United Nations

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18 December 1997
1:30 PM

Then I saw what looked like a metal medallion or broach with a figure of a cat on it. What was so unusual; it reminded me of the Ford Mercury Cat Logo that you see on their cars. This medallion was around someone’s neck with a gold chain. What I sensed in the spirit was – that whoever was wearing this medallion had something to do with this war or it was this company, but I am not really sure. But there was some kind of association with this cat and this war, I was seeing.

Then I saw a single White Candle. Then I heard the Lord say, “Look closely at the UN. (United Nations)”


07 August 1999
10:15 PM

During prayer the Lord said, “What went up will come back down!”

Then I was given a vision of a Bright Light. And two Menorahs were facing this White Light.

Then I was given a vision of the United Nations Flag crossed with the United States Flag. They made an X in the air. (over)

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