Washington State

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886 02 April 1996 9:42 AM

Vision: I saw a vision of an enormous Coke Cola bottle (the old style shaped). I could see a left hand moving up and down the bottle surface. Then the Coke Cola bottle changed into an oil-drilling tower. Then this oil-drilling tower changed into the Space Needle tower in Washington State. (over)

1004 21 January 1997 2:30 AM

The Lord gave me a vision of a fireman’s hat, then a vision of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. As I watched, the Space Needle was driven into the ground like a screw. (over) 

1047 11 May 1997

A vision of part of the Pacific Rim geological plates the area between Washington, Oregon and Northern California they looked like they were ripping apart or separating. (over)

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