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19 February 1999
See also #1236
This morning I decided to go and purchase the Airline tickets for the
Europe Mission trip, I was leaving on the 15
th of March, even though I did not have the $3500 or so dollars for the Ukraine part of the trip. But my morning started with a telephone call from my mother. I tried to listen to her, but all that was on my mind was Europe. Then for some reason my mother asked me about the Europe trip. I have been trying not to speak to her about it for she does not want me to go. Well, she began by asking me, “What are you going to do if I or your father get sick or even die while you are gone?” Even though my mother deeply Loves the Lord, she does not believe that I do. Well, I said to her, I had to go because the Lord told me to go. This she totally did not understand. So I dropped the subject, for

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