Wendover, Nevada

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03 February 1994
10:30 PM

Wendover, Nevada
State of Utha

I saw a whirlwind approaching Wendover, Nevada, in the spirit during prayer, coming from the Utah side of the border moving in the direction of Wendover. My prayer language changed into spiritual warfare, then my roommate said that there was some sort of female spirit at the foot of my bed. I remember not being worried about what was at the foot of my bed for I did not sense it or see it, and if it was there, it probably was a local spirit. What did worry me was what was coming from the State of Utah. My right hand started to circle in the air as the spiritual whirlwind circled. I sensed that my hand had some kind of control over the whirlwind in the spirit as long as my hand made circular motions. I was also sensing that the whirlwind was the actual demonic activity fighting its way to Wendover. The closer the whirlwind got to the border the slower it moved. There seemed to be an enormous battle in the spirit as my hand made circular motions in the air, and the whirlwind went around and around with an incredible force. After praying for about half an hour the whirlwind stopped at Wendover and then it got faster and faster. All of a sudden, it seemed to come down like a coiled spring and then shoot up into the sky as if the spring coiled tension was released and disappeared as if a super vacuum sucked it up.

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