’t know where it went off. I just heard a voice say the sand dunes, but I have no idea where that is. “The sand dunes.” Boy, this whole thing is bizarre. Now I see a turtle. It’s crawling, but it is crawling in the air. There is no water, if there is water, I don’t see it. I keep hearing this voice say, “The Wrath of Con, the Wrath of Con.” (Maybe I am being Conned. I don’t know, but I was confronted by a demon a few years ago and his name was Con.)
28 July 1997
1:20 AM

The Lord said, “The turtle’s head will be cut off.” (over)
29 July 1999
7:40 PM

Then I saw a vision of a turtle hanging on the same ledge and staring down at me. (over)
03 July 2000
12:30 AM

I was shown a medium sized turtle, about the size of a dinner plate, with a hand holding it. It was brought up towards someone’s mouth and the head was bitten off.

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